Carpe Diem by erro
Summary: Wolverine gets a chance to take what's his.
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Genres: Dark, PWP
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Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
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Story Notes:
Okay... so, I have no idea where this story came from, it literally wrote itself in about 2 days...
It was a PWP but then a tiny but of plot snuck in, it's not elaborated on in this story but I may use the 'plot' for later story/ies.

1. Chapter 1 by erro

2. Chapter 2 by erro

3. Chapter 3 by erro

4. Chapter 4 by erro

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6. Chapter 6 by erro

Chapter 1 by erro
Marie yawned as she slid her bookmark into place, quietly closing her book she deposited it onto her bedside table before snapping her lamp off. With another yawn she rolled over, eyes closed, and snuggled into her pillow.

She loved having her own room, she didn't enjoy the process of getting it - sleep walking roommates were no fun when your skin could kill with a touch - but she was glad to have it, she could sleep easy knowing she was alone, she couldn't hurt anyone in her sleep.


She wasn't alone.

The dark eyes of her intruder watched her shift, and sigh, as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Biding his time before he made his move.
Chapter 2 by erro
She felt heavy. The feeling washing over her mind as she floated toward awareness. She was cold, an involuntary shiver passing over her, a second shiver running through her when something wet and rough dragged over her nipple.

Marie's eyes flew open suddenly, only to come face to face with someone staring down at her. Before she could scream a hand had clamped over her face.

"Shh, quiet darlin, don't need an audience for this," a deep, familiar voice washed over her from the gloom.

The hand that was covering her face moved away as she sighed in recognition and relief. "Shit Logan, you scared the hell out of me, what are you doing here? How did you get in my room?" she replied, confusion slipping into her voice.

He didn't reply, instead the wet rasp over her nipple was felt again as he licked her breast, her bare breast, before taking the flesh in his mouth. She was distracted, in a state of confusion, as she tried to reach down to push him away but her hands wouldn't move. How was he touching her and nothing was happening? Why couldn't she move her hands? A sharp tug of her arms resulted in the bite of fabric into her wrists, glancing up she realised why her hands wouldn't move, she was tied to the headboard. Tied to the headboard, naked, with Logan sucking and nipping on her breasts, this was either a bizarre dream, or something was very wrong.

"Logan - Logan this isn't funny, what are you doing? Untie me," she begged. He continued to ignore her, as his hands moved over her body. "I will scream if you don't stop right now," she told him, as his hands pried her legs apart.

"I will gag you before you can make a sound," Logan replied, as his mouth moved from one breast to the other.

"Please Logan, stop, this isn't how this is supposed to be," Marie almost sobbed as she tried to clamp her legs closed, sliding her hips away from Logan's probing hand.

With a dangerous growl Logan yanked her back into position. "You're mine Marie, and it's past time I claimed you," he said, pressing his hips between her legs so she couldn't close them again.

Slowly realization dawned, this wasn't Logan, this was Wolverine, but how had Wolverine taken control, she knew from Logan's memories that he kept a tight leash on him. And why was Wolverine here, last time she had heard from Logan, three weeks ago, he was still in Alberta. Most importantly though, how was she going to stop Wolverine raping her!

She opened her mouth to scream but true to his word, before she could make a sound, a wad of cotton was shoved into her mouth. "I warned you, I didn't want to have to do that," Wolverine growled, once he had finished tying the wad into place with one of her scarves. "You are mine Marie, I know it, you know, that fucking pussy of a man knew it but he left you, now I'm in charge, you're finally going to be mine, all mine, only mine." With each utterance of the word 'mine' he thrust two fingers into her body, Marie clenched her teeth against the gag at the stretched burn of the action, before his thumb joined in the action. The thrusting fingers still stretched her painfully but the sparks of pleasure shooting into her gut from his thumb working her clit almost made up for it.

You're not supposed to be enjoying this, her mind screamed at her traitorous body, as her toes curled and her back arched in pleasure mere minutes later. She wanted to scream for a whole different reason when he slid down her body, and his hand was replaced with his mouth. As she came hard, bucking up against his face, she moaned loudly into the gag, wishing her hands were free to sink into his thick hair.

He didn't stop his assault on her body, and as she quivered her way to a second orgasm she vaguely heard him rumble. "I'm going to take you now, Marie, you're mine," he purred, as his hips slammed into hers, burying his thick length in her tight core. She screamed into the gag as a white-hot shaft of pain accompanied the action, involuntary tears leaked out of her tightly shut eyes, as her ears roared at her body’s rebellion against the unexpected invasion. As the pain began to fade, and she could breathe again, she was surprised to find Wolverine had ceased all movement, he appeared to be waiting, and... comforting her? He purred softly as he nuzzled her face and neck, gently licking away the leaked tears, nipping at her skin, and placing soft kisses wherever he nipped slightly harder.

