~Chapter 7~

Laughing as Melody and Alice argued over who would play her the next game, Rogue couldn't help but feel like her old self.

"I see you're finally enjoying yourself." Caro stated from his seat, where she stood.

Smiling she nodded. "I am."

"Thats good."

Watching as Alice took up her position and was readying the break the balls, all jumped at the sound of Emma's voice in the interscom speakers.

"Everyone return to your rooms right away and remain there, until further notice. All rescue teams and Rogue report to the briefing room."

Throwing the pool stick down and grumpling, alice along with the others sulked off.

"Follow me I'll take you to the briefing room." Caro stated as he stood.

Nodding, all soon exited.

Climbing into the elevator with him and six others, she sighed. Exiting, all turned and came to a large room. Taking a seat at the table, she followed Caro and claimed a seat near him.

"I have just been contacted by the X-Men and it would seem that they were under attack and need help." Emma calmly voiced.

"Is everyone alright?" Rogue demanded.

Shaking her head, she motioned to the screen behind her that came alive to reveal the mansion that loved as a second home, become over ran by what seemed like the government. Fires, small explosions, and shattered doors and windows were seen being broken into. But what made her gasp, was when she watched the children being taken. Spotting one that she knew, she felt tears threaten to fall.


Placing a hand on her back and watching as she jumped and shrank away from contact, Caro was confused.

"I was recently contacted by the select few X-Men that escaped. What we know now is, Jean, Storm and Scott was on a mission to retreive a mutant from Germany, but unfortuenly Professor Xavier was kidnapped. As for the rest...many have been captured and..."

"Logan? Is he..."

Emma shook her head. "No. "

Relaxing back in her chair, she listened and awaited further instructions.
Three Hours Earlier.....

"Stay put." Turning the corner and pulling the soldier that appeared to be on guard into the shadows, Logan proceeded to slit his neck. Once more placing him on the ground, he motioned for Bobbt to follow.

Climbing the steps, they didn't encounter anything, but suddenly, a screamn was sounded that turned into a siren then died out. And all at once, the mansion was covered with frightened students running and seeking refuge.

Entering the hall and running, Logan wasted no time as he
took life after life. As he turned the next corner, he froze as Kitty phased through him.

Pausing, she turned and revealed tears. "Mr. Logan?"

"Where's Jubilee?" He demanded, as he listened for more soldiers, as he led them down the hall.

"They took her. They shot her with some sort of darts and she was out. They tried to shoot me, but I phased through the wall."

Nodding, they came face to face with a group of children. Looking towards the large teen he knew, Logan frowned. "What happened?"

"I don't know. I was just heading down for a glass of water, but was attacked." Colosis voiced, as he shifted his hold on the girl in his arms. "I saved the students that I could but..." Falling silent, he frowned.

He gave the steel plated giante a pat on the shoulder. "You did good. Do you know a way out of here?"

Nodding, Colosis took off in a dash. Heading off the group of kids, Logan smelt fire. Pausing he reached into the shadows. "You waiting to die for something?" Shaking his head, John joined them, as they headed for the emergancy exit.

Coming to a wall, Colosis gave it a hard push with his arm and it opened. Entering and leading the kids, he led them to safety. Just as Logan moved to follow after Bobby and Kitty, he heard his dog tag numbers. Turning, he found an old man and four soldiers staring at him from down the hall.

"You look well, my friend. Wish I could say the same." The man voiced, smirking.

"Who are you?"

"I'm William Stryker and I'm the man that made you who you are today."

Gasping, he took a step, but found a thick ice block before them. Placing his hand on it, he frowned. "No! Take it down."

"No." Bobby stated, as he added to it.

"I said..."

"We need you Mr. Logan. Please." Kitty begged."

Seeing his unknown past before him, he was torn.

"If you don't come, we might be next."

Releasing a breath, he rushed in the man whole and into the tunnels. Navigating their way by his sense of smell of the steel plated man, he soon found them in the forest. Trying to pick up the scent again, he was at a loss. Sighing, he led the kids north, to an old bar where he could no doubt hot wire a car.

Taking a seat and starting up the jet, Scott frowned. "They are at Bobby's parents's house."

Nodding, Storm unbuckled her seatbelt and headed to their new passenger. Once he was done speaking in Germen, she took a seat beside him. "What were you just doing?"


She smiled. "You must have a strong faith, after all life has handed to you."

