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Not sure about this chapter, but it was needed.
He felt the blast behind him, but could do nothing to dodge the debris. He was still screaming as he felt his skin begin to tear. The pain was more than he could stand and he fell into the sweetness of unconsciousness.


She held him tighter as he slipped away. She wouldn’t let him go. She was too angry, too hurt. She couldn’t control it. Something inside her snapped. She could feel the metal inside of him, feel its hum, its song. Oh, it was a beautiful tune. One full of promise and friendship. A song full of the love she had wanted from her fiends, but was rejected. She pulled harder as the song became sweeter. She wanted to surround herself with it, and she accomplished this just as she felt Emma’s mind touch her own.


They stared with the awe only gained by terror as Logan’s body suddenly dropped from the air, open wounds covering every inch of his body. Blood pooled around him, even as he began to slowly heal before their eyes. His once white shirt was completely soaked in blood, changing it to a crimson color. Scott stepped forward, dragging his body out of harms way, shocked by how noticeable light it was.

Emma entered the room, slowly walking toward where Rogue now sat, in the middle of a circle made of twisted metal. She was on her knees, touching each piece with in reach, seeming mesmerized by the cold steel before her. She didn’t even notice when Emma crouched before.


“What did I do, Emma? What did I do to him? I…” Rogue gasped then, and Emma realized that she was mesmerized by the metal, but shocked.

“Rogue, what were you feeling when this happened? What were you doing?” Emma asked slowly, motioning towards the door for everyone watching to leave. Storm and Jubilee quickly helped to get the children away, some taking the hit better than those who had to be gently pushed. But one person stood back, wanting to see what happened. “What were you thinking?”

“I was angry. Not just at him. I was angry at everyone, but I began to take it all out on him. Everything. I said things that… I don’t know what I said.” She didn’t feel angry anymore. All she felt now was numb, but that would change, once the shock was over, she was sure about it. “I don’t know what happened. I remember him leaving and I said something about Jean to him. After that… well, I don’t know. It was like my mind was pushed aside, and, suddenly, I had no control. Was it…?”

“Yeah,” Emma replied softly, nodding her head. She had been afraid of something like this. “Phoenix. This was the reason I wanted you to be left alone completely. I was afraid that something like this was going to happen. He will live, though he will be out of commission for awhile. We just have to be thankful that it wasn’t someone with a healing power.” Rogue was again looking at the metal, and Emma slowly shifter her gaze to the front door, shooting an angry glare at the young man who was still standing there. If Bobby had come in here to do what he had promised himself he would do, he probably wouldn’t be breathing right now.

“Tell him to go away, please. Tell him I know, and that right now might not be the best time to tell me about Kitty.” Rogue spoke softly, not breaking her stare. Emma hadn’t realized that Rogue knew he was standing there, even though she still had their minds connected. “I don’t think I could control it again if he spoke to me now.”

“You heard her.” And he was gone, off to thank his lucky ass that he was still alive, no longer angry that he hadn’t been allowed to see her when she awoke.

-Can you hear my thoughts, Rogue?-

-Of course, can’t you hear mine?-

-Only those you allow me to hear. Do you feel Phoenix inside of you?-

-I feel everyone. Everyone I ever touched is in here. Bobby… St. John… Erick… Logan. Jean. I can feel Phoenix, too. She’s not the same as Jean, a completely different entity in her own right. They were both different people, sharing a body. She’s sleeping, now, though. Resting. I think it took a lot out of her to use Magneto’s abilities. It’s been a long time since Cody is the loudest, right now. He can’t understand what has happened. It’s never been like this before. No one has ever actually tried to take control, not with this much strength.-

-But they have before? Which ones?-

-Bobby never has. I think it was because when it happened, he knew it was a possibility. So, that piece of him was resigned to just sitting pretty. St, John… well, he tried for a second, but that was just because of the anger he felt. Once we all calmed down, he just kind of hung back with Bobby. Jean hasn’t. I think she understands, at least a little. Cody’s always been too confused, and just decided to go with the flow. Erick knew exactly what was going to happen, and since he didn’t actually want to take me over completely, he watches mostly, wondering what will happen. I think it was apart of him, at the end, that did this. Just because he misses the feeling.-

-And what about Logan? Has he ever done anything?-

“No.” She spoke this time, pushing Emma completely from her head. She didn’t want to hear anymore inside. “Not because he wanted control. We talked a lot, inside. When he was gone and I was left behind because of my skin. There were things that I wasn’t allowed to do, like swimming. Anything that would have some kind of contact. So, he was my companion when no one else would be. He would push forward, though, if he felt that I wasn’t doing a good job of sticking up for myself. Used to be right there, in my head, talking all the time. I got really good at ignoring most of his comments about people. Anything to make me smile. Now, he’s just quiet. I can feel him. He’s watching, closely. Same as the others. I guess Phoenix destroyed your walls, didn’t she?”

“Yes, and it seemed she helped you figure out how to build your own.” Emma knew that it was in poor taste, but she had to say something. She had never been one known for tact. “Now we can go through and see if we can’t find the key you need to unlock you control. Once you get control of your skin, we can start trying to control the other abilities, and, with time, Phoenix.”

“May I go and see how Logan is, first? I want to check on him, and then I have a few things to think about.” She was still glancing at the metal, and Emma got the feeling that this could have gone better if she had killed someone.
Chapter End Notes:
What happened to Marie, and is her relationship with Logan going to survive this?
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