After a few minutes, her breathing was back to normal, the pain had faded to be replaced by a pleasant fullness that throbbed in the pit of her stomach, it wasn't until she finally opened her eyes again that Wolverine began to move. Slowly at first, slowly sliding out before gently pushing back in, at the first sign she was enjoying this though his movements became more forceful. It wasn't long until he reared up, pulling her legs further apart and pushing them up toward the mattress, and began slamming into her hard enough to make the whole bed shake. The pain was back, an ache deep inside that intensified each time his hips met hers but the pleasure almost drowned that out, at the very least made it worth it. She came twice more before, with a deep growl and a series of short jerking thrusts, she felt a gush of liquid heat inside her, the calm that immediately followed told her he had cum.

For several minutes they stayed frozen, catching their breath, before Wolverine slowly slid out of her. As he knelt in front of her Marie was surprised to see he was still hard, or, hard again, maybe. With a wicked grin, he rolled her over onto her stomach, before straddling her thighs. She couldn't help the hiss of pain as he slid his length back into her, not that it stopped him, and soon enough he was slamming her into the mattress again. She came as he slid himself out of her, before he pulled her hips up off the bed, with her hands tied to the headboard she couldn’t support her torso, but she managed to shift her head to the side so she could breath as he continued to pound into her in the new position. She hurt, ached all over, it was a surprisingly pleasant ache, though the constant bombardment of sensation was leaving her numb.

For hours he went on, using her body. She lost count of the number of times they each came, the number of times he bit her, she was dead to the growls, and purrs, and murmured comments as he thrust into her flesh. She didn't miss the point when he sunk his dick into her ass, drawing another scream from her, this time however he didn't just slam it into her like he had when he entered her vagina the first time. He rocked into her, slowly but firmly, going deeper with each forward motion, she tried to pull away but he held her hips in place as he pushed in. She was sucking as much air as she could into her lungs, as her eyes squeezed shut against the new pain, it didn't last long though, once he was in her he stilled, letting her get used to the new sensation.

He got her off with his hands while he was still inside her, as she came down from that orgasm, she could feel him moving in her again, it was different but it was okay. When he eventually came, she felt more than heard the exhausted sigh he released, it seemed he was finally done. Sure enough he rolled them over gently, until they were spooned together snugly, his flesh still buried in her ass, her hands still tied to the headboard, and they both fell asleep.
Chapter 3 by erro
Very early the next morning, as light was just beginning to touch the predawn sky she was woken again. Wolverine's dick was still in her ass and he simply lifted her thigh and began thrusting into her, slowly at first but quickly growing in intensity until they both came.

He left the bed a moment later, leaving Marie in a pleasant fuzzy, sleepy haze. When he returned, he rolled her over, onto her back, positioning himself over her smaller body as he gazed down at her hungrily.

She couldn't respond with the gag in her mouth, and she couldn't do what she wanted to more than anything right at that moment, and bury her hands in his hair, or maybe run her nails over his nipples and see if he shivered the way she did. With a keening whine, she tugged against the bindings on her wrists.

"You want me to untie you?" Wolverine asked with a chuckle. He continued at her furious nod, "I would love to darlin but I'm not quite ready for that, if you promise not to scream though I'll take the gag off?" She nodded again, relief flooding her as the fabric fell away from her face, she could finally breath again, and then she couldn't. His mouth closed on hers the minute the gag fell away, his lips prying hers open willingly before his tongue began to explore her mouth, he tasted infinitely better than the gag.

By the time he was done kissing her he was buried inside her again, the pinching glide of his flesh into hers was definitely more pleasant than painful but she knew she was going to have trouble walking today, though she didn't think he had any intention of letting her go anywhere.

"I need to pee," Marie murmured sleepily, some hours later, at least she thought it was hours later.

With a deep rumbling purr, Wolverine gently picked her up off the bed and carried her into her own ensuite. She was confused for a moment and once he had gently seated her on the toilet she lifted her hands into view, the scarf that had been tying her to the bed was neatly sliced in two, each half still tied to a wrist but not connected in the middle.

"That was one of my favourites," she pouted at Wolverine, he just chuckled again and promised to get her another.

It took her a minute to relax enough with an audience, because Wolverine definitely wasn't going anywhere, before she could pee, and then she wished hadn't. She hissed sharply at the stinging burn as she peed, she really didn't want to wipe. Before she could Wolverine was picking her up again, he immediately stepped into the shower, gentle warm water was flowing over her a moment later, relaxing tense muscles as he worked his way down her body. Gently rearranging her position several times, he eventually ended up between her spread thighs, the warm pulsing water felt fantastic as he gently cleaned and cared for her, he even got her off again, once or twice, with his hands and his mouth.

