Couches Beware by Like a Hurricane
Summary: Smut. Pure and simple. With a bit of a humorous ending. Pity Scott. Pity him.
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1. The Only Chapter by Like a Hurricane

The Only Chapter by Like a Hurricane
Author's Notes:
Some can't write without without a little angst, I can't write without a little humor. This was not a particularly ambitious, impatient or determined plot bunny, but definitely one of the most persuasive. My first attempt at PWP.
Leaning close, Rogue marveled that he was still asleep. He had mentioned once that his senses had adjusted to her presence so that she could approach him even when he might otherwise instinctively gut anyone else. She supposed his senses trusted her even now. He was peaceful in sleep. She had good news–wonderful news. She was nervous.

He was the first person she wanted to tell.

She had secret hopes concerning his reaction, and secret fears.

How to handle it?

Her eyes lowered to his lips and her own curled into a smirk.

Logan felt warm breath on his face and thought he must be dreaming. The smell of Marie wafted through his senses. Yes, surely he was dreaming. When he felt soft lips against his he knew he must be. It was a lingering touch, a chaste touch. It lasted too long to be real. There was no pain.

When he opened his eyes and found Rogue’s face inches from his, she stopped moving away and simply looked back at him. She smelled slightly nervous, and her eyes shone with excitement and hesitation. It took him a long moment to realize this had nothing to do with dreams. His eyes widened comically. Rogue bit her lip. Logan found that he really wanted to make her stop doing that so that he could take up the duty himself.


“Ah can touch.”

He stared. She was still leaning over him, still so close. She had kissed him. She started to move away again. With a faint growl, he seized her upper arms and pulled, her surprise resulting in the not at all unpleasant sprawl of her body against his on the couch.

“You kissed me,” he said simply. She was the one staring now.

“Ah wanted to,” she murmured. Her stare turned a little more sultry. “Still want to…”


Enough said. Who needs words?

Feeling the hard press of his mouth to hers and the heat of his body through their clothes, Rogue released a soft moan, her hands rubbing his chest until he growled into her mouth and she felt the rumble through both of their bodies. His scent permeated her senses and made her head spin as his tongue suddenly breached her lips, teasing and then claiming, then dueling her own tongue and sliding deep into her mouth to taste her, and when she returned the favor she felt him purr. Oh, it was good.

Heavy hands slid up her back. One cradled the back of her neck, thumb teasing the skin behind her ear. The other roved back down to feel her taut thigh and grip her ass, pushing her pelvis against his. Breathless and a little dizzy at the sensory overload, Rogue arched a little and felt proof of his arousal beneath her. Dark brown eyes hazed with want and so much more fell open, as the lovers came apart for air, and Logan felt that he might drown in them. She rocked against him and gave a thrilled, wicked grin when he groaned. The scent of her arousal set his blood boiling.

“Logan,” she purred, licking a tender spot on the underside of his jaw. His hands roamed again, one sliding under her shirt and her bra to fondle her breast, making her gasp against his skin as he rolled his thumb over her nipple. He growled in her ear and suckled the lobe before letting his tongue trace the outer edge. “Mmm…”

“You didn’t have to wait,” he rumbled. Rogue, understandably distracted, tried to focus.

“Hmm?” She was nonverbal, her hands unconsciously unbuttoning his flannel.

“Didn’t think you wanted…you’re skin wasn’t–“ he began. She kissed him again to shut him up, her small tongue dexterously teasing his to make him groan, running across his teeth and finally simply tasting him with a languid heat. Pulling back reluctantly, she looked down at him with hooded eyes and a smile like wine-filled dark chocolate.

“Ah knew…sort of. I was just so afraid to hurt you…” Her hair fell across their faces like a veil when she leaned in again. Pushing it back, Logan cupped her face, staring up at her in lust and a hint of something more.

“I’m still afraid I might…”

“Ah’m the only one around here who can walk up on ya in your sleep, Logan,” she said. She lifted pulled down the neckline of her shirt until he could see her breasts. "No holes here, see?" she assured him. Logan grinned a little, shaking his head. She lifted one of his hands and kissed the spaces between his knuckles, her gaze heavy and heated. Logan inhaled sharply. “You never hurt me. Ah know you won’t.” She her tongue across the front of his knuckles and smirked to see his pupils dilate.

“I’m just wasting time, aren’t I?”

“Damn straight, Sugah,” she said with an impressive growl that sent a new flare of arousal through the Wolverine, who seized her ass again and rocked his hips against her, pleased beyond utterance when she tossed her head back and moaned with her whole body shivering. Arching up, he wrapped his lips around the column of her throat, letting her feel his teeth before he licked and suckled his way to her ear, which he then traced with the tip of his tongue. Rogue made a sound bordering on a whine in the back of her throat.

