“We have received word that Magneto has come back into his abilities,” Emma stated once the team was securely inside the briefing room. “It seems the cure is only temporary and he has been recruiting members for a new Brotherhood. He is at this time in Nevada, attacking the Area 51 sight, claiming that there are mutants that are being held their. It seems that the area was reconstructed to act as a prison for criminal mutants. From what we can gather, Magneto is upset about the segregation.”

“It’s understandable why he is upset,” Psylocke stepped in. “But, at the same time, it is also understandable why this was a necessity. Some of these mutants are very dangerous and must be kept in a prison equip for their different abilities. While other’s who aren’t as dangerous are there because their physical mutations would force them to endure the dangers of being incarcerated in a more traditional prison.”

“But isn’t it possible that the more powerful mutants would show the same animosity toward those less powerful?” Kitty asked. Rogue wanted to snort. That issue was besides the point and everyone knew it. They weren’t their to discuss and debate the prison’s facilities and the way the government ran it.

She felt an arm snake around her waist, and she looked up to see Logan standing beside her. She let her mental block down just enough to read his thoughts, and wanted to laugh when it was clear he was thinking the same thing. Kitty was an overachieving idiot.

“It’s actually run extremely well, with the more dangerous population kept on the one side, while the rest or on the other,” Emma interjected, eyeing Kitty reproachfully. “It’s actually better than many of the more conventional prisons. Cleaner, better food. The government there is making sure that these people are being treated decently, mainly because it’s where they keep all of their criminal mutants and that they understand that most of the offences were out of desperation, such as petty theft, breaking an entry, and repeated trespassing.”

“To get us all back on track,” Psylocke said quickly, reigning in everyone’s attention again. “We have reason to believe that this is just a cover for his real motives. It seems that an ally of his is incarcerated here. Someone all of you might remember well.”

The large computer screen blinked to life behind her and everyone was staring into the face on Pyro.

“We weren’t sure he had even survived the assault on Alcatraz until a week ago, when he was picked up at a casino in Las Vegas. He was taken into custody and sent directly to the facility, pending trial next month. We believe that Magneto intends to free him in the early morning when the prison does their shift change at 6am.”

It was now a quarter to three. There would be no time to waist to prepare for the fight that was to come.

“Wolverine and Storm,” Emma said sharply. “You will both be needed on this one. Magneto doesn’t have very many followers yet, due to the blunder he orchestrated on Alcatraz, but those who are with him are very powerful. Iceman, Colossus, Shadowcat, and Beast will accompany you, as will Psylocke. You are going to need all the help you can get and there are a few prisoners who are willing to help you. They are all incarcerated for one reason or another, but you biggest ally will be a Northern American by the name of James Proudstar, also known as Warpath. His abilities are superhuman strength and super speed.”

The image flickered again, and an image of a rather dark, imposing man with long black hair came on the screen.

“What was he incarcerated for?” Bobby asked, eyeing the picture angrily.

“Well, to be perfectly honest, he is being charged with rape.” Emma looked from one person to the next, waiting for someone to make a noise. “We believe that he is innocent. First of all, the girl only claimed rape after it was discovered that he was a mutant. They had been sleeping together for over a month. Secondly, when apprehended, Warpath did not try to fight his way out and did not try to escape. He went quietly, stating only that he was innocent. His trial should have started a month ago, but the state of Nevada has been having a hard time finding a jury. His brother, John Proudstar, has agreed to meet you there to devise a plan. John shares the same abilities as his brother, only on a smaller level.”

“How did you get this information?” Storm asked quickly, taking the conversation on another path before tempers could rise.

“Warpath is an old acquaintance of mine. When Pyro came in, they were roomed together. Pyro wasn’t being very bright and tried to recruit the him for the cause, letting him in on the entire plan. He was able to get word to his brother earlier today, and I had just gotten off the phone with John before I called you all here.”

“Do we have a plan?” Logan asked gruffly, his hold on her becoming tighter as everyone turns their attention to them.

She couldn’t help but note that the only one’s in the room who were not surprised were the psychics and Pitor. While most were just shocked, she noticed a twitch of anger in Bobby’s expression.

“Actually, I was hoping that you and Storm could come up with that. That is your area of expertise,” Emma said with a smile. “Rogue, I called you here also because I am going to need your help tonight. While the rest of the team is out, I am asking you and Jubilee here to help with surveillance. I believe you are up to the task. Unless you have another opinion?”

Rogue was just overjoyed to be allowed to do something, she could only shake her head in agreement.

“Then it’s settled. Everyone suit up and get ready. You will have to leave within the next 20 minutes if you are going to devise a plan with the Proudstar’s.”


He didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to leave her behind incase something happened here, but he knew he had to be there. The team needed him.

Quickly, he suited up, running to meet her in the landing dock before it was time. He had seen the worry in her eyes and he had to reassure her that he would be fine.


She heard him walk into the giant room and ran into his arms. She was still wearing her dress, but had taken off her shoes sometime ago, and now she could feel the cold floor beneath her bare feet. Her lips met his in a hard kiss, and they spent the next moment in each other’s embrace, tears streaming down her face as they devoured each other.

She pulled away reluctantly, hiding her face in the leather of his uniform.

“It’s going to be alright, Darlin. I’ve always come back before,” he whispered into her hair. “There’s only one thing that we know of that can kill me. And that’s you.”

“Stop trying to make jokes, Logan. Just promise me that you will be careful, please. I can’t lose you now.”

“I’ll be careful. I promise. Now tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Logan.”

“I love you, too, Marie.”

They kissed again, and that’s what they were doing when the rest of the team entered the dock.

Marie was reluctant to pull away, a sensation that something big was on the horizon.
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