Once she was a puddle of warm goo, the previous sting a distant memory, Wolverine shut the shower off and wrapped her in a towel, gently drying her before carrying her back to bed. It seemed he still wasn't done with her yet.

"Making up for lost time, huh?" Marie asked cheekily, as he buried his face between her legs again. His hot tongue felt amazing on the tender flesh between her legs, but it was nothing compared to that earlier fullness of having his dick buried in her core. As if reading her mind, he pulled himself up, latching onto her lips as he slid himself through her swollen folds, swallowing her loud moan.

She didn't know how much later it was, but they'd changed position several times, and when it happened she was on her knees, resting on her elbows, her face buried in her pillow so her screams of pleasure didn't carry, as Wolverine roughly pounded into her, when the bedroom door suddenly splintered open. Everything happened in a blur as she felt Wolverine pull himself from her body - how had he not heard them coming? She collapsed in a boneless heap on the bed as she watched Wolverine launch himself at the threat, claws drawn, she could only scream in horror as a bright red beam of light burst across the room, hitting Wolverine square in the chest and sending him flying across the room.

Scrambling as quickly as her uncooperative legs could manage, she got to his side only a few steps behind Jean, who ignored her as she jammed a needle into Logan's bare shoulder and pushed the plunger down.

"What was that, what did you do?" Marie sobbed reaching for him, she was promptly grasped firmly and moved away, kicking and fighting as much as she could manage. It took a while for her to hear Jean speaking, calmly and quietly, to her.

"Rogue, stop, I need you to hear me, you can't touch Logan..." Jean was saying, as someone began to wrap her naked body in her sheet.

"We've been touching for hours," Marie said, watching in shock as Logan's body was being dragged out of the room.

"I know, I think I know how that works, but it doesn't work when Logan's unconscious so you can't touch him without gloves right now, I can explain but first we need to get you to the med lab," Jean said, eyeing the bed behind her. It probably looked a mess Marie realised, even the sheet she was wrapped in was sticky with their combined essence.

"I'm fine," Marie murmured, "Where are you taking him?"

"Back to isolation, we don't know how he broke out... I'm sorry Rogue, if we'd known this might happen, we would have moved you somewhere safe," Jean said, as strong arms suddenly picked up Marie's sheet wrapped form.

She had no strength left to fight Scott as he picked her up. "What did you do to him?" Marie asked softly, eyes locked onto Jean's where she was following along behind them.

"I sedated him, he should be out for an hour or so," Jean advised gently.

"Why did you shoot him," Marie asked accusingly of Scott.

"It was the only way to stop him without someone getting hurt," Scott stated firmly. Even though she knew it was the truth she still didn't like it she decided as she slowly drifted into a tired doze as she was carried through the mansion.
Chapter 4 by erro
She felt herself gently being lowered to a soft but simultaneously hard surface, opening her eyes she found herself in the med lab, it shouldn't really surprise her, that is where they said they were taking her. Jean ran a gloved hand over her head, smoothing back her hair before she left her, still wrapped in her own sheet, on the examination table and headed across the room. The normally solid wall had slid back to reveal two clear glass isolation rooms, one was broken, the door had been cut open from the inside out, Logan... no, Wolverine, must have figured out how to get his claws into the opening mechanism, how they thought the glass cell would hold him Marie had no idea. Now they were setting him up in the one that wasn't damaged, discussing in hushed tone whether they should chain him up inside the cell to prevent him escaping again.

"No, don't chain him up, he hates being confined, being in the cage will be bad enough, you chain him down you're going to piss him off even more," Marie offered her two cents worth, she did know both the man, and the animal, better than any of them after all.

It seemed they listened to her, the whispering stopped, and they made him comfortable before locking him into the isolation room.

"Alright, he's sorted for now, I need to examine you now," Jean said, stopping beside Rogue, who adamantly shook her head, no, at the suggestion, Jean just ignored her and began to peel away the sheet that was covering her bare body.

"No," Marie verbalized, clutching the sheet to her. She was feeling very uncomfortable now, not only did her biology teacher want to strip her naked and look between her legs but the rest of her teachers, and even the Professor, appeared to all want to join in too. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, they had all, almost all, seen her getting railed by the man of her dreams... sort of.

Jean seemed to pick up on her apprehension, probably something to do with being a telepath, and she addressed the others in the room as she moved around the room collecting things she would need. They could all go now, Logan was contained, but could Ororo please bring down some clothes for Rogue. Once they were alone, Jean turned to her again.

"I just need to check you don't need any medical attention, down there, he was going pretty hard on you, wasn't he?" she said gently.

Marie nodded hesitantly in response, slowly loosening her grip on the sheet, Jean helped her sit up to completely remove the sheet. It wasn't until then that Marie realised why she must have been so worried, there was a good deal of blood on the sheet.

