Author's Chapter Notes:
Just a little insight into what Rogue has been dealing with over a couple of weeks. Didn't really want to dwell on this part, but didn't want her to suddenly wake up and have completely control.
Over the next three weeks, Rogue became accustomed to the thoughts and voices that would randomly pop into her head. The abilities she had inherited from Jean were slowly developing, giving both Emma and Psylocke the room to help her quickly. Finally, though, Rogue was able to produce shields within her mind strong enough to keep both telepaths out of her head at the same time, and the world around her quieted.

She had learned quite a lot about those she lived with during that time, though. Some more interesting than others. Things such as Bobby’s infidelity with Kitty and his na´ve belief that she, much less anyone, knew about what they did late at night when everyone else was asleep. Kitty’s guilt and fear of what she would do when she found out. And then there was Jubilee. Sweet Jubilee. Someone she could count on, angry at the other two for what they were doing, and, yet, keeping her patience, waiting for everything to blow up in their faces. Waiting for the day the shit would hit the fan. Rogue could almost see her smirking with the thought.

She caught other’s thoughts, too. Scott’s yearning to just lose control and not care anymore. Storm’s anger at Emma’s presence. And then Logan. His thoughts confused her more than anyone’s.

At times, she would get thoughts about his content at being their, watching over everyone. Then, she would hear his thoughts as he would wish that he was one the road, with nothing to tie him down. The one that stuck out the most came to her one night, the night before she strengthen her shields to be exact. A thought she had never realized he thought about.

He had to have been in his room at the time. Thanks to the advanced hearing that she had borrowed from him that still had yet to leave, she could hear the TV blaring in his room down the hall. It was the first time she had done it without supervision, but she couldn’t seem to control it. She reached out with her mind, wanting to know what he was watching. Except, he wasn’t really paying attention. He was thinking of the reasons why he was still there, ignoring the hockey game on the TV.

She listened as he ticked off one reason after another, trying to dwindle it down. Jean? No. Jean had been an infatuation. Duty? To who? Repayment? Nope. He smiled cocky at that. He liked to believe that he didn’t owe anyone anything. He repaid his debt when Scooter had made that turn down that dark path. He ticked off a few more such as comfort, free food, the children, security. That last one made him chuckle.

Finally, he felt that he was grasping for straws. And then it hit him. The reason he was still there. The only thing that had kept him coming back and kept the wanderlust at bay. A young girl with no one at all. One so deadly and powerful and sweet and scared all at the same time. A girl who was now a woman, ready to stand up for and save those she loves. A woman who had once asked him if it hurt when they came out….


“Every time.” He whispered into the empty room, looking down at his knuckles. He couldn’t help but smile a little, remembering how scared she was, but also the bravery she showed just by jumping into the back of his trailer. She was what kept him here, and he wondered if she even realized it. He hadn’t seen her since the day she took away the metal. Those two psychics had been spiriting her from Xavier’s office and back to her room, sometimes even to the med lab downstairs, afraid to have another scene like the last. No one had been allowed to see her.

There had been two more incidents where Phoenix had reared her ugly head again. Or, at least tried to, anyway. Once, while they were trying to help Rogue come to terms with the war inside her own head, Phoenix had tried to backlash on Emma. With Psylocke’s help, they had been able to stop her. The second had been just earlier that day. But Rogue had felt her and had been able to suppress her without help. She was getting strong, yet he still had a feeling that this was far from over.

“Get out of my head, Kid.” He said out loud, glancing up at the wall in front of him. He had known she was there, snooping around. With anyone else, he would have been angry, but Rogue had already seen everything three times now. She knew him in and out. There was no keeping anything from her.


She smiled a little before laying down, ready to dream away the night. Tomorrow was a big day for her. She would be allowed to see her friend’s again, even if only for supervision. And she was going to start learning to manipulate all of the abilities she had gained in the past. Starting with Bobby’s. As Jubilee had known, the shit was about to hit the fan.
Chapter End Notes:
Alright, I promise, Bobby will be in the next chapter and he will get what is comeing to him!
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