Logan forced his legs to work. “Hey, what’s your name?”

He heard her pause before replying. “Marie.”

His stomach had been denied food for so long he felt like he was going to be sick as he inhaled the energy bars. “Hey!” He yelled and she spun around to face him. He tossed her the last bar and hurried to catch up with her.

This corridor was different from the cells the mutants were kept in. It was still grey walls and silver doors but these rooms were a larger and had cots in them. He could hear her rip open the package and he took the lead, allowing time for her to eat as they walked.

Logan stopped at the second to last doorway in the hall and felt Marie stop beside him. The door unlocked and opened and suddenly Marie was cowering behind him, her fear filling the air. His claws slid out as he took in the scene. The smell of tears and fear filled the air; he could hear the soft sobbing of the woman on the bed, two on top of her.

“What the fuck?” The one holding her wrists down let go and reached for the gun next to him. The other one quickly stood up and pulled up his pants. He hadn’t even had time to finish zipping his pants before his guts were on the floor.

Wolverine pinned the other one to the wall, the gun clattering to the floor noisily. Looking back at Marie he took in her expression. At some point she had ran her hand over her face and she looked like she was wearing some macabre war paint. With a wave of his hand he offered the guard to her. Marie’s eyes narrowed “If you don’t I will. Either way that fucker isn’t living another minute.” Wolverine took a deep breath in.

He recognized that smell. Marie smelled of that smell. Which meant that fucker had done the same to Marie as what he did to that red head in the bed. Her sudden fear made sense as the pieces fell into place. He let his claws loose and twisted them, enjoying the feeling of bones breaking under the force. No one threatened his mate. Wait. His mate? Logan paused and regained control.

“Hey. Get up.” Marie coaxed the tall red head up off the bed. “you okay?” She pushed the lock of red hair behind her ear and looked at her face. It was swollen from recent beatings but she looked otherwise healthy enough to leave with them. Ignoring the fact that she hadn’t replied she focused on Logan. “We have to take her.”

Logan glanced back at them. “Can she even stand?” They were quite the team of rag tag runaways. And the more of them there were the harder it would be to stay concealed. He didn’t want to leave anyone behind but he didn’t exactly feel like staying around long enough to find out if they ever will find a way to kill him.

He saw Marie put her arm under the much taller woman and pull her to her feet. He stifled a groan. They needed speed to get out of there. They got to the door at the end of the hall and the woman froze. “I can’t leave without Scott.”
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