Her long hair hung in greasy strands obscuring part of her view. She had stopped resisting and hung limply as she was dragged down the hallway. Her shoulders were screaming in pain and her wrists were slick with blood from where the handcuffs cut into them. She was silent, trying to memorize where they were taking her but all the hallways were the same plain grey walls with metal doors. There were no identifying marks anywhere, she could have been led in a circle for all she knew. Suddenly they stopped in front of a door. It looked just like any other door.

They held up one of their weird little remote and suddenly a blue light flashed and the door opened. The cell was tiny. She started to get claustrophobic just looking at it. One of the guards uncuffed her and shoved her towards the back of the cell. There was no bed, no toilet, no nothing.

“Arrgh!” She smacked the walls and looked around at her surroundings. It wasn’t completely dark, there was a tiny little slot above the door. It let in a tiny stream of light that lit up the cell just enough for her to look around. She put her arms out beside her and she could easily press her palms against both walls.

She felt her chest start to tighten, there wasn’t enough air, that slot couldn’t possibly provide enough air. Her head started to swim. The walls began to close. She couldn’t take it.

She didn’t know how long she had been there; she woke up curled on the floor. The cell was too short for her to even lie down on the floor without bending her knees. She stood up and stretched, her whole body hurt. She stroked her wrists carefully, they had scabbed up well. Her bladder was really starting to hurt and she stood and began to pace.

Time had no meaning and when the door finally opened she wasn’t sure if she had been in there 2 hours or 2 days. The quickly cuffed her wrists, she winced in pain but was relived to be out of that tiny dark cell, the hallway was long. She wondered why it was they never passed others when walking the halls. They had to have others there. She had been there for many sleeps. She had lost count a long time ago and since there were no windows she had no way of knowing the time. Where were the others? Her thoughts raced as they took her down the maze of corridors. Stopping at another metal door she stood, waiting. Would it be more tests? More beatings? More questions? She didn’t know what to expect but she couldn’t help but gasp before being shoved into the room, hand cuffs and all.
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