Author's Chapter Notes:
Introducing Emma Frost and her plans to help Rogue.
“You’re not upset that I didn’t come sooner, are you?” She asked as she sat down on the comfortable leather couch. It was familiar, the same on she used to sit on during her conversations with the professor after she was forced to take on Erick’s thoughts and personality. She liked to believe that her connection with the older man was a little more special than the others. Sure, Storm and Jean were like his daughters, and Scott was his second in command, but Erick had been his best friend for a long time, and she was able to fill that void in his heart. This couch was the first thing that felt like home since she awoke.

“Don’t even think of worrying about it, Marie. Can I call you Marie?” She gestured with her hand, hoping for an invitation.

“No.” She said it without thinking, her jaw snapping shut. Her mother had taught her better than that, and, judging by the look on Ms. Frost’s and Scott’s faces, they were just as shocked as she was. “I’m sorry. It’s just that no one calls me Marie anymore. It’s just Rogue now.” But that was a lie, and Scott knew it. HE still called her by her given name, but she pushed those thoughts aside.

“I understand, Rogue, no need to apologize. And it’s perfectly reasonable for you to feel the way you do. You’ve been through a lot.” Ms. Frost smiled, making her seem a little like a child. Rogue couldn’t help but wonder about how young she was, anyway. With her white blond hair and clear blue eyes, she didn’t seem young enough to be the head of a school. A student, maybe even a teacher, but not the big boss.

“Thank you for noticing. I’m actually only 26, two years young than Scott.” Her smile became a little wider, and Rogue couldn’t control the blush that colored her cheeks.

“You were listening?” rogue raised an eyebrow questioningly. She wasn’t sure about living under a roof with a telepath without scruples.

“Normally, I don’t, but I must with you at this time, just to be on the safe side. And please, call me Emma. I am way too young so be thought of as a Ms.” Of course she had to listen. How else would she be able to know Phoenix wasn’t around before it was too late? “Oh, don’t get me confused with those you are used to, Rogue. If I don’t listen, it has nothing to do with your privacy. Anyone else, for that matter. You, of all people, can understand the devastating results of hearing a group of peoples voices in your head all day long. It just gets too confusing. And, besides, I don’t need to hear some peoples thoughts to know what they really think of me. Actions speak louder than words.”

She could agree with that. She was starting to realize just who gave a damn and who didn’t. Just take into consideration who really cared about what she had done to save them. Not even so much as a stem, much less a flower in her room. But she pushed that away. It was something to think about later. Right now, she was surrounded by people who seemed to care.

“Now, to start with, I must offer my gratitude to you for what you did. You saved us all. Who knows what would have happened if you hadn’t stopped Phoenix. We would probably all be dead, and she would be moving on to start on her next little project. Humanity and mutant kind owes you their lives, each and everyone.” Her voice was sincere, and, suddenly, Rogue felt a little guilty and shy at the same time.

“I didn’t do it for you or any of them. I must admit, it was more of a selfish act. To save someone from himself before he did something that would through him over the edge of insanity. But thank you, although I don’t really deserve it.” She didn’t want to think about it, and she hoped that Emma would drop the subject.

“Who did you do it for, then, Rogue? I understand your hesitance, but, believe me, it would be useful to know. Phoenix will use it against you, given the chance.”

“I am sure about that, but I would like to keep that to myself for now.” She wouldn’t elaborate and Emma wouldn’t push her. It was time to discuss what would be happening over the next few months. “How are we going to go about making sure that Phoenix won’t make another appearance?”

Emma took a deep breath, sitting back in her chair again. “Well, first thing I must do is help you develop stronger barriers. That shouldn’t take anymore than a few days if you work hard at it. But, with that, it will block your mind from everyone else. Those voices in your head and telepaths alike. It will be crucial, though. But you must come to me the moment you feel Phoenix coming alive because even I will not be able to get past those blocks.”

“I understand.”

“After that, if you allow me, we will have to find a way to help you control your natural mutation, along with those you have acquired along the way.”

“Why wouldn’t I want that?”

“Because it would mean that we, you and me together, will have to sift through your thoughts and memories, and figure out what happened to you that would keep you from finding the control.” Emma sat forward, her eyebrows furrowed. Rogue could now see how she could be in charge of a school. She had a feeling that Emma Frost was a force to be reckoned with and one that might be a little easy to provoke, given the chance. “I have met with many mutants through out the years. There are many that I have met without any control, but all of those were physical mutations or were unable to due to a childhood trauma. Take Scott for example. The only reason that he cannot control his optical laser is due to a plane crash he was involved in only a year before his mutation manifested. He hit his head. There was no sign of a physical trauma until he blew the roof off of the school he was at while attending a dance. There should be no reason why you cannot control yours.”

“And the other mutations?” She could understand what Emma was saying about her natural abilities, but what about everything else?

“Yes. You retain the memories, voices, personality of all those you have come into contact with. Basically, you carry a piece of each person inside of you. There is no reason why you should not be able to access their abilities, also. You have to figure out how, though. This control will help you become stronger and more stable. Stability is what you need more than anything. Physical strength will not help you deal with this.”

It dawned on her then. Something she should have realized even before this conversation started. And it hit her like a ton of bricks. “You won’t purge her from me, will you?”

“No.” Emma sighed, her face becoming saddened as she broke eye contact with Rogue, shifting her sight to Scott. “She’s too strong, and I am afraid that if I try, it will awaken her before you are ready. But, with time and a little luck, we might be able to do it together. When you are strong enough. That will take some time.”

She let a full minute go by as she let the disaster sink in. This was going to take everything she had, and she might not have her sanity when it was over. She looked from Emma to Scott, thankful for his support, even if he hadn’t said anything the entire time. Just him physically being there was more than anyone else had done. Taking his gloved hand into her bare one, she looked back to Emma. “When do we get started?”


He waited in her room, waiting for her. He had seen her and Scott go into Xavier’s old office to meet with the Frost woman. He didn’t really have any qualms about the woman. Actually, he was becoming quiet happy with the fact that she was there, even if there were others who weren’t. He wasn’t sure why, but he got the distinct impression that both Storm and Beast weren’t very thrilled that she was there. But she was there to help Rogue, and that made her a good friend to him. The others could kiss his ass and better make sure Frost was comfortable while she was here. Nothing would keep Rogue from getting the help she needed. The help the others couldn’t provide.
Chapter End Notes:
Next chapter: Logan and Rogue have it out!!!!!!!!!!!
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