Story Notes:
Kinda stupid, but it's short so we'll find out more in the next chapter.
Maria was bouncing off the wall because she finnally found her parents. Rogue still couldn't beleive it. How could her and Logan have a kid?
"Rogue, you alright?" Logan asks from across the room.
"Huh, oh I'm fine sugah!" she said with a thick southern accent.
They hear glass breaking in the hallway. Logan goes to investigate.
"Sorry, I accidently broke the window when I span around!" Maria said.
"It's okay." Logan said with a sigh.
Maria looks at the glass and picks a piece up with her hand. She wishes that she could fix the window and make it a lot better. Suddenly the glass flies back into place, yet it's not the same the glass changes colors until a beautiful picture shows on it.
"How'd you do that?" Logan asked his daughter.
"I don't know!" Maria says.
"She didn't do it." someone says behind them.
To Be Continued
Chapter End Notes:
Who is it???
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