She expected them to walk out the door without her. Instead the girl with the striped hair sighed and adjusted her rifle on her back. She turned to face her and looked her square in the eyes. “You better be able to fight.” Jean nodded quickly. Judging from the blood on both of them they have been fighting their way through. Jean knew just how many guards were in that place. They had been sent in to take the place down but they greatly underestimated how prepared for an attack the compound would be.

She was weak but the idea of getting out fueled her. The man hadn’t spared her a second look, he lead them down the hallway into a room that looked like something out of a cheap horror flick. Bodies and body parts were strewn about. “Pick your weapons.” The man finally spoke. His voice low and gravely brooked no argument.

She copied the younger girl and grabbed a pair of pants and a belt. Set to go she started to go down the hallway back deeper into the maze of halls. Suddenly she was yanked backwards and the man put his hand across her mouth to keep her from screaming. No! She closed her eyes and for a moment she thought he was going to do what so many other guards had done.

She opened her eyes a minute later to see him staring at her, his eyes seemed to soften while looking at her. He made a be-silent signal and pointed down the hallway. Somehow they had managed to get that far without the enforcement’s coming in. She nodded and he dropped his hand. Jean shuddered and tried to shake the memories off. She could hear talking coming down the hall and it wouldn’t be long before the guards could see the carnage and would radio for backup.

The girl was holding her side and cringing. Jean could see blood seeping from between her fingers. She didn’t look like she could hold out much longer. Making a split second decision Jean rounded the corner and took aim.

She always was a good shot in training. The guards dropped and the man raised an eyebrow at her and smirked. “We need to hurry.” She said as she took off down the hall they came down. She slammed her hand into a door. She thought this was the right door. She just hoped they hadn’t moved him. The door clicked open and she rushed in.
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