"You must, for if you do not, you will not overcome problems and your obsticles. They will control you and then, you shall struely be lost." His heavy accent sounded.

Frowning, Storm shook her head. "I lost my faith a long time ago and I'm not lost."

"You may think and feel that you are not lost, but truely you are."

"What makes you say that?"

Lifting his hand, he tapped her timple. "Your eyes. You have such pain and hurt there, that you are afraid to open up to another."

Blinking, she looked down as tears threatened to fall.

Turning back around in her seat, Jean looked to Scott. "I want to say that I'm sorry for all this and..."

"Sorry won't change the fact that you slept with Logan and now carrying his child."

Falling silent, she willed the tears that wanted to fall away.
Reentering the house, Logan frowned as popsickle froze his mother's tea. Watching as the younger brother ran upstairs, he rolled his eyes.

"I can do more than that." He calmly stated.

Giving a slow nod, his mother gave John a scared look as he continued to play with the lighter. Watching as the flame got bigger and shifted into the letter of a 'J', she about ran for the kitchen.

Walking pass and flipping the lighter closed, Logan gave him a pointd look, while he claimed a seat.

"This is a lovely home, you have." Kitty voiced, in attempts to lighten the mood.

"Why thank you." Pausing his mother eyed her. "If I may be so bold, what is your...power?"

Smiling, Kitty crossed her legs. "I can phase through objects."

"You mean walk through?" Her husband asked.

She nodded.

Frowning even more, she narrowed her eyes. "So you are the one that Senator Kelly spoke of that could walk into a bank and..."

"Yes, but she would never do that." Bobby defended.

"I'm sure she wouldn't, but what's to say that she..."

"Silence." Logan growled, as he stood and his claws popped free. Ignoring the remarks they gained, he walked to the front door and stepped on the porch. Turning, he sensed movement and found a cop to his right.

"Drop the knives and let the family go." He ordered.

"I can't. Their apart of me." He calmly stated as, the three kids came out to join him.

Instantly three police cars pulled up and six officers stood at the car aiming for them.

"Lay on the ground and keep your hands where I can see them."The officer stated, as he slowly walked and stood in the front, but still to their right. Watching as the teens did as asked, his gaze fixed on Logan. "Put the knives down, or I will be forced to shoot."

Growling he put his hand up and moved to speak, but the bullet that found home in his skull silenced that.

Watching as he fell to the ground, all three teens gawked.

Huffing, John pulled out his lighter and quickly came to his feet. Manipluating the flame, he aimed a fireball at the police officer who ducked for cover and shot two fireballs for the police cars.

Watching as the officers scrambled to get out of the way and the cars exploded, Bobby quickly made a decison. Standing and stretching his hand out, ice raced across the lawn and coated the cars successfully putting the fires out. Seeing Kitty come to her feet beside him and touch his hand incase John decide to play target practice at them next, none noticed a reawaking Logan.

Righing himself and rolling his shoulders, he eyed the officer who shot him. Sensing something above, he looked up and spotted the jet that slowly descended. Looking at the still gawking teens, he gave them a look and they rushed for their ride. Stepping free of the porch and growling that the officer, he was pleased as he jumped. Turning, he walked towards the jet.

Pausing just before entering, Bobby looked at the house and frowned, as he spotted his parents coddling his brother. Tearing his gaze away, he finally understood the home that he grew up in and ran through as a kid, was no longer such. Entering the jet and taking a seat next to Kitty, he frowned at the blue skinned man. "Who's he?"

"I am..."

"Kurt." Storm voiced, fearing he would launch into his rather lengthy explanation. "He's a friend."

Nodding, Logan looked at the coordinates. "Where are we going?"

"Denmark. With all that occured at the mansion, we need help." Jean replied, as she frowned from the look Scott gave her. Ignoring it, she pressed on. "There we have a... friend who heads the school there and they have agreed to help us."

Taking note of the way she said friend, no doubt she had some venomosity towards the person. Sitting back, Logan awaited for them to return to land. Closing his eyes, he preyed he didn't get sick agian.
Putting on the custom made team suite that Emma had made for her, brough a smile to her face. With the black leather pants that seemed more like rubber that gave a feminate flare at the bottom, she couldn't help but admire her legs. But what got her the most was the jacket. Underneath she wore a white tube top that revealed her rather nicely sculpted abs, if she do say so herself. The jacket zipped up, but onlu from the top of her stomach to the middle of her sternerm, where a nice section of her rounded clevege was revealed. The sleeves were the best though. Normally she would have to tear her clothes or strip out of her jacket to beable to use her mutation, but this time she had none, as biker fingerless gloves adorned her hands.

