Sacrifice by Epic
Summary: What if it had been Rogue and not Wolverine who took out Phoenix?
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Chapter 11 by Epic
“Rogue?” Jubilee whispered as she entered the room. Her friends has all been told to meet here by Storm, and, all believing they were in trouble for one thing or another, they filed into Xavier’s office, heads bowed and ready for punishment. They were shocked and afraid when it was Emma Frost they had all seen sitting behind the great oak desk. Jubilee and Pitor had looked at each other with guilt believing that she was going to remind them that trying to sneak into the adult wing was too dangerous, even if it was only to try and find their friend. They had both tried on several occasions, and had once even come close before being caught by the telepath. But, when she walked into the room, she was happy to see their eyes light up with disbelief. Of course, she also caught the guilt that spread across Bobby’s and Kitty’s faces as they shifted away from each other.

Of course, her attention was diverted when Jubilee launched herself, wrapping her arms around her best friend’s neck.

“I missed you too, Jubes.” Rogue giggled as she felt the Asian girl sob.

“Does this mean you’re better?” Pitor asked quickly, standing from the couch, waiting his turn.

“No, Pitor.” Emma spoke up before Rogue could. “Not better, but she is stronger. If you will all take a seat, please, I will explain. Their will be time for pleasantries in a few moments.”

Reluctantly, they all did as asked, Jubilee peeling herself from her best friend, a few tears in her eyes and a happy smile on her face. Rogue took the chair closest to the desk, facing the other students.

“As you know,” Emma began sternly, “Rogue has been learning to control the personality of Phoenix for the past few weeks. She has gone beyond our expectations in this, and has made remarkable strides in a short time. I never wanted to keep her from you. Especially you, Bobby.” She paused here, and everyone could see his face grow even redder. “But, for your safety, I had no choice. She is strong enough and has now gained enough control to be able to return to her social life. But, the fight is not over, so you will all be supervised by myself and Psylocke during any visits. You must remember to speak up if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Anything that feels dangerous, though. We all remember what happened with Logan, don’t we?”

Everyone was silent at this statement, understanding what she meant. “Do you want to continue?”

Rogue shook her head, smiling as she began to speak. “Well, there is some good news that has come out of this. I’ve figured out how to control my skin. I can touch now.”

Jubilee squealed with excitement. Pitor gasped. Bobby’s eyes lit up for the first time. Kitty smiled a smile that couldn’t hide the disappointment in her eyes.

“And,” Rogue continued, ignoring the reactions for a moment, “Emma has told me that I should be able to learn to control the powers that I gained through touch. I’ll need help with that, though.

“I will still be living in the adult dorm from now on. It’s just easier for everyone. Emma’s right next door and Psylocke is just down the hall. They’ll both be able to hear if Phoenix decides to try something while I sleep. But, you will be able to see me their during the day. It’s still too soon to be around too many people, so I will still be eating in my room, but you can come up, too. I’m not fragile or anything. Just not in completely control yet.”

“We’ve missed you, you know. There is so much we need to talk about.” Jubilee whispered, not sure if she should jump at her again or not. “I mean, there is so much you need to know about.”

“I know, Jubilee. I need to make sure that I can control my emotions, though. Do you want to come to my room for dinner tonight so that we can talk? Scott and Storm have also scheduled time for me to be able to use the rec room and the tv room so that I can have time there for myself, also. It’s going to take some time, but I’ll soon be back to my old self. Just with a few more abilities.” She winked at her then, and Jubilee’s smile grew wider. “We can start planning what you will wear to the prom in two months.”

“You will be going, too, wont you?”

“I don’t know yet. Let’s see how far I am by then. I hope so. I never got to go to any dances back home.”

“Ok. It’s a date.”

“Now, you all do need to get back to class. Except for you, Bobby.” Emma wanted to cut the meeting short, not wanting to over stimulate Rogue. “I need you to come to the danger room with us. I understand that you have had physical contact. Rogue needs to gain control of all of the abilities she has if she is going to have complete control.”

“Alright… But there isn’t much to it.” He wasn’t sure how he felt about being alone with her now. Did she know?

“Then it won’t take too long.”

“Come on, Bobby. It will be good to spend some time alone. I’ve missed you,” Rogue said sweetly in her southern drawl.

His eyes brightened, and she knew she had him.


He watched them from the observation window, Emma standing at his side. They were both on edge, ready to spring up if there seemed to be any sign of trouble. She was to help Rogue calm Phoenix down, and he was to drag the boy out.

“You sure about this? She can do some pretty serious damage, you know.” He cocked an eyebrow at her. “I mean, this is kinda dangerous, right?”

“Everything is dangerous, Logan. Some things more than others. We’re here if they need us.” She smiled, looking away from the glass and looking at the feral man. She knew who he was worried about, and it wasn’t the boy he was given the job of protecting. “She’s stronger than she looks. And, besides, this will be a great test for her. You see, Bobby is just like any other little prick. He’s going to tell her now, while he believes no one will hear and he’s fully protected. She’s going to beat the crap out of him you know.

He smiled at her, a smile that would make the devil wet his pants. “That’s my girl.”


She eyed him slowly as he explained how to turn the moisture in the air into ice. The feelings he got, the comfortable coldness and calm. The muscles he used. He showed her how he could now become completely frozen will a little more concentration.

“Now you try.”

She did as he said, finding the abilities locked away in his memory. She was shocked when she felt the first blast of cold escape her hand. He was right, this was easy. It was clear how he did it, absorbing the heat of the area into his own body. Of course, she should have known he was full of hot air.

They practiced for a few minutes until she became as quick as he was. She couldn’t turn to ice like he could, but she really didn’t think she wanted to feel like a snowman, either.

“Can we talk about something, Rogue?” He asked suddenly, watching her freeze a few of the robots he had asked the simulator to make. “It’s kind of important.”

“Does it have to do with Kitty?” She asked, not diverting her attention from freezing the robot in front of her.

“You know?”

“The question is, who doesn’t?”

“How long?”

She sighed, standing straight and looking at him. “Since Xavier’s funeral. The night you turn the fountain into your own personal ice rink. You killed those water lilies, you know. They were beautiful. But, then again, you’ve always had a habit of just thinking about yourself, haven’t you?”

“Rogue, it wasn’t like it was planned.” He wanted to explain that he had only been trying to cheer Kitty up. That he was trying to help ease some of the pain. “I didn’t even know I felt something for her until…”

“Until you kissed, right?” She cut him off, becoming growing more angry from his pitiful attempt to explain. “You kissed her, Bobby. And you pursued her while I was on my way to take the cure for you. And you laughed with her while I realized the mistake I was making. You were fighting along side her while I was making my way to the battle. You were worrying about her while I was saving you all. And, to top it all off, you were sleeping with her while I lay in a coma, fighting for my sanity. I sacrificed my life for you and her and everyone else, and, as repayment, you two go and start fucking like rabbits every chance you get.”

He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to run and hide, but he knew that would only make it worse.

“I’m sorry, Rogue. I mean, I still love you. I still want to be with you.”

“All I heard was yap yap yap yap yap, Bobby. The same bullshit you would through at anyone else.”

“Well, it wasn’t like you and I were going to ever be able to do anything. But now that you got control, things could be different.” He didn’t see it coming. She moved too fast and he wasn’t paying enough attention. Too bust trying to find excuses. But he sure felt it. A punch that was as cold as it was hard. He found himself laying on his back, watching an upside down Rogue walk away, her hand turning back from ice to normal.


“Worried there for a second?” Emma asked, a satisfied smile spread across her lips.

“Not at all.”
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