~Chapter 9~

Flying through te mist that covered them, everyone's mind was elsewhere. Landing not far from the dam, all exited.

"Rogue, your on."

Giving Emma a nod, she released a breath and shifted into Logan, she sighed. Opening her eyes, she raised an eyebrow. "Well?" Her heavy and masculine voice sounded.

Scott smirked. "If I didn't know better, I would think you were the ass whipe for real."

"Cram it four eyes." The real Logan growled.

"You know what to do?" Emma called, as all went silent.

Nodding, Rogue turned and took off running. As she vanished around the corner, all couldn't stop the uneasiness that ran through their minds.
"The children."

Pushing a button, the screen above them changed.

"We shall take the one in the yellow coat and test on of the new stun guns on her."

Nodding, the man at the computer frowned. "It's not done yet."

"Exactly. I wish to test and see if it effects her mutation, before we move on to the next phase."

Smirking, he pulled up infor on the stun gun. As they continued to talkn on the trial, the man to their left called out.

"Stryker, we have a problem."

Walking over and viewing the screen, he smirked. "Seems our boy wants tos come home. Send out the retreivial unit to chain him and bring him in the compound."

Nodding, all exited to enter the forfront on the tunnels.
Watching as a door on the left that was shadowed in the walls of the tunnel opened, she released aa breath.

"Stay where you are, mutant. Any sudden movements and we shoot." One of the five men stated, as they neared.

Raising an eyebrow in clear Wolvering style, she allowed then to cuff her wrist and notted the change of metel on her wrists. Once she was secured to their liking, the large dam doors opened before her. Being nudged in the back, she followed behind the two leading her.

Entering and finding about twenty men scattered about and guns aimed her way, she smirked. "All this for little oh me?"

"Shut-up mutie." One of the soldiers called, as she was led around the room and down the setps.

Spotting the room up ahead that was blocked by ten new men that entered, she cursed. From the picture she was shown earlier, Stryker was sizing her up. Glimpsing the soldier to her right, she released a breath and prepared for what she was going to do.

"Thats not Weapon X."

The man to his right frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I think I would know if that was my experiment. Now shoot it."

Hearing enough, Rogue quickly changed back they way she was and grabbed the solddier to her right, she grabbed his gun it it's holster and began to fire. Watching as the men guarded and moved Styker to the side, she kicked the man who took the brunt of the assult of fire arms. Seeing her chance, she made a mad dash for the control room.

Being shot in her left arm and shoulder, she cried out, but continued to pump her arms. Pushing the pain to the side, she frowned as the doors ahead of her began to close. Holding her other hand out, lightening struck the doors. Watching as they froze about twelve inches apart, she silently thanked Leo and squeezed through, right before it closed.

Hitting the button on the computer to lock it down from the inside, Rogue released a breath. Opening the dam doors and placing the ear piece in her ear, she fell to her knees weezing to breath.

"I'm in and the dam is open."

"Are you injured?"

"Yeah, but I'll be fine." She voiced and unzipped her sleeves to gasp at the bloody flesh.

"What's wrong?" Emma demanded.

"Nothing...I...I'm fine. I'm just...Logan's healing is geting rid of the bullets." There was sudden growling in her ear.

"They shot at you?"

"I'm fine. Now get in here, before they close the doors." Hearing more growling, there was soon orders heard over the frequency.
All rushing the doors, everybody soon found themselves busy and in a fight.

Ramming his claws through two soldiers that dared to shoot at him, Wolverine growled. Shiftidng his hand and allowing the vine to find home around a soldier's neck, spikes sliced through flesh. Summoning it back, Majestic watched as they fell to the ground and moved on. Turning and finding the giant at his back, the two nodded and headed straight for the control room, where they were to meet up with Rogue.

Soaring through the air and summoning wind, Storm swept three soldiers back with the wave of her hand. On the other hand, Nightcrawler was lost in his own fight. Appearing and disappearing as he delivered a kick here and punch here, his enemies were soon laid out unconcious.

"Kurt?" She called.

Looking up and spotting her exiting the entrance, he took up after her.

Firing his obtic blast soldier after soldier, Scott frowned. "The children, Emma."

Nodding and allowing her diamiond skin to diflect another bullet she released a physcic blast and sent them falling to the ground. Turning, together they made for the west tunnels.
Looking towards the door, he sighed. "This blows. Their having all the fun down there."

