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Reviewer: LeeMinKyo Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/23/2009 9:50:29 AM Title: My Skin

Yeah, itīs really sad, but I like it. Maybe because I can feel the feelings of Rogue, maybe because I can understand her... but, yeah. I like this story and the hope that you can find in the end.

Youīre so good. Really, girl, your readers can feel their feelings so easily. Thatīs something really hard, but you can do it.

I must quote this phrase, because itīs so real...

" Just one more and she would feel better. Just one..."

So touching... so sad... so real.

Iīll search other story. :) I hope I can find something happy xDDD.

Oh, and I like the song!!

Reviewer: Rogue1189 Signed star star star star half star [Report This]
Date: 03/20/2009 8:09:37 PM Title: My Skin


why why why why!!

I hate it!

haha jk it was wonderfully deep! You really caught her emotions and who doesn't like a night in shining adamantium hehe even though sometimes I wish I was Rogue idk how I would handle it

Author's Response: ahh yeah i hate this too. in a way, you know...coz angst makes me cranky. but it's easier to write, so yeah... (we had that haha)rni know right?! i wouldn't know how to handle it at all coz it's so fucked-up being her and i felt like i couldn't really write about her or from her pov if i didn't acknowledge this dark side too...because that's such a big part of who she is and things can't be all butterflies and cheerios, like they are in some of my fics, you know...rn*sigh*

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