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This chapter continues the drama, but I decided to stick to the movies, yet I changed them. Just a heads up. and thanks for reading.
~Chapter6 ~

Looking down at the country that greeted her, a small smile graced her face. "I always wanted to travel."

Landing and entering the airport ten minutes later, she sighed. Looking around for the sign and man that was to be waiting, she paused as she saw her large black letters. Walking over and entering the throng of people, she paused at the rather tall and large man.

"You are Rogue, are you not?" His thick accent sounded.
Nodding and shaking his hand, she could only gawk at him.

"I'm Caro and I'm from Romainia. I have a growth inbalance that adds to why I am the size I am." He casually explained, as he took her bags and led her about.

Blushing, she looked down. "I'm sorry for staring. I just..."

"I'm use to it." He stated as they exited. Placing the bags in the trunk and opening the door for her, they soon were on the road.

Once they left the terminal and exited the freeway, she gawked at her surroundings. Taking it all, she smiled. "Is it always like this?"

Nodding, he made a left. "Yes."

"The humans don't bother you?"

"No. This rather large town, is very known for the mutants that take refuge here. Believe it or not, we kind of have our own government, that is ruled by mutants that help punish them. I know it sounds crazy, but the police would rather leave it to us, do to many of their numbers declining, as they tried to retreive a mutant criminal."

Eyeing him, she raised an eyebrow. "What's your mutation?"

Smirking and coming to a red light, he raised his hand and motioned to the lush green grass before her. Opening her mouth to speak, a rose blossomed.

"What's your name?" Pausing, she faced him. "I mean your code name."

Laughing, the light changed."Majestic, for I am hugh and larger than life, as well with gifting beautiful life."

"I like it."

Smiling and heading through a set of iron gates, he nodded. "I am pleased. And by the way, welcome to Frost Manor, where all are equal and never treated less."

Raising an eyebrow, she shook her head. "Were you told to
say that?"

Nodding, he continued up the gravel to the garage and parked. "Yeah. Emma tends to be greatly offended when her welcome ain't given properly."Exiting and walking around the car and opening the door, they headed for the mansion.
Just as he moved to use his key, it opened and revealed a stunning woman, with a warm smile.

"Thank you Majestic, I shall take it from here."

Giving a nod and a goodbye to Rogue, she was soon left
alone with her new makeshift Xavier.
Groaning and sitting up, he rubbed his head. "What happened?"

Frowning, Hang eyed him. "You mean aside from the fact that you've been sharing close quarters and consumated a child with Jean?" He voiced, clearly angered.

Droping his hand, Logan frowned. "Consumated? Child? What the hell are you going on about, doc'?"

Sighing, he took a seat in the chair beside him. "It would seem, as you and Jean were making like bunnies, you two decided to make a third."

Words rolling around in his head, he gasped. "She's pregnant?"

Halnk nodded.

"Well wonder boy should be happy."

Shaking his head, he doubted the man's smarts. Hell, with all muscle, he must don't have one. "Logan, in the time it took her to conceive, Scott was away on his latest mission. So, that only leaves..."

"Me." He mumbled, as he rubbed his face with suddenly sweaty palms.

Nodding and standing, the massive furball headed out.

"Where is she?"

"I think that she's with the Proffessor. He would like to speak with you, so go see him. Now."

Finding himself alone, Logan felt a sudden weight on his shoulders. Not only did his little escapades with Jean ruin a young woman's heart and about took her sainity, he would now be a father.

Shaking his head, he slid off the med table and headed for Xavier's office.
"I know that it is alot to take in, but we are not so different from Xavier and his school." Emma stated, as they walked the school grounds. "I would very much like for you to see Denmark as your home. Yes we have a team here that fights mutants and helps them, just as Xavier, but we have more of a freedom to be ourself here."

"What do you mean?" Looking over the gardens, she smiled.
Seeing the joy in her eyes, Emma sighed. "It's beautiful, isen't it?"

Nodding, she nelt and picked a flower. "Did Caro do all this?"

"Yes. To him, this is home. I cannot tell you how many times I find him sleeping or up late mending to it."
Settling on a bench, she sighed. "I wish to speak with you about the recent events that occured and led you to come here."

Frowning, Rogue folded her arms. "Didn't he tell you?"
"No and I rather he not. This is not something that he should tell. If I know, I want it to be from you."

"I...I found out that two of our teachers were sleeping together and I was thrown in the middle. I could've said something, but I chose not to. It caused me stress and my mutation was being effected by it, as well as my..."
Falling silent and pulling her sleeve up, tears welded in her eyes.