Jean didn't say anything as she began cataloguing the bites and bruises that marred her flesh, several of the bites got a scowl before she collected antiseptic and bandages. Once the bites were 'cleaned' and covered, most of them were on her back and shoulders, Jean let her lie back. She gently untied the bits of scarf that were still tied around her wrists, assuring herself the slight abrasions they had left were nothing to worry about. She grimaced grimly at the series of dark purple hickeys that ran up the side of Rogue's neck. She felt Rogue's apprehension rising, as she set up the stirrups she would use in the vaginal examination.

"It's okay Rogue, it's not your fault, honestly, I - I don't even think it's Logan's fault, I know he would never intentionally hurt you but he's not him right now, is he?" Jean asked the girl gently, watching as she teared up in response and shook her head minutely. "It'll be okay, I'll be as quick and as gentle as I can," she reassured as she moved Rogue's legs into position, facing only minimal resistance.

A quick look confirmed both vaginal and anal penetration had occurred, not only that but someone had already attempted to clean the girl up some down there. "Did you have a shower already?" she asked Rogue, who was lying back, arm over her face, cheeks suffused with a bright flush, clearly hiding.

"Lo-Wolverine did, it... it hurt when I peed, he put me in the shower and washed me, and... it stopped hurting," Marie murmured, not coming out of her hiding spot.

"Was the hurt just stinging?" Jean asked, continuing her examination after spotting Rogue's nod in response.

As she changed her gloves after the examination she turned to Rogue with a soft smile, handing her a clean blanket and helping her cover herself before she spoke. "It's not as bad as I was expecting, there's very little tearing, mostly just your hymen, a little to the anus, there is a lot of bruising, and swelling, the swelling should go down quickly, the bruising is going to be a little tender for a few days, you might get a bit of a period pain type feeling from the bruising to your cervix... do you want to talk about what happened?" Jean asked encouragingly, as she gently smoothed back Rogue's hair again.

Before she could stop herself, Marie burst into tears, vaguely aware of Jean pulling her into her arms and hugging her tightly. "What happened - what happened to him? Why is Wolverine in charge? How long have you had him here?" Marie eventually asked, accepting the tissue Jean handed to her so she could blow her nose.

"I can't answer all those questions but I'll answer the ones I can. The Professor has been loosely monitoring Logan while he's been away, keeping an eye on him, he went to check in with him a couple of days ago but couldn't find him in the area he had been in, he did a wider search and picked up brief, confused, snatches of what might have been Logan, when we looked closer at that area we found an underground facility... somehow a lab got him again, they may have had him for up to three weeks, we brought him back the night before last. We're not sure exactly what they did to him but, it appears they've filled him with some sort of adamantium nanites, they stop his skin from being pierced, but they're not automatic, he needs to be conscious and know where contact is going to occur in order to flood the area with the nanites and stop something penetrating his skin, that's why we had to knock him out before I could tranquilize him, I'm theorizing here but I think that's why he can touch you, if he forces the nanites to the surface, your skin won't react because it doesn't recognize his nanite skin as a person," Jean explained.

"That must be why he wouldn't let me touch him," Marie murmured thoughtfully, as she continued to rest in the comforting embrace of Jean's arms. "What about Wolverine?" she asked curiously, Jean must have a theory about that.

"I don't know for sure, maybe the lab did something to his mind, maybe Logan just couldn't handle the reality of being in a lab again and bailed out and left Wolverine to deal with it, if there was some way to talk to him... all Wolverine does is growl and snarl though, I don't know how to get through to him," Jean sighed, glancing toward the cell and it's still sleeping contents.

"No," Marie replied, pushing herself away, "Wolverine can communicate, he talks, he listens, he knows what's going on... maybe you just need the right person to talk to him, I can do it, he'll talk to me, he'll listen to me."

"I wouldn't make you do that Rogue; you don't have to be here around him..." Jean began.

"I want to," Marie replied.

"Rogue, he raped you, I know you have feelings for Logan but I understand, and Logan will understand too, that you don't want to be around him right now, we'll find a way to get through to him," Jean assured her.

"You don't understand," Marie muttered, before releasing a sigh. "I didn't want it to happen... that way... but I knew, and Logan knew, and Wolverine definitely knew... I'm his, I'm his mate, and he's mine, it was only a matter of time before it happened, Logan left because Wolverine wanted me right then and there but Logan thought I was too young and needed to grow up a bit first, he's very... domineering... especially when Wolverine is near the surface, which is all the time when I'm around apparently, and Logan didn't want to hurt or scare me. I'm not going to lie, it hurt, and it was a little scary but... Wolverine would never 'hurt' hurt me, like, he has a different understanding of the line between pleasure and pain, so it hurt but in a good way... am I making any sense?" Marie asked, turning pleading eyes to Jean.

"I feel like you're saying you don't consider what he did to you rape?" Jean asked, an uncertain grimace on her lips.