Gypsy shook her head. "No position is boring. It just matters when action must be taken." She calmly reasoned.

Kitty laughed. "To tell the truth, I would be just fine staying in the jet."

"Your name shoud've been 'Scardycat' instead of Shadowcat." Iceman teased.

Narrowing her eyes, she popped him in the head. "Oh shut-up."

"Seems like you got your wish." Gypsy stated, as she kicked the soldier that was running blindly for her.

Cursing, he summoned his ice and charged the group of humans exiting the compound.
Pushing a few buttons on the computer, she had all the camera around the facility before her on the large screen. Spotting Logan and Caro arrive at the door, she opened it. "Now that your both here, make sure you let the others know if you see anything coming their way. I'm going to hack the system and see what I can find." She stated, as she once more closed and locked the door down.

Nodding Caro took her seat and started to give directions to the others. Glimpsing her torn sleeves that were now open and caked in dried blood, Logan frowned.

"You okay?"

Nodding, she pulled up a file on experiments. "Yeah. The healing factor kind of helped." She stated as she downloaded it onto her flashdrive.

"We won't much time." Caro voiced, as Storm and Nightcrawler were once more engaged into a fight. "Everyone is acting fast and...."

"Where's Styker?"

Looking over the mini screens, he pointed the the middle one. "Sector five. I think thats in the west tunnels."

Nodding and hitting the green button, he ran for the now opending doors. Moving to follow after him, she found a hand on her arm.

"Don't. We need to do what we came for." Caro voiced.

Sighing and reluctantly agreeing, Rogue returned to what she was doing."
Diflecting the bullets with her diamond skin, Emma frowned. "Are you in yet?"

Turning the intensity of his visor up, Scott frowned. "Just another minute. This steel door is thicker than the others."

Nodding, she sent a physcic blast out and looked towards the small crater that was beisng created. "Just blast it."

"No. I don't want to harm the children."

Closing her eyes and sensing ahead, she released a breath. "Do it. Their below in some sort of container."

Nodding, he fired away. Watching as the door went flying backwards, they quickly entered and went about helping the children.
Kicking the last of the soliders, Kurt faced her. "Now what?"

"The Proffessor is behind this door, but it's a replica of Cerebro we have at the mansion."

"What does da' mean?"

Facing him, she frowned. "Only he can open it, because it has an eye recognition programmed into it."

"I can only go where I have been before, for I may teleport to somewhere that will harm me."

"You must. And I need to go with you."

"But I have neva' had another with me, as I teleported."

Placing a hand on his shoulder, Storm smiled. "I have faith in you."

Nodding and pulling her into his arms, Nightcrawler began a prey in his native tongue. Closing his eyes, his mutation came alive.

Feeling the ground once more under her feet, Storm opened her eyes and looked around. Finding the a man in a wheelchair, who she stook to be Stryker's son, she moved to the proffessor. As she took a step, her head began to ring. Falling to one knee, her gaze landed on the man in the wheelchair.

Narrowing her eyes, they clouded over. "It's about to get a bit cold in here." And with that, the room's temperture drasticly fell. As the room took on a frosty exterier on the walls, the man started to shake. Still feeling the ringing in her head, she pushed on. As an artic wind swept over them, did she finally feel her head not on the verge to explode.

Coming to he feet and going to the Proffessor, she found him staring up at her.

"Where am I?"

Releasing a breath, she smiled. "Not at home, I'm afraid." Pausing she held her hand out. "Kurt?"

As too smiling and taking her out streteched hand, the three vanished in a puff of smoke.
Turning down the hall with the children in two, Emma froze. "What are you doing?"

Pausing in his run, Logan frowned. "I'm going after Stryker."

"What about Rogue and..."

"They will be fine. Once they are done, they know to exit the way that they have entered." Turning, he once more took off in a dead sprint.

Shaking his head and carrying on of the smaller children, Scott sighed. "We need to get them out. Now."

Nodding, they headed for the nearest exit.
Downloading the name and government officials that funded this little experiment, Rogue stood. "Let's go."

Pushing the red button that was coverd, Caro nodded. "We have ten minutes to get out of here before the dam explodes."

Nodding, the two headed for the dam's entrance.

Pausing and lifting his nose, he cought the scent. Turning around the next corner and making a left, he found himself in a familiar room. Looking at the claw marks, a memory ran throiugh his his mind.