Standing and looking down at the marks, Emma frowned. "You cared so deeply for one of these indivisuals, that you took their deceit into yourself. And doing so, has not only caused you pain emotionally, but opened you to doing self harm. This is not the answer."

"I know, but it's so hard."

Raising an eyebrow, she eyed her. "This isen't the first time, is it?"

Pulling down her sleeve, she shook her head.

"When did this start?"

"After I ran away from home."

Nodding, she placed an arm around her and led her back towards the school. "This all steems back to your mutations and how it effected you. For you were a young lady who had it all and then in a blink of an eye, everything was taken away. That's alot to take on, as well as knowing that your human contact has made you keep distance from everything. That's understandable, but if you want help, you must be able to commit and give me one-hundred percent and beyond. Because if you are not willing to do so, you will fall back into self harm. So I need to know that you are willing to give your all."

Blinking and allowing tears to fall, she nodded. "I am. I really need help. I just....I didn't want to admit it before, but after all that happened, I need to stop
before it gets so bad that I actually take my life."

Pulling back and staring her in the eyes, her voice hardened. "You thought about taking your life?"
Looking down, Rogue hugged herself. "I...I'm not ready to talk about it yet."

Nodding, Emma opened the door for her. "Let me walk thorugh your new school schedule and show you to your room. Then we can discuss how we can go about helping you, as well as possibly geting you on the team that I have here."

Agreeing, the two entered the mansion.
Pushing the door and finding three pairs of eyes on him, he tensed.

"Please, take a seat." Xazvier called, as he bent over his desk.

Going towards the window and staring out, he gave a grunt.

"Okay, now that Logan has arrived, I think it's time that we discuss what has happened and what will be done." Turning, he gave the puffy eyed woman a sad smile. "I
know that you have always wanted children, but what do you want to do?"

"I don't know." Jean brokenly replied.

"Then think, because it's not just your life here we're taking about." Scott about growled.

Jumping, she faced him. "What do you want me to say? That I'll get rid of it?"


Gasping, she came to her feet. "I don't believe in abortions and I thought you felt the same."

"Well, that changed when you decided to carry the seed of that beast!"

Logan growled. "Who you calling a beast?"

Narrowing his eyes, Scott stood toe to toe with him. "You must be, to get someone else's wife pregnant. Not to mention, push a girl to almost self destruct."

Shuving him and watching as he went falling about, he growled. "Don't you dare bring Marie in this. I know what I did was wrong and not to mention the fact that I allowed her to resort to self mutilation, to cope with the stress and pain it was causing her." Watching as he righted himself, he started to visibly shake. "I don't need you nor anyone to tell me how much I fucked up. I'm the one who has to deal with knowing 'I' drove her to this. So shut the fuck up and mind ya' own business bub."

Turning, he faced Jean. "Whatever descison that you make, I will fully support it. I never thought of being a father but if it comes down to it, I will stand by your side."

Opening his mouth, Logan shot Scott a look.

"And don't worry. I won't touch nor be evolved with her
ever again. The only thing that will connect us, will be the child that she carries. If it's aborted, then I'm out of your hair." Looking towards the Proffessor, he sighed and rubbed his face. "I'm going for a run. If you need me..." Touching his temple, the rest went unspoken.

Receiving a nod, Logan moved for the door. As he opened it, he gave pause and glimpsed Jean. "When you make up your mind, let me know."

"I will."

And with that, he left to clear his head.
Placing the last of her clothes away, Rogue sighed.
"Bored, huh?"

Jumping and finding a short female in her doorway, she gave a small nod. "Yeah."

"Well, you should come down to the game room. That's the place to be, since Emma finally caved in and got it made...Wanna join me?"

Smiling, she nodded. "Sure." Closing her door, the two proceeded towards the steps.

"Oh, I'm Melody, but everyone calls me Gypsy." She calmly voiced, as they made a left and entered the living room. Heading for the next entrance, she frowned as a female waked over. "What do you want, Alice?"

Tilting her head, the blondish red head gave a mock fein of hurt. "Why everyting you see me, you think I want something?"

"Because you usually do."

Sighing, she moved to reply, but gave pause. "And who is this?"

"I'm Rogue."

Eyeing her, she turned and walked off. Confused, she looked towards Melody for an explanation.

"She's abit of a grouch and witch , if you know what I mean. She's really sweet, but she comes off like that at first until you get to know her."

Nodding, they entered the game room. Looking from the large flat screen tv to the multiple game systems strewn about, she smirked. But the one thing that caught her attention, was the pool table.