"Technically, I suppose it was, but... no, I don't consider it that, it was just, Wolverine claiming what was his," Marie replied, twisting the corner of the blanket in her hands. "I feel like Logan, when he comes back, he's going to... he's not going to like it, and I don't want him to be mad, or to use it as an excuse to try to leave again. I don't blame him, this isn't a situation that requires blame, yes, I told Wolverine to stop, once, but he kept touching me and... I wasn't telling him to stop after that," she finished in a whisper as a blush stained her cheeks again, a soft smile on her lips as she remembered the night before.

Jean sighed, she didn't doubt the girl in front of her had relished the human contact, and she wasn't surprised she was able to so easily justify the act, she couldn't help but worry though. She knew Logan harboured strong feelings for the girl, try as he might to deflect attention from those feelings by flirting with other women, older women, any woman, and she didn't for a second think Logan would have ever laid a hand on Rogue in the manner they had stumbled upon. She agreed with Rogue's assessment that he would likely try to use last night’s goings on as an excuse to leave, it was part of her reasoning for not wanting Rogue here when he came back to himself, though maybe, Rogue being the one to bring him back would placate him to a degree, she was more mature than any of them, probably including Logan, had given her credit for.

"Alright then, you can stay down here with me until he's awake," Jean agreed, as the door opened behind them.

"I've got you some clothes, and some breakfast," Ororo smiled at Marie, as she handed over the clothes, setting the tray of food down on a rolling table nearby. The two women turned their backs respectfully so Marie could dress, she was thankful Ororo had thought to bring a long skirt, rather than pants, her legs were still being very uncooperative.
Chapter 5 by erro
Marie turned her attention to the glass cell when she heard a huffed growl. Finally, he was waking up. Snapping her book shut Marie slid off the bed, gingerly making her way to the cell wall. It was just her down here, she had managed to convince Jean that Wolverine would be more likely to talk to her if he didn't think she was being compelled to say words he didn't want to hear her say, by others in the room.

A deeper, crankier growl sounded a moment later as Wolverine blinked open his eyes slowly and found himself back in the glass cell he despised. It was worse than the concrete and metal cell in the lab, at least that one was dark, easier to hide in, this one was light and open, he was exposed but still contained. Worst though, he now knew it was keeping him from Marie. He rolled silently to his feet, intent on getting himself out again, hoping they hadn't figured out the weakness in the sliding mechanism he had exploited, read destroyed, last time.

"Marie..." he stared at the girl in question, his mate, standing on the other side of the glass, watching him. "Open the door Marie," he demanded, she was already down here, good, he wouldn't have to go far to fuck her again. He had been too long without the physical pleasure offered by a woman’s body, both he and the man had agreed Marie's was the only body that would do, and now that he had her he couldn't stop himself from having her again.

"I couldn't do that even I wanted to Wolverine, and right now I don't particularly want to," she replied, earning herself a dark glare and another growl. "Oh don't look at me like that, I know what you're going to do the second you get out of there but... I'm a little tender right now, I don't heal like you do," she reminded him, "Besides, I need Logan right now, and the only way to focus you is to piss you off, is he in there?"

"What the fuck do you want with the man, he's pathetic, weak, he can't protect you, and he won't fuck you, too much of a coward, he ran away instead and look where that ended us up, he can rot in that little corner of his own for all I care, I'm in control now, we do things my way now," Wolverine replied.

Marie smiled sadly, it was no secret to her that the two parts of Logan's psyche didn't like each other all that much. "He's your humanity, he's your conscience, your moral compass, your compassion and your caring, you need him, as much as he needs you, you both have your strengths, you both have your weaknesses. He's what made you stop, on that highway, and pick me up, he's what made you follow me when I ran and promise to take care of me, he's what made you sacrifice your own life to save me, he's the reason you have me at all. If he had been there last night, I wouldn't be hurting right now, you wouldn't be locked in this cell right now, I would be with you-" she raised her hand and pressed it to the glass, watching with a smile as he raised his own hand reflexively to press to hers on the opposite side of the glass.

"I can fix it, I can make you not hurt anymore," Wolverine said gruffly.

Marie chuckled with a smile; she knew that was as close to an apology as she would get from him. "I know but they won't let you out of here without Logan to keep you in check, and I'm siding with them, tell Logan he can come out now," she said again, leaning closer to the glass, until she had her forehead resting on it. Wolverine copied her stance, resting his forehead against the glass where hers was, if not for the glass in between them it would have been an intimate embrace.

"If he fucks this up I'll kick him back out, I swear to God, I'm done waiting, I'm done hiding, I want you and I'm going to have you, whether he likes it or not," Wolverine growled, as he worriedly regarded her.

"You've got no complaints from me there mister," Marie replied.

