Carpe Diem by erro
Summary: Wolverine gets a chance to take what's his.
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Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
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Chapter 4 by erro
She felt herself gently being lowered to a soft but simultaneously hard surface, opening her eyes she found herself in the med lab, it shouldn't really surprise her, that is where they said they were taking her. Jean ran a gloved hand over her head, smoothing back her hair before she left her, still wrapped in her own sheet, on the examination table and headed across the room. The normally solid wall had slid back to reveal two clear glass isolation rooms, one was broken, the door had been cut open from the inside out, Logan... no, Wolverine, must have figured out how to get his claws into the opening mechanism, how they thought the glass cell would hold him Marie had no idea. Now they were setting him up in the one that wasn't damaged, discussing in hushed tone whether they should chain him up inside the cell to prevent him escaping again.

"No, don't chain him up, he hates being confined, being in the cage will be bad enough, you chain him down you're going to piss him off even more," Marie offered her two cents worth, she did know both the man, and the animal, better than any of them after all.

It seemed they listened to her, the whispering stopped, and they made him comfortable before locking him into the isolation room.

"Alright, he's sorted for now, I need to examine you now," Jean said, stopping beside Rogue, who adamantly shook her head, no, at the suggestion, Jean just ignored her and began to peel away the sheet that was covering her bare body.

"No," Marie verbalized, clutching the sheet to her. She was feeling very uncomfortable now, not only did her biology teacher want to strip her naked and look between her legs but the rest of her teachers, and even the Professor, appeared to all want to join in too. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, they had all, almost all, seen her getting railed by the man of her dreams... sort of.

Jean seemed to pick up on her apprehension, probably something to do with being a telepath, and she addressed the others in the room as she moved around the room collecting things she would need. They could all go now, Logan was contained, but could Ororo please bring down some clothes for Rogue. Once they were alone, Jean turned to her again.

"I just need to check you don't need any medical attention, down there, he was going pretty hard on you, wasn't he?" she said gently.

Marie nodded hesitantly in response, slowly loosening her grip on the sheet, Jean helped her sit up to completely remove the sheet. It wasn't until then that Marie realised why she must have been so worried, there was a good deal of blood on the sheet.

Jean didn't say anything as she began cataloguing the bites and bruises that marred her flesh, several of the bites got a scowl before she collected antiseptic and bandages. Once the bites were 'cleaned' and covered, most of them were on her back and shoulders, Jean let her lie back. She gently untied the bits of scarf that were still tied around her wrists, assuring herself the slight abrasions they had left were nothing to worry about. She grimaced grimly at the series of dark purple hickeys that ran up the side of Rogue's neck. She felt Rogue's apprehension rising, as she set up the stirrups she would use in the vaginal examination.

"It's okay Rogue, it's not your fault, honestly, I - I don't even think it's Logan's fault, I know he would never intentionally hurt you but he's not him right now, is he?" Jean asked the girl gently, watching as she teared up in response and shook her head minutely. "It'll be okay, I'll be as quick and as gentle as I can," she reassured as she moved Rogue's legs into position, facing only minimal resistance.

A quick look confirmed both vaginal and anal penetration had occurred, not only that but someone had already attempted to clean the girl up some down there. "Did you have a shower already?" she asked Rogue, who was lying back, arm over her face, cheeks suffused with a bright flush, clearly hiding.

"Lo-Wolverine did, it... it hurt when I peed, he put me in the shower and washed me, and... it stopped hurting," Marie murmured, not coming out of her hiding spot.

"Was the hurt just stinging?" Jean asked, continuing her examination after spotting Rogue's nod in response.

As she changed her gloves after the examination she turned to Rogue with a soft smile, handing her a clean blanket and helping her cover herself before she spoke. "It's not as bad as I was expecting, there's very little tearing, mostly just your hymen, a little to the anus, there is a lot of bruising, and swelling, the swelling should go down quickly, the bruising is going to be a little tender for a few days, you might get a bit of a period pain type feeling from the bruising to your cervix... do you want to talk about what happened?" Jean asked encouragingly, as she gently smoothed back Rogue's hair again.

Before she could stop herself, Marie burst into tears, vaguely aware of Jean pulling her into her arms and hugging her tightly. "What happened - what happened to him? Why is Wolverine in charge? How long have you had him here?" Marie eventually asked, accepting the tissue Jean handed to her so she could blow her nose.

