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The rest of the explanation...
She pulled back quickly, realizing that there was nothing to protect him from her. She didn’t want to take anything more from him, didn’t want to hurt him again. But they had held onto each other for a full minute at least, and nothing. Not even a drop. She could hear his thoughts, realizing that he was projecting, and he was just as confused as her. Could she have already gotten control already? So soon?

Slowly, Rogue reached out and touched his chest, gently at first, with just the tips of her fingers, before laying her full palm on his skin. Nothing. She concentrated somewhat, such as she would do when she was trying to block out one personality or another. She felt it, very slightly at first, but the more she concentrated, the more she could feel it. She wanted to stop, and began to concentrate a little more. It stopped with more ease than it took to start.

“Rogue?” Logan whispered slowly, not sure if it wasn’t too much for her. “Are you…”

“I’m fine. I just, I never realized that the one little memory could control everything. Why is that?” She looked from Emma to Psylocke, who smiled at her in response.

“The only thing that we can fathom is that by unlocking that memory, we were able to help you unlock your natural ability to control,” Psylocke explained patiently. “I have a theory that, because of what that man did to you when you were a child mixed in with the memories that were erased later on and the fact that they were erased kept you from learning control.”

“What my colleague is trying to say is that because of the loss of those memories and that they weren’t self-suppressed,” Emma said, taking over while throwing a dirty look at Psylocke, “when your mutation manifested, it may have manifested around the missing information.”

Logan still looked a little confused, but Rogue’s eyes lit up with understand. She smiled before taking a deep breath. “So, it’s like I subconsciously knew something bad happened, but couldn’t remember what. So when I became a mutant, I couldn’t learn control because I didn’t know what that was. Now that I know, I can use my mutation to protect myself.”


“What did I miss?” Logan asked, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his right thumb and index finger. “What are you talking about?”

None of them realized that Logan hadn’t been in the room when everything came back to her. They weren’t sure if it was best they knew.

“Something that happened to a sad little girl many years ago. A memory that someone hid for protection.” Rogue whispered, grabbing his hand again. “Something that probably wouldn’t be wise to think about right now, but that I will tell you about when the time is right.”

"Rogue?" Emma whispered softly, stealing back her attention. "It's not time to celebrate, yet. We still need to get you ready for Phoenix."
Chapter End Notes:
I know, much shorter than the others, but I really want to get on with this story before it starts to get too long to enjoy. Up next: Bobby is an idiot!!!!!
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