He woke to someone shoving his side. For a moment he panicked thinking it was a guard dragging him out for another beating. He threw his weight at the attacker before he even opened his eyes. “Ooof” Jean grunted as she was slammed into the wall behind her. “Scott it’s me!” She pleaded.

He stared at her in shock. She was dead. That’s what he told himself. Because the idea of her being tortured was too much for him to bear. He had to believe she was dead and not suffering. He blinked up at her and struggled to rise to his feet. She was there under his bad arm and helped him to stand. Her face was swollen but she was still the most beautiful sight he had seen in ages.

He cupped her face carefully “You’re beautiful.” She placed a gentle kiss on his split lips and smiled at him.

“Move it.” The growl that came from the man set Scott on high alert. Giving him a quick once over he realized he didn’t want to tangle with the guy. He was about his height but even as thin as he was Scott could see that he had power. Pain radiated along his side as Scott limped along behind them. He observed that the man walked slightly ahead of another woman who seemed to be very distressed. The woman looked like she might collapse at any time