The Night of Terror by wolverines_Grrl
Summary: A seret is revealed!
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Series: Revalations
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Story Notes:
Maria (not Rogue BTW) has a very bad night after Logan takes her to the Mansion.

1. Chased by wolverines_Grrl

Chased by wolverines_Grrl
Logan pulls into the driveway of the mansion with the girl on the back of his motorcycle. She had past out after the fight. He looks at her and wonders who this girl is.
Logan picks her up and carries her inside. Marie is sitting in the living room waiting for him.
"Who's that?" Marie asks.
"Don't know I just met the kid." Logan told her.
"Maybe you should take her upstairs so we don't wake her up." Rogue said.
"Yeah, we got plenty o' room." Logan responds.
Logan takes her up to an empty room. He sets her down on the bed. Maria rolls over in her sleep. Wolverine has a strange feeling that he's met her before but he can't remember where. He goes back downstairs.
"I feel like I know that kid." Logan tells Rogue.
"Wait I thought kid was my nickname!" Rogue says.
"Sorry!" Logan says.
(upsairs: in Maria's room)
"No, No, get away from me!!" Maria sceams in her sleep, "What do you want from me?"
She turns violently in her sleep.
"Why do you keep chasin' me? I didn' do anythin'!" Maria screams.
Logan crashes into the room. When he sees that no ones there he tries to wake Maria.
"Hey kid wake up!" he says.
Maria sceams again. Rogue is standing in the doorway now.
"Logan whats goin' on." she asked sleepily.
"Don' know, I think the kids havin' a really bad dream." he answers, then he tries to wake the kid up again, "Hey kid come on, get up!"
This time he succeeds but is thrown accross the room by a punch.
"Dang kid what was that for?" he asked trying to catch his breath.
"Sorry I thought..." Maria stopped.
"What sugah?" Rogue asks.
"I thought he was one of the men from my dream." Maria told her.
"What men?" Logan asked.
"Men dressed in all green with lasers." Maria told them, "Men from where I come from who attack people like me for no reason."
"Where do you come from?" Rogue asked.
"You wouldn' believe me if I told ya!" Maria said matter of factly.
"Try us kid!" Logan challenged.
To Be Continued
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