"I can't answer all those questions but I'll answer the ones I can. The Professor has been loosely monitoring Logan while he's been away, keeping an eye on him, he went to check in with him a couple of days ago but couldn't find him in the area he had been in, he did a wider search and picked up brief, confused, snatches of what might have been Logan, when we looked closer at that area we found an underground facility... somehow a lab got him again, they may have had him for up to three weeks, we brought him back the night before last. We're not sure exactly what they did to him but, it appears they've filled him with some sort of adamantium nanites, they stop his skin from being pierced, but they're not automatic, he needs to be conscious and know where contact is going to occur in order to flood the area with the nanites and stop something penetrating his skin, that's why we had to knock him out before I could tranquilize him, I'm theorizing here but I think that's why he can touch you, if he forces the nanites to the surface, your skin won't react because it doesn't recognize his nanite skin as a person," Jean explained.

"That must be why he wouldn't let me touch him," Marie murmured thoughtfully, as she continued to rest in the comforting embrace of Jean's arms. "What about Wolverine?" she asked curiously, Jean must have a theory about that.

"I don't know for sure, maybe the lab did something to his mind, maybe Logan just couldn't handle the reality of being in a lab again and bailed out and left Wolverine to deal with it, if there was some way to talk to him... all Wolverine does is growl and snarl though, I don't know how to get through to him," Jean sighed, glancing toward the cell and it's still sleeping contents.

"No," Marie replied, pushing herself away, "Wolverine can communicate, he talks, he listens, he knows what's going on... maybe you just need the right person to talk to him, I can do it, he'll talk to me, he'll listen to me."

"I wouldn't make you do that Rogue; you don't have to be here around him..." Jean began.

"I want to," Marie replied.

"Rogue, he raped you, I know you have feelings for Logan but I understand, and Logan will understand too, that you don't want to be around him right now, we'll find a way to get through to him," Jean assured her.

"You don't understand," Marie muttered, before releasing a sigh. "I didn't want it to happen... that way... but I knew, and Logan knew, and Wolverine definitely knew... I'm his, I'm his mate, and he's mine, it was only a matter of time before it happened, Logan left because Wolverine wanted me right then and there but Logan thought I was too young and needed to grow up a bit first, he's very... domineering... especially when Wolverine is near the surface, which is all the time when I'm around apparently, and Logan didn't want to hurt or scare me. I'm not going to lie, it hurt, and it was a little scary but... Wolverine would never 'hurt' hurt me, like, he has a different understanding of the line between pleasure and pain, so it hurt but in a good way... am I making any sense?" Marie asked, turning pleading eyes to Jean.

"I feel like you're saying you don't consider what he did to you rape?" Jean asked, an uncertain grimace on her lips.

"Technically, I suppose it was, but... no, I don't consider it that, it was just, Wolverine claiming what was his," Marie replied, twisting the corner of the blanket in her hands. "I feel like Logan, when he comes back, he's going to... he's not going to like it, and I don't want him to be mad, or to use it as an excuse to try to leave again. I don't blame him, this isn't a situation that requires blame, yes, I told Wolverine to stop, once, but he kept touching me and... I wasn't telling him to stop after that," she finished in a whisper as a blush stained her cheeks again, a soft smile on her lips as she remembered the night before.

Jean sighed, she didn't doubt the girl in front of her had relished the human contact, and she wasn't surprised she was able to so easily justify the act, she couldn't help but worry though. She knew Logan harboured strong feelings for the girl, try as he might to deflect attention from those feelings by flirting with other women, older women, any woman, and she didn't for a second think Logan would have ever laid a hand on Rogue in the manner they had stumbled upon. She agreed with Rogue's assessment that he would likely try to use last night’s goings on as an excuse to leave, it was part of her reasoning for not wanting Rogue here when he came back to himself, though maybe, Rogue being the one to bring him back would placate him to a degree, she was more mature than any of them, probably including Logan, had given her credit for.

"Alright then, you can stay down here with me until he's awake," Jean agreed, as the door opened behind them.

"I've got you some clothes, and some breakfast," Ororo smiled at Marie, as she handed over the clothes, setting the tray of food down on a rolling table nearby. The two women turned their backs respectfully so Marie could dress, she was thankful Ororo had thought to bring a long skirt, rather than pants, her legs were still being very uncooperative.
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