“Logan…” Her hands fell on his belt buckle and tugged urgently. He pushed her hands away, lifting them over her head and peeling away her shirt, watching the marvelous things her breasts did when she shivered. Her breasts had always been marvelous and now, barely dressed in plum lace and moving with her labored breathing, Logan thought abstractly that he might be able to form a religious belief structure based on their perfection. Rogue gave a higher pitched whine when he dipped his head to taste them, biting gently at the exposed skin, one hand reaching around to unfasten the bra and free them. The whine turned into a breathless, wordless bliss when his tongue swirled around her nipple. He tossed the bra aside.

Biting her lip, Rogue tried to focus her thought processes beyond the feeling of lips and tongue working her flesh; it was very difficult. Her hands fumbled with his belt buckle until at last it gave up and she was able to remove his belt with a single pull, the leather whipping back, warm with friction. Logan growled and tugged the waist of her soft exercise pants, unspeakably grateful that he need not fight with buttons as his fingers roamed the tender skin on her hips before hooking the thin waistline of her panties and pushing them down, catching her partially removed pants along the way and peeling away both garments in one fell swoop.

Rogue pushed him back down against the couch, catching him a little off guard. Then his eyes took in the sight of her over him, her pale perfect skin flushed with desire, and her naked sex pressed against the impressive bulge in his jeans as she arched over him, her hands sliding down her thighs as they spread a little wider across his hips. The musky spice of her arousal permeated his senses, and when she ground her damp sex against his denim-clad erection the shock of pleasure shot through him with enough force to take his breath away. Her breathless cry as the denim rubbed her clit told him it was shared and he wrapped his hands around her hips and dragged her slowly up the rough seam from the base of his arousal to the cool metal button at the top, watching her shudder and gasp her eyes loosing focus.

She gave a sound of surprise when Logan flipped them and she suddenly found herself staring up, the couch beneath her and Logan looming over her, moving in as though to kiss her, but glancing away and down once he was a breath away. His breath tickled her sensitive skin down her neck, over her breasts still marked here and there with the red love-bites, and down the valley between them, finally touching her with the tip of his tongue to paint a trail down and around her belly button, momentarily suckling her belly button and enjoying her writhing before he descended lower. Rogue’s breathing came sharp and uneven, the sheer anticipation making her shake near the edge. She looked down along her body and met Logan’s eyes. His gaze held hers as he rested one of her legs over his shoulder and slowly moved his mouth over her folds.

Rogue almost cried out even as his fingers parted her, the heat of his gaze going straight to her swollen clit. Suddenly he delved within her, his tongue rolling in her juices as it reached down her tight slit and he felt her shiver as she moaned his name, her hands burying themselves in his hair as he moved his talented tongue within her. She was already so close. Rubbing his thumb over her clit, he sent her spasming into orgasm. Tasting her, her scent filling his brain and the vision of her encompassing his vision, Logan all but ripped away his pants, scarcely remembering to grab the condom from his wallet as Rogue came back down, still shivering with aftershocks. He ripped away the wrapper and slid the condom on as he positioned himself over her again. Rogue welcomed him wordlessly, her dark eyes pools of lust as she draped one leg over his hip as he lifted the other to rest on his shoulder. She arched up into him.

“Logan,” she panted, with a groan he fulfilled her unspoken plea, sinking in to the hilt and pressing the full length of his body to hers. She cried out, but not in pain, even as he broke through the thin barrier of her virginity. She was too consumed by the heat of his presence, the thrall of his scent and the purring growl that could have come from one or both of them.

Logan caught her lips again as he began moving within her, feeling the vibration of every small sound of pleasure she made as his hips pumped fluidly in long, powerful strokes that made the couch creak. He quickened the pace as he felt her breathing quicken again, pulling back from her lips to watch her, finding her holding his dark hazel gaze with her own liquid black ones. He jerked harder into her, with a groan, her cry of satisfaction only enflaming him further.

He felt her approaching her second peak and spread her lifted leg out further, penetrating deeper until the couch’s audible protests were drowned out by Rogue’s cries. As her sex squeezed around him and she moaned his name loud enough that he knew the teachers with rooms nearest the library had probably heard it, Logan released within her with a groan, slowing to a halt over her before shifting their positions on the couch so that he did not crush her. For a long moment they merely caught their breaths.


“Yea, Darlin’?”

“Scott’s gonna be pissed,” she warned him, but he heard amusement in her voice.

“Shouldn’t be stupid enough to take a room so close by,” Logan dismissed.

“Not tha…" She blushed. "Well not just that,” Rogue sniggered and sat up a moment. Logan watched as the pushed the arm of the couch. It moved far too easily and Logan caught a glimpse of splintered wood between the arm and the back of the couch. When Rogue looked back at him, he could only smirk evilly.

“Oh yea, this is his favorite spot, isn’t it?” he mused with a dark chuckle. Rogue shook her head, but settled down beside him again, enjoying the scent of his skin.

“You’re bad,” she admonished teasingly.

“I’m hurt,” he mocked.

“Ah never said Ah didn’t like it,” she purred.
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