Author's Chapter Notes:
~Side note: Rogue will be out of character from her and on out. Alot of drama and maham will result. And if there are any Jean fans, from on out she will be painted as a b**** and the villen. Sorry. and to all Rogue/Logan fans, they will get together, but as the title says Lust=Betrayal and Logan wont learn what he had until it's gone.......NOW READ ON!!!!! LOL~
Releasing a breath, she entered the kitchen and froze. "What's going on?"

Turning around and smiling, Jean flipped her hair out of her face. "Storm thought I needed another fitting to make sure the dress wasn't too tight." Giving a twirl and admiring it in the length size mirror, she sighed in content. "What do you think? Should I have the him in the back taken in more or out?"

Glimpsing it, Rogue felt a lump in her throat. As she moved to answer, a flash of her and Logan in the hall played in her head. Gasping, she felt her heart fastened its tempo. Eyes going wide, she felt faint.

Placing down the needle pins, Storm frowned. "Rogue? Are you alright?"

Blinking rapidly, she tried to move her mouth, but nothing came out. Before she could call out for help, her knees buckled and darkness claimed her.

"Are you sure, Hank?"

Nodding the massive blue furred man sighed. "Yes, Proffessor. It would seem that she had some sort of a panic attack." He voiced, looking at the young woman sleeping on the med table. "Whatever it is that caused it, is sure to return unless she addresses it."

"Is it possible that she was stressed about the exams and prom?"

"I highly doubt it."

Rolling near his student and frowning, Xavier folded his hands in his lap. "Why would you say that?"

"Rogue is about top of her class with Kitty and Bobby. She has nothing to worry nor stress over. So, I would conclude that it would have to do with something that has recently occured."

Nodding and placing a hand on her temple, the Proffessor sighed. Rolling over to the chart on the table and reading it, he frowned. "It would seem that she has found the mansion's latest scandal, last night."

"You mean Jean and Logan?" Hank voiced.


Sharing the look of sympathy that crossed his face, Hank shook his head. "I think we found the cause of her stress."

Nodding as the class continued to do drills, Logan frowned at the two females leaning against the wall.

"I know chicka, but it ain't the same." Jubilee stated, folding her arms. "What's the use of going shopping without her?"

"But we need dresses for the prom and..." Going silent, Kitty gave the man stalking over a hesitant smile. "Hi Mr. Logan."

Raising an eyebrow, he growled. "Why aren't you two doing the drills?"

"We uh....We..." Nudging Jubilee, she gave her a pointed look.

"Well, we're one man down for this exercise and thought we pay our respects for a fallen teammate." She calmly stated.

"Where is Rogue?"

"She's in the med wing. She passed out earlier." Kitty replied, as she eyed Bobby body slam his partners.

Nodding he scanned the others. "Go join the new brats. Now."

Sighing and grabbing a pouting Jubilee, Kitty led the way.

Watching as they partnered up with the new students, Logan frowned. The class was about at it's end and he now just realized the kid was missing. Something was truely wrong with him. Hell, he probably shouldn't have went three rounds with Jeany and snuck in another in the shower.

Rubbing his face and promising himself to stop by and see the kid, he returned to his job at hand.

Thanking Hank for caring for her, Rogue slowly came to her feet and exited.

As she walked down the titanium walls, she felt a mental push for her to go left. Turning and entering the briefing room, she gave a small smile.


Turning away from the computer, he motioned her over. "Hi my dear. You are feeling better, I take it?"

Nodding she glimpsed the screen. "What's this?"

"Ah, this is the reason that I wished to see you."

Pushing a button on the keyboard, it revealed another school similar to the one upstairs. "This is a school for the gifted as well and it is led by a friend of mine. Her name is Emma Frost, and she as well is a telepath."

Seeing the pictiure of the platnium blond, Rogue gave a small nod. "What does this have to doe with me, Proffessor?"

"I was thinking of transfering you over to the school over in Europe."


Sighing, he faced her. "I know what happened to you earlier, as well as what caused it."

Looking down, she fell silent.

"I know that you do not wish to speak of it and I know of the pain that it is causing your being. I simply do not wish for you to be harmed or a repeat of what occured, for it will no doubt get out of hand."

"I'll be fine."

Releasing a breath, he hated what he was going to say next. "I know that you care very deeply for Logan and have for a very long time. Add the affair that her is having with Jean and your recent antics over it, you will no doubt have a melt down. I do not wish for that to happen, but I fear that may occur if you stay here longer."

"But the wedding will make them stop and..."

Holding up his hand, he frowned. "They have no intention of stoping what is to come, Rogue. They are in the throws of lust and will not stop for nothing. At the end of the day and all that has yet to occur , will eat away at your heart and you will be left hurt and a shell of your past self. Tell me, is that a way to live?"

Opening her mouth to reply, the image of Jean and Logan popped back in her mind. Placing her hand to her chest that was beating with the rhythem of a tide pool, she closed her eyes and eased her mind. After a minute, she opened her eyes and found sad brown hues staring at her.

"I do not want an answer now. Think on it and when you are ready, I shall make all the prepreations."

Giving a small nod, Rogue walked away with a heavy heart.
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