Banana Split by FageVonArc
Summary: New fic to the ‘Ice Cream’ RR. Logan needs cherries ;)
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1. Banana Split by FageVonArc

Banana Split by FageVonArc
Author's Notes:
Sorry for the delay, I know my turns been up for about a week, but I’ve just been real busy.
It was relatively late at Xavier’s to be up.

Too late for midnight snacking… by four hours.

And too late to make a ruckus looking for, of all things… cherries.

But that’s what Logan was doing.

Making a ruckus…

Looking for cherries.

The maraschino kind.

Is there any other?

“All this pansy-ass fruit shit in the fridge and not a single fuckin’ jar of cherries!”

As Logan continued rummaging through the selves uselessly, a stack of other items sat idly on the counter behind him, among them; two bananas for his all to famous, all to sensual, banana split.

Mere floors above him, Marie lay in his bed… naked… waiting.

“Dammit!” Logan all but growled, simultaneously punching the sturdy appliance.

With a shake, the freezer door popped open to reveal a row of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream.

Logan scanned the row mindlessly, quickly coming across… "Banana Split"… with cherries!

He grabbed the carton and ran upstairs like a mad man; leaving the freezer door wide open and the other ingredients he had gathered to rot on the kitchen counter.

A few hours later Jubilee made her way to the kitchen for some breakfast ice cream only to be met with a heap of knocked over, melted goop, sticking to a still open freezer.

“Ewww… well, I’m not cleaning up this m- *gasp* My Banana Split! Those animals!”
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