She watched as Wolverine moved, pressing a kiss to the glass before returning to rest his head, eyes closed, against hers. When his eyes opened, they were different, not as dark, or as deep, but easier to read. She saw the momentary panic when he saw her, followed quickly by relief as he took in his surroundings and realised where he was. "Marie."

"Hey Logan, I'm here, how you doing?" she teased.

"Been better," he replied with a chuckle, suddenly noting their positions he frowned, "Was Wolverine..."

"He was here, he's been in control the whole time you've been here, he refused to communicate with anyone else but I managed to talk him into letting you out," Marie explained.

"How did you manage that?" Logan asked with a grin.

"Hmm, I'm a woman, we have our ways," she replied coyly. "Also, I lied, I knew how to let you out," she added, as she moved away from him to the door pad and punched in the code Jean had told her.

The door slid open smoothly and Logan darted out the door and scooped her into his arms, before she could react, he had her up against the wall. "I knew," he growled, the touch of darkness she knew was Wolverine swirling in his eyes but not taking over.

"Sorry about that, it was the only way to get you to listen though," she said, enjoying the feeling of soft lips against hers.

"I know," he agreed, as his lips continued to kiss down her throat. He pulled away sharply when she hissed in pain as he bumped one of the bites on her shoulder, a shoulder that was now covered. "You're hurt?" Logan asked, furrowing his brow as if there was something he was supposed to know about that but he couldn't remember. Before she could stop him, he had tugged the neckline of her shirt off her shoulder, exposing the mark. "Fuck, what did... did I do that?" he demanded, equally to her as to Wolverine.

"Yeah, Wolverine did that," she murmured, blushing. A moment later she watched warily as Logan stepped away from her, mumbling curses as he ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

"What did you do, show me what you did," he was mumbling, clearly talking to Wolverine not her. When he froze, she knew Wolverine must be showing him, the look of horror that came over his face as he stood there, staring through her, brought tears to her eyes. "Oh god Marie, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he said a moment later, as he focused on her again.

"Please Logan, don't, it wasn't your fault, it's nothing that won't heal, I'm okay," Marie reassured him, moving towards him to close the distance he was trying to make between them. "If it's any consolation," she murmured, as she wrapped her arms around him tightly, "I would totally let you do it again, one day, not today, or tomorrow." She giggled at the look on Logan's face before he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her carefully but tightly.

"I have to see, show me what he did, you've got to be all kinds of hurting right now, and a rainbow of pretty colours," he huffed, pushing her back as he proceeded to peel off her shirt, her bra, dropping her skirt into a puddle at her feet, leaving her clad only in her panties and gloves. "Shit..." he breathed, steeling himself before he peeled the bandages off the worst bites, one of them was so deep Jean had suggested it might need a couple of stitches. He whined unconsciously, as he took in the damage his alter ego had done to her body; in the harsh light of day even Wolverine seemed to be second guessing him actions. Slowly, methodically, Logan went around her body, pressing a kiss to each bite, each bruise, the prickle of her skin and his healing sending each spot into a tingling spot of over sensitisation, and if he kept that up, she was going to orgasm again just from that touch.

He was only giving her enough healing at a time to set each small spot to repairing, and it felt amazing. When he was finished with all the marks on her back, the backs of her shoulders, and her hips, he gently turned her around, picked her up, and deposited her onto the bed she had been occupying before he had awoken. He kissed her on the lips hungrily when she hissed at the twinge of discomfort as he spread her legs apart and stepped between her thighs, before he worked soft healing kisses down the column of her neck. Her breasts were aching by the time he made his way down to them, the bite marks that were being disturbed by the tight puckering of her nipples were sending a pleasant throbbing sensation to her core; tenderness be damned she wanted him inside her, now!

Once every mark on her skin was gone, he rested against her, panting breathlessly, equally as aroused as he was exhausted from the transfer of energy and power. "Damn kid, look what you do to me," he murmured, chuckling into her hair as he leaned into her, moaning a moment later when she slid her hand along his shaft.

He hadn't let her touch him before, the only look she had gotten had been brief, and holy hell he was huge, no wonder she was sore! She ran her hand over him teasingly, tightening her grip with each stroke until he hissed through clenched teeth, she eased off a little but it looked like she'd found his preferred pressure, judging by his movements. He mumbled directions into her ear minutes later, telling her what he liked, what he wanted her to do.

"Stop, stop Marie, I'm gonna - oh FUCK!" He growled as he shot hot cum all over her stomach. "Sorry," he mumbled, as he panted into her shoulder, "Tried to warn ya."

Marie giggled in response, until he moved her to lie back across the bed, and quickly stripped her panties off. "Logan... as much as I'd love to tell you to go for it, Jean said to hold off for a few days..." The look on his face stalled her words.