Grabbing her boots and slipping them on, she glimpsed herself in the mirror. Allowing her naturally curly and wavy hair to fall and frame her face, she smirked.

"If your done, let's go. They'll be here in minutes." Alice voiced, as she was applying her lip gloss.

Laughing and grabbing her hand and pushing Rogue on the back to leave, Melody sighed. "You two were admirring yourselves. You both got make-up on." She stressed as they entered the elevator.

Exiting a second later, Rogue sighed. "I never would do that before I just..."

"No need to apologise. We rubbed off on you."

Shaking her head at the blond, she frowned. Following all the other teams out towards the kitchen and through the double doors, they all walked the garden. Seeing a large metel gate with warning of electricity, Rogue gaped. "You have your own jet landing out in the open?"

Melody laughed. "Denmark supports us and we are part of the mutant police if you may." She explained, as they three shuffled through the teams and came out in front.
"Opening her mouth to reply, she promptly closed it as the jet landed. Feeling suddenly nervous, she lowered her head.

~Keep your head high and do not doubt yourself, nor what is to come. You must stay incontrol. If you don't, then fellow students may be harmed~

Looking up and spotting Emma who stood in her white ensomble proud and head high. Releasing a breath and straightening, she awaited them.

Once the door was open, out came Storm and some guy that she didn't know talking. Next cam Bobby, John, and Kitty who seemed rattled and she couldn't blame her. She
probably would've been the exactly the same. Then out last came an angry Scott followed by Logan who not surprisenly seemed mad at the world. But the one thing that confused her the most, was the last person, who seemed ready to break down.

Jean was hugging herself as bags were heavy under her eyes and she bore no make-up. Beyond that, she saw such sorrow which only ment one thing.

Scott knew.

Sighing, she wanted to feel bad for her, but her entire being was jumping with joy.

"Welcome to Denmark." Emma calmly voiced, as all stood before her. "I hope you had no trouble coming here."
Scott sighed. "We simply had to pick up Wolverine and the kids."

She raised an eyebrow. Looking from him to the other three males, her eyes found their mark. "So this is the Wolverine, I've heard so much about."

"What's it to you?" He growled.

Turning, she faced her teams as all took a step back, as one person remained rooted to the spot.

"Marie." Logan about choked, as he saw her. She seemed
so...warm, yet her face said something else, as he stared at her.

"Rogue, I would like for you to take your three friends inside so they may refresh in the dormatries." Emma voiced, finally seeing the coldness in her that Hank spoke of.

Nodding, Rogue walked over and as she passed him, she gave pause as she saw the look in his eyes. Before she could react, she was bombaded with a hug. Returning it, she looked away.

"After what happened, I thought I would never see you again."

Pulling back, she forced a smile. "Don't think like that." As she moved to lead them away, Caro walked pass her. Halting, she listened to what he had to say.

"There was a call from the states about Leo."

Emma froze. "And?"

"He was attacked."

"Is he...no, but he may."

"Where is my cousin?"

"He's on his way here, but no medical care could help him."


Sighing, Caro looked away. "Mage attacked him."

Balling a fist, her eyes landed on Rogue. "How far did you get with Xavier about transfering energy?"

Gasping, she shook her head. "I...No. I can't."


"In order for that I would need to drain someone, but they may die."

"What about a healing agent?" She voiced.

Looking to Logan, she lowered her head. "I can't."

Apearing before her, Emma jerked her chin up. "And why the hell not?"

"I just...I will see all that he has done and more. I can't handle it and..."

"If you allow my cousin to die, we will never know about the mutants thats after you, Rogue."

She frowned. "What are you talking about?"

"There are mutants out there that want you. We didn't know for what, but my cousin was sent to find out. Before he was attacked, he told me that he found out something more evolving your mutation. If you don't, then we won't know more about who is after you."

Releasing a breath, she frowned. "If I lose my sainity, you're the first one I'm coming after."

Nodding, Emma quickly got to preparing for what was to come.
Sitting once more on a medical table, Logan frowned as Rogue proceeded to look anywhere but at him.

Pushing back his hair from his pale face, Emma took a step back.

