Marie fought her way to consciousness. A single gunshot rang out and her eyes flew open. She had to fight or she would die. She turned and saw him hiding behind the couch, barrel of the gun resting on the top of it. He looked like she felt, like shit. He had blood dripping from his face and a nasty gash on his shoulder showing what looked to be bone. She dropped soundlessly to the floor. He was cornered, it was easy to see. The door next to her was swung open and she crept behind it and grabbed one of the batons scattered around the floor. She hid behind the door and waited.

Peering through the crack between the door and wall she saw them assembling. There were 5 of them. She only had to take down five fully armed and dressed guards. She looked down at her baton and wished she had her mutation back. She would never curse it again if she did. She held her breath and waited for them to run into the room.

She saw the grenade lift high in the air. She couldn’t think of a way to distract them so she let out a piercing scream. It worked. The hand that held the grenade faltered. Marie lunged forward and swung her baton with all her might. It connected with the side of one’s head. She heard a roar and she caught the glimpse of her help rushing in. She felt a sharp pain burning in her side but she ignored it, focusing only on getting out. Marie cried out as one of the men grabbed her braid and jerked her back. She crashed to the ground and used the pain to fuel her.

She saw a boot coming towards her and threw herself on top of it, twisting it with such force she could hear the bones breaking even in all the commotion. He was down, screaming with pain and in her rage Marie grabbed the knife from his belt and plunged it into his neck all the way to the hilt. His blood coated her hands as she pulled the knife out. There was only one guard left and he took off running. She started to rise but was pushed down and a shot rang out over her head. She looked up and her stranger was there. He had shoved her down to shoot. “You okay?” He asked. Marie laughed at that. They were both covered in blood somewhere in the middle of a mutant extermination camp. Oh yeah she was just peachy.

“I’m-“ she gasped as she tried to stand up. Pain flared in her side and she looked down. A steady stream of dark red blood oozed from her side. She pulled up her shift and looked at it.

“Shit.” He cursed and she stuck out her hand. He helped her up and she pulled a shirt off of one the guards. She tied it around her waist, wincing as she went.

“That’s not going to help for long.” He pointed out.

“It doesn’t have to. It just has to last long enough for me to get the hell out of here.” She replied. She bent down with a groan and slung a rifle over her shoulder. “So what do I call you anyways?”

He raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Logan.” He replied. She knew the chances of her getting out of there alive were slim to none but she was going to do her best. She found a remote on the floor, she wiped the blood off of it and began pressing unlock as she walked down the hallway.
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