Following her gaze, Melody smiled. "I thought you would be one for the old arcade games that we have or the other game tables, but pool I didn't think you would like?"


"Well, you seem like the southern belles that I knew when I was in the states."

Frowning, Rogue hugged herself. "I was, before my mutation."

Nodding, she apologised.

"It's okay. Really. I would've never liked it, if it wasn't for me absorbing Logan's mem..." Closing her eyes and forcing the tears back, she frowned.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you remanence."

Releasing a breath, she forced a smile on her face. "Wanna play pool?"

Smirking, the two headed over for a game.
"How is she?"

"Better than can be expected." Emma calmly replied, as she watched Rogue and Melody become enthralled in their
game of pool.

"That's good to hear. I feared that after she left, she would remain cold and aloof."

"She is trying to keep her distance, but Melody won't let her. She is known for being over board, when she meet someone. But I actually see that Rogue likes her. I can see the two of them becoming very good friends."

Sighing, the man on speaker phone shifted through some papers. "That's good to hear. She will need a friend, for what's to come."

"So I take it that you know who will come for her, then?"
"No. The Proffessor thinks that it might be Magneto, but I doubt it. After what happened on Statan Island, he would need to rethink his plans."

Looking at the file before her, Emma frowned. "I think we may have given him an advantage, with the new change of scenery for the girl."

"What do you mean?"

"The one think that stood in his way from taking her was the X-Men, but most of all..."


"Exactly. So now that he isn't here, she's more fair game."

"We did not think of that. We needed her to leave, so she could heal. And I would say, she did just in time."

"What happened now?"

"It would seem that Jean is pregnant."


"My thoughts exactly. Well, we have alot to handle now, but if we find anything out about these people who want her, I will contact you."

Sighing, she smiled at the picture on her desk. "I will look forward to hearing from you. Oh, are we still on for later this month, Hank?"

Chuckling, she see the smile on his face. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Good. Talk to you later, my darling." Hanging up, she proceeded to leaf through the file before her.
Finishing up with his workout later then expected, Logan headed for the kitchen. Entering, he found himself with company. Ignoring the stare on his person, he retreived a beer out of the kitchen.

"You and Dr. Grey, was that why Rogue had to leave?"
Growling, he narrowed his eyes. "Look here popsickle, you don't know what happened and..."

"You're the reason she started to cut again." Bobby matter of factly stated.

Placing his beer down on the island, he eyed the boy. "What do you mean, 'again'?"

"She been cutting herself since she ran away from home."

"She told you that?"

Nodding, he sipped his soda.

Leaning on the counter, Logan folded his arms. "Did you know that she lo...cared for me?"

Laughing, Bobby about choked to death. "Are you kidding me? It wasn't like she exactly hid it or nothing. Everyone knew."

"If you knew, why did you date her?"

Frowning, he shook his head. "Because, I thought that I could get to know her."

"Then what went wrong?"


Raising an eyebrow, Logan smirked. "What I do?"

"After you left, me and her got really close, but then you stopped by to talk to the Proffessor. That two days you were here, changed everything. I didn't see her unless we had class together. She was always with you, in her spare time. Going for your morning runs, then stopping by to see how you were doing whenever she could. Not to mention the fact that you took her that last night you were here to a bar."

Looking down at his can of soda, Bobby gritted his teeth. "And when you left, she was a mute for about a week until you sent her a postcard and a gift when ever you could. The point I'm making is, that night you took her out to the bar and claimed she was your woman, so some guy wouldn't mess with her, she never had time for
no one else."

Gulping the last of his beer, Logan frowned. "I never knew the depth of her feelings, for me."

"She worshipped the ground you walked on. If anyone mentioned you in any ill manner, they had to answer to her." Locking gazes with him, Bobby smirked. "You should've been there, when she and Jean got into it."

"She almost got her arm broken?"

He nodded. "Yup and that was when all the sass in Rogue came out. You would've never thought her to be a southern belle. Especially when they started to duke it out."

Moving to demand what happened, Logan picked up an unknown scent. Motioning for the kid to duck, he moved on the side of the cabnet. Within a minute, a man dressed in all black, a mask, and gun in hand entered. Before he could be seen, he slipped behind him and thrusted his claws through his chest. Feeling him go limp, he slowly laid him on the ground.

"Who is he?"

Shrugging and popping his neck, his other claws came
free. "I don't know, but I'm going to find out."

Frowning down at the dead body, Bobby took up after him.
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