Unfastening her jacket and placing it on the table, she frowned as she found everybody gawking at her.

"You did that? All of that?" Storm voiced, tracing all the scars and markings on her back and arms with her eyes.
Releasing a breath, she sighed. "There's alot about me, you don't know."

"But to resort to self mutilation?" Logan found himself asking, as he got up and walked over to her.

Taking a step back, Rogue shrugged. "We all have our coping meganisims. Drinking and fucking random floosy women might be yours, so don't knock mine." Facing Emma, she frowned. "Are you ready?"

Nodding, she pulled a chair near her Leo's place on the med table. Giving Logan a look which he reluctantly obeyed, she gave her a smile.

Moving between the two men, Rogue released a sigh and touched touched their shoulders. Feeling herself take their life energy, she quickly closed her eyes and pulled for Logan's only. Finally blocking Leo's energy off and taking in Logan's along came the memories.

In her mind, she saw all the things he did. The cage fights. Women after women he took to bed. Geting so wasted, he couldn't even stand. Killind one mand and the next. Fighting Sabortooth. Meeting her through his eyes and how he felt.

Then came the things, she dreaded.

Him and Jean first teasing each other. Then the very first time she came to him on one of his visits as Scott was out and suduced him. Them being consumed by thier lust and falling onto the floor. After that, all their sexually encounters rushed past her. What gave her pause, was when she saw through his eyes how she hurt him. Then after her departure how torn and hurt he was over not comforting her and allowing her to keep the secret to herself. But all that shatterd at what she learned.

Jean was pregnant and carrying his child.

Allowing tears to fall, she removed her hand from him and heard a thump and people shuffling to help him. Pushing what she just learned to the back of her mind, Rogue forced the energy she just took to leave her and into Leo. Witin a minute, she felt drained. Releasing him and opening her eyes, she found tired grey eyes staring up at her.

"Thank you Rogue." Emma voiced, as she held her cousin's hand.

Righting herself, she turned and froze. Staring directly at Jean, she felt so much hatred in her being. It scared her.

Watching as her eyes narrowed and gave a small glow, Emma frowned. "Jean, move. Now."

Taking four large steps to the left, she narrowly missed the electric bolt that came down hard, where she once stood. Touching her heart that was beating rapidly, Jean gawked at the furious look on Rogue's face.

Grabbing her coat, she walked off without a sound.
Sitting up, Leo sighed. "If what they said is true, no wonder the government is after her."

"The government? Are you sure?" Storm voiced.

He nodded. "It would seem that all that has happened was their plan." Turning, his gaze landed on the still shocked woman. "They knew about you and Wolverine and used it to their advantange."

Scott frowned. "How do you know all this?"

"I went underscover in the United States government as a CIA agent and with my file that myself and my cousin had created, I was easily prepped and ran through the operation, since I played on my hatred for the mutant population, since cuz' here is well known."

"How did they plan to use me and...me and Logan?" Jean demanded, as her husband stiffened.

"They knew that Rogue was inlove with him, as well as eveyone here in the room. As you all know, Rogue's mutation is tied to her emotions more than average. They knew if she knew, her little control that she has over it
would allow them to maifest."

"She never had control."

He shook his head. "No, she did. You've all seen how strong her mutation has gotten since all was revealed to her. Even what she did was not promised."

Storm raised an eyebrow. "Why did you allow for her to do that to him, if there was a possibility it may not work?"
"Xavier told me that when she is under duress, she is more palable to control her gift. Whenever she is stressed or such, she gives her mutation more pull and power." Looking towards Jean, he sighed. "You need to stay away from her. If not, you may winde up dead."
"She woudn't..."

"When she transfered the energy to me, I got a glimpse in her mindd. After everything she saw in Wolverine's head, she wants your head. She saw everything, and that includes the argument you and loverboy slumbering had, when you called her out."

Paling as Scott faced herd, she lowered her gaze.

"Enough!" Storm yelled. "We need to find the Proffessor and rescue the kids. Do you have any leads on where he is?"

"I will use my version of Cerebro that I have." Emma stated as he gave her cousin a smile and walked off.
Swinging his legs around the table and standing, Leo streatched. "You go and clean up. You all need it." He calmly replied, as he too left.

Looking at his wife, Scott shook his head and stormed out.

Giving a sob, Jean burst into tears.

Feeling sorry for her, Storm wrapped an arm around her and together the two walked out.
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