Rogue literally had to shake herself out of her daydreams…hmm memories really of her and Logan together
She marched up to her door determined to be clear minded and anti-Logan occupied when she saw her friend off for summer break.

Rogue opened up the door to revel an ever perky Jubilation Lee ready and waiting. She looked like someone who was Florida bound, covered head to toe in her classic yellow coat, sunglasses already in place and gum popping away, rogue knew she’d be perfectly at home in the sunshine state. Shutting the door behind her together Rogue and Jubilation walked down the halls until they reached the stair case and skipping down the stairs, because Jubes was definitely running off the after affects of a sugar rush. Rogue looked around her on the clear Westchester summer day.

The main gates were about 100 feet from the property and Rogue could see shiny black limousines pulling up the front of the mansion. Scott was nowhere to be seen, but that wasn’t a surprise. He kept to himself, quite, and he wasn’t up much in the morning anymore…although Rogue had never considered 10:30am the morning it’s more of the descent into brunch time.

“Oh Jubes, I’m gonna miss you!”

Rogue threw her arms around Jubes knowing full well that Jubilation would never be scared of her mutation. The younger girl hugged her back and promised to write, call and send pictures of all the hot men she saw regularly on the beach.

“Chika, are you sure you don’t want to come? Plenty of sun, lots of time to relax a little bit of beach side nooky?”

Jubes wriggled her eyebrows and Rogue could see them almost shooting into her hairline under her sunglasses.

“Aw Jubes, I’m lookin forward to stayin in the mansion without having everyone here, it’ll be nice break.”

Truth be told Rogue had a nice size of Logan left in her head and she couldn’t help still being a bit of a loner. She was unexplainably excited about being able to stay in one place and not be bothered by groves of people, specifically what the Logan in her kept referring to as, ‘a bunch of runts with nothing better to do.’ Speaking of which, Rogue craned her neck carefully scanning the front yard of the mansion, looking for a certain someone in particular, where was Logan?

“Uh-huh, sure Roguey, I’m sure it has nooooooooothing to do with the idea of being stuck alone in a mansion with limited people and big ol’ Wolvie to keep you warm at night.”

Rogue look down a little abashed, sure she wanted Logan. I mean how could she not? Not only had she carried a torch for him for a long time and not only was the man so drop dead gorgeous that he was sex personified walking and talking in tight, tight, TIGHT jeans, BUT on top of that Rogue knew what it felt like to be brought to the threshold of ecstasy by Logan and then….well she looked down blushing.

Rogue looked around again and this time she spotted Logan, Storm, Kurt, Hank, and the newly rejuvenated Professor Xavier. When Jean had killed the Professor, his body had disintegrated, but not his mind. In fact it wasn’t until the X-men met up with a powerful psychic mutant, named Emma Frost, that they were able to pick up on what she referred to as Professor Xavier’s psychic residue, which lingered around the property. It happened in a long about drawn out way but with the help of Emma they were able to take Professor Xavier’s active brainwaves and transplant them into the body of a brain dead man, who had been in a coma for nearly a decade. Now they had a new Professor Xavier, although the outside world still perceived him to be deceased.

Logan was hugging Storm good-bye and Rogue had never envied the weather goddess more in her entire life. Kurt was wagging his blue tail impatiently and mumbling something, but Rogue was too far to hear. She watched as Storm and Kurt climbed into the car, followed by the first group of their graduating class, Class Mutation. Then she watched Logan pick up a heavy, heavy case of what could only have been Storm’s luggage and saw his muscles ripple beneath his tight white wife beater. You just knew it was a fancy occasion when the man saw fit to wear a shirt.

“Ugh, look at you Rogue! I’m not even gone yet and you can’t stop walking into Wolverine Land-c’mon lady! Rogue, raise your right hand! Right now!”



“ATTENT-HUT!” Rogue mock saluted but kept her right hand raised.

“I, Rogue,”

“I, Rogue,” the words came out in a bored and monotone voice.

“Having forsaken all hopes of a fun vacation in the sun,” Jubilee smirked popping her gum.



“Jesus, having forsaken all hopes of a fun vacation in the sun…”

“Promise not to spend my entire time here chasing after Mr. Moody-pants trying to get into his fuzz filled little boxers.”

“Jubilation! Keep your voice down! The wind shifts and he hears you I’m going to die of embarrassment while you sulk off to sunny Florida!”

Rogue looked up, hoping desperately that Logan wasn’t starring in her direction. No such luck, strong hazel eyes were locked on her and Logan was watching with intense interest as she and Jubilation exchanged words.

“Jubilation! He’s starring at us.”

“Oh please, he is not.”

Jubilation took a minute to look over to where Logan was standing and confirming that he was indeed staring at them she handled the situation with her classic subtlety.

“Oh hey he is,” throwing an exaggerated hand in the air and sending out some small sparks Jubilee began waving incessantly,


“Oh my ghad, Jubes you better get in the car before I kill you!”

“You know you love it,” and she winked impishly at Rogue before resuming her waving.

“Ok, well BYE Jubes! Have a great vacation!”

Rogue was goading her friend into the car trying to end this sticky situation.

“Alright chica, be safe, be careful, use a condom and above all don’t forget-”


Bobby and Kitty Pryde stood behind them waiting patiently for their turn to say good-bye to Rogue. Bobby and Kitty each hugged her and Bobby told her she could call him anytime. Even though Rogue and Bobby hadn’t dated for a long while now he had encouraged close lines of communication. She nodded to him sweetly and then watched as they each got into their assigned limos. One more quick hug from Jubes and Kitty and one sparky,

“Gotta go!”

courtesy of Jubes who left a kiss of tiny sparks shimmering in the air that she blew to Rogue from inside the limo. The limo began to pull away just as Jubilation rolled down the window the blow Rogue the kiss and Rogue laughed as she watched Kitty, who sat next to Jubes roll her eyes. Rogue saw a hand waving at her from the first Limo, she knew right away it was Kitty's, mainly due to the fact that this particular hand was waving through the window not out of it.Rogue watched as her entire class headed off to sunny Florida as the limos pulled away from the mansion, heavy tires making a grating noise as their rubber rolled over the crushed gravel of Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

Rogue noticed the remaining teachers as they walked into the house including Logan, who eyed her from the other end of the front yard. Rogue didn’t follow them though; she had no intention of starting off her free time cooped up in the house. Instead she opted to walk around in the garden for a little bit.

She walked the steady length of the property, marveling like she always did at the vast amount of it. She finally found her way into the backyard, which could hardly be called a backyard because it was grander than any back area she had ever seen. The tree’s were thick and sturdy and seemed to reach up 1,000 miles into the sky and the flowers were lush and in bloom scenting the area for a good 5 minutes in any direction. Rogue sat down on the soft dewy grass, she leaned back on her shoulders and let the sun kiss her face as she closed her eyes. She didn’t hear anything, no noise, no screaming, no recreational activities as various mutants ran around the property. The grounds were quite and a peaceful silence drifted heavily over Rogue just blissful silence.
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