"I need to see, darlin, all of it, I need to fix all of it," he told her softly, the look in his eyes telling her this was important to him. She didn't bother to answer with words, instead, with a nod, she parted her thighs. "Shit," Logan muttered again, an angry scowl on his face as he gently parted her folds with his fingers. He unsuccessfully tried to smother a grin a moment later, replying to her curious enquiry, "You weren't kidding you want me to go for it," he murmured, sliding a single finger into her wet core, chuckling when Marie's head fell back and she moaned loudly, trying not to buck against his hand.

"Tease!" she panted in return, when he removed the digit.

He leaned forward, pulling her upright again and kissing her soundly. She made to push him away when she felt her mutation surge to life and his powers began to flow, unchecked, along with another dose of his more recent memories. When he finally pulled away from her, swaying unsteadily, as she held him tightly to her so he wouldn't fall over, she heard him whisper into her shoulder, "Did you see?"

"Yeah, yeah Logan, I saw... I love you too," she whispered back.
Chapter 6 by erro
Once Logan had recovered from the drain on his energy, he helped Marie re-dress, even though she felt fine now, not the slightest twinge of discomfort at all. She was sure it was simply an excuse for him to cop a feel, as his hands slid slowly over her ass, and completely unnecessarily held her bra cups in place while she secured the catch. So of course, she had to 'help' him dress too, from the pile of clothes Jean had left for him. Where they came from Marie wasn't quite sure, they weren't Scott's but as far as she knew Logan hadn't left anything behind when he left - except the one flannel shirt that lived in her room, the one she shamelessly stole while he was in the med lab after the statue and he let her keep.

As they headed, via elevator, to the main floor, intent on securing a hearty lunch, they were surprised to find the entire X-team waiting for them, though the only one who looked concerned was Scott, who was pacing a hole in the floor before he stopped to scowl darkly at Logan. If looks could kill, Logan would be dead, a dozen different ways, Marie tried not to consider the fact that if Scott removed his glasses, his look literally could kill.

"It is good to see you looking more yourself," Charles greeted Logan, who nodded solemnly in response. He wasn't sure how much the team knew about what had happened the night before between him and Rogue, though she said Jean had examined her so surely they must know what he had done. No one seemed in the least upset, except Scott, but as far as Logan could tell that was the guys default reaction whenever he was around.

"It's good to be back," Logan commented, though he wasn't sure what kind of back exactly he was referring to. Marie's hand slipped into his and immediately he brightened, it was amazing how much of an effect she could have on him with just a simple touch.

"We're just on our way to get food, did you need something?" Marie asked the assembled crowd.

"I was going to say, let us all have lunch, the private dining room is available," the Professor said, leading the way down the hall. I plentiful lunch was just being set out by the students on lunch duty for the day, they scurried out as soon as the last dish was set down, Jean locking the doors behind them. Logan couldn't help the mildly ominous feeling the action carried with it but as Marie sat down next to him and gently lay her hand on his thigh, shooting him a shy smile, he tried to let go of the feeling of dread settling over him. This was not going to be a comfortable meal, not for him at least.

As everyone settled in to eat, the chatter started comfortably, Ororo filled Marie in on the classes she had missed that morning and told her she could pick up notes and homework assignments from her office after school today. No one expected her to show up for the rest of the days’ classes either apparently.

"Logan, your old room is available for you for however long you decide to stay," Charles said, finally turning the conversation to Logan. "I would appreciate it if you would at least stay long enough for us to track down those running the laboratory that was holding you; do you have any idea how they found you?" was the first direct question.

"That base your intel pointed me to, I'd been there all right, that's where they did the metal procedure... it was a trap, as soon as I stepped foot in that room the whole place locked down, I was a sitting duck," Logan grumbled, picking at his meal half-heartedly.

"Do you have any idea what they were trying to do this time?" Jean asked.

"Not exactly, from what I overheard, my healing is apparently slower now than it was before the metal, they wanted to get me to heal faster, they were injecting me with something... whatever they were trying to do, it went wrong somehow, they stopped being able to inject me and then they started experimenting on ways to kill me," Logan finished with a grimace, that had been a fun however long it had been, admittedly he didn't remember much about it, he had locked himself away in the back of his mind and let Wolverine rage against them, he was better at it after all.

"So, you know your skin is intermittently impenetrable?" Jean asked.

With a nod Logan replied, "That's why they couldn't inject me anymore, the stuff in the injections, that was supposed to boost my healing, instead it got picked up by my healing and replicated-" he paused and held out his hand, as a pale white film seemed to come over his skin- "Some of it is adamantium, some of it is something my body has made to mimic the adamantium, don't really know how it works but I'm figuring out how to use it."

"Yeah, we saw," Scott muttered, from his seat opposite Logan.

"Scott," both Jean and Marie said warningly, though for slightly different reasons. Jean didn't want to see Scott and Logan blow up at each other, Marie knew Logan was still feeling guilty about touching her, hurting her, and she didn't want Scott to say anything that would make that worse. Scott said no more but continued to scowl into his plate.