"This is where it all began."

Looking to his right, he found Stryker standing next to a woman.

Motioning towards the glass rectangle filled with water, he smirked. "I recall a certain mutant once laying there. But now, I find myself with something better." Looking at the woman beside him, he took a needle out his pocket and placed two drops of some liquid on the back of her neck. Watching as she rolled her shoulders and a popping sound was heard, he smirked. "Meet Weapon XI."

Eyes going wide, Logan could only stare at the woman.

"Well, I'm going to leave you kiddies to get acquainted. I have a plane to catch." And with that, Stryker ran up the steps and down the hall.

Moving to follow, he found himself thrown into the pillir. Slowly coming to his feet, he rammed his claws into her gut. Pleased, he was soon greeted with her feet, as she politeloy stepped onto his knees and removed them. Tilting her head, she did a back flip and doubled kicked him in the face.

Coming to his feet, he gasped as ten finely tipped and longated nails extended from her hands. As she took a swipe, he blocked and slashed her face. Watching as it healed right before his eyes, he missed her other hand that tore into his stomache. Lifting him, she through him.

Landing above the water in the steel like cage front, he struggled for air. Hearing her nearing, he grabbed the rod like thing hooked up to a cord, he rammed it into her abdonmen. Hitting the switch, the liquid form of antimanium emptied into her. Watching as it ran free from her eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, he frowned.

Coughing, the antimanium became solid and it became too heavy for her bones to carry. Knees buckling, she fell back into the glass tank filled with water behind her.

Seeing her sink to the bottom of it, he shook his head and headed up the steps after Stryker.
Entering the jet and finding it full, Rogue sighed. Walking towards the front, she gave Emma the flashdrive. "Here. There's the name of all the mutants that were being experimented on, as well as government stuff."

Nodding, she pocketed it.

"I am glad to see that you are doing well and..."

"Did you really tell Logan to not get involved with me?" She demanded.

Instantly, the jet went dead silent, as all tuned into them.

Xavier frowned. "I think this is better discussed and saved for later."

"No. I want to know why you told him that. Now."
He sighed. "Rogue, you were young and had alot to learn about yourself and he was merely going to distract and pull you down. Logan is not the type of man that you need in your life. He is everything you are not and..."

"I don't deserve to say who I want in my life or not?"

"I did not say that." He calmly stated.

"That's exactly what you said."

Before he could reply, Storm shouted something from the rear of the jet.

"What's wrong?"

"Logan's not here yet."

Emma frowned. "He went after Stryker."

Frowning, Rogue turned and once more left the jet.

Sharing a look, both Scott and Storm took up after her.
Exiting the hall kand entering the cold of winterw, Logan spotted him. "Running?"

Piviting on his feet, Styker frowned. "I see Lady Death Stryke has been defeated." He voiced, as his hand slipped to his back pocket.

"Why did you suddenly come for me?"

"I am a man of science, Wolverine. Recapturing you, were only to aid me to study you and once more making the untimate mutant soldier."

"Men like you don't deserve to live." Taking a step, his claw were released.

"Sorry to disappoint, but that ain't happening." Pulling out a gun, he smirked. "You may not recall, but antimanium bullets can..."

"Remove my memories?" Logan finished, as he stopped and stared at him.

"Ah, I see you have remembered." Looking past him, he smirked. "You once thought I killed the woman you loved, why don't I make it come true?" And with that, he fired.

Frowning and turning, his blood ran cold, as he saw her fall to the ground. Growling and ignoring the bullets being fired at his person, he viciously rammed his claws into his chest.

Spitting out a mouth full of blood, William Stryker died instantly.

Turning, Wolverine rushed over. Falling to his knees and pulling her still warm body into his arms, he pushed the hair out of face. "Marie?" His broken voice sounded.

Breaking throught the snow covered bushes and freezing, Storm and Scott frowned.

"Wha...how did she..." Storm couldn't even finish, as blood started to fall from her chest and pool on the ground.

"Stryker..He...he shot her." Logan voiced, as he continued to press his bare hand to her face. "Come on, don't die on me." Lowering his head, he kissed her mild lips. "Please. I...I love you, Marie."

Turning away, Storm felt tears course her face. Placing an arm around her, Scott allowed his own to fall.

As realization finally hit, that her mutation wouldn't work, Logan dropped his face in her neck and wept.
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