"Look... what happened last night... that's between me and Marie but it won't happen again," Logan commented, though it did nothing ease the dark look Scott was still shooting him.

Thankfully the subject was dropped and conversation moved on to lighter topics until the meal was finished. As they left the dining room, and headed upstairs Marie was surprised when Scott called out for her to 'wait up' as they started down the hallway toward their respective rooms on the teacher’s floor.

"Not got anything to say to you, if you don't mind, this is a private conversation between me and Rogue," Scott snapped at Logan, when he stopped next to Marie to wait for him to catch up.

Marie sensed Logan's hackles go up as Wolverine rose to the surface. "It's okay," she said softly, laying her hand over his to stop him popping his claws, "I'll catch up," she assured him with a smile, her eyes pleading with him to not make a scene. With a nod to her Logan turned and continued on his way, he walked into her room, leaving the door open behind him Marie knew he was shamelessly eavesdropping.

"I don't like you being alone with him, not after what he did to you last night, he could have killed you," Scott started, in an angry whisper, almost a hiss, as he tried to keep his voice down so Logan couldn't hear him.

"Then I'd have died happy," Marie replied sarcastically. "Look, Scott, I'm not going to go into details of my sex life, definitely not last night, but Logan and I have sorted that out between us, Wolverine didn't mean to hurt me, he's feels almost as bad about it as Logan does, Logan was serious when he said it won't happen again, now, you're not my father, I'm a legal adult, I would appreciate it if you didn't try and control what happens in my bedroom, between myself and another consenting adult," she said pointedly.

Scott opened his mouth as if to object further but snapped his jaw shut at the look Rogue was shooting him. "Alright, okay, I'll trust you, but remember, your skin won't work against him anymore if you need to fight him off, don't try and control the situation on your own if you need help." He looked like he wanted to give her a hug but he refrained, instead waving and walking back away from her, before finally turning with a shake of his head and heading back down the stairs.

Marie wasn't at all surprised to see Logan standing in her doorway watching them, though the dark scowl, edged with shame, he was wearing concerned her. "What's wrong?" she queried, as she caught up to him. "Oh..."

She had forgotten the state of her room.

The sheet that was left on the bed was still sticky with blood and cum, the rest of the blankets thrown on the floor, clothes were strewn about, and several books and pages of class notes had been knocked off the desk, there was a crack in the plasterboard on one wall, along with a smear of blood.

"It looks worse than it is," she shrugged innocently. "Really Logan, you dumped the blankets on the floor, that's about it, the wall and that blood over there was yours from when Scott came in and blasted you across the room, we were kind of um... occupied when they smashed their way in," she commented, voice drifting off as she inspected the broken door and frame, there was no way that was going to close let alone lock. "Wolverine didn't take too kindly to being interrupted," she continued, "I didn't either, kinda left me hanging there. I guess the stuff got knocked off the desk during that... did you come up to my room naked?" she asked suddenly, noticing the distinct lack of men’s clothing in her room, "And Wolverine never did tell me how he got in here."

"Yeah, he came up naked, he came in through the window," Logan commented, pointing to a spot on the frame that now had a slight gap, just big enough for one of his claws to slide through, the window latch having been neatly sliced in two.

"Well," Marie said, after stripping the dirty sheet off the bed, "I can't stay in here, door won't shut, window won't lock, god only knows who might try creeping into my room in the middle of the night," she teased, "How do you feel about having a roommate?"

"I don't know if that's such a good idea Marie," Logan replied.

"Really, I think it's a perfect idea, that way neither of us has to sneak back to their own room before Daddy Cyclops busts us in the wrong room," she continued teasingly, drawing out the desired low growl she was fishing for from Wolverine at the mention of Cyclops.

"You drive a hard bargain darlin," Logan chuckled, "But promise me that you won't let me get out of control again, I will never gag you, ever, you need to scream for help you do it, if I try to gag you, drop me as fast as you can and get out," he said, she could see the genuine fear in his eyes, the shame, she was surprised to note, was back but not from Logan, from Wolverine.

"I promise Logan but you don't have to worry, it won't happen again, I'm yours, always, I'll never not be yours, just promise me you won't run from me again, I don't need to be protected from you, not when you're right here beside me. Promise me you'll always be mine?" Marie asked, a shy smile on her face as she prompted him to say the words he had already told her in her head.

"Always, Marie, I love you," Logan told her, tugging her into his arms and holding her tightly for good measure.

"Good, I love you too, now, if you're mine, someone kinda left me hanging right before one hell of an orgasm this morning, care to finish the job?" she asked coyly, before darting out of the room toward Logan's room. The growling chuckle that followed her told her he would be more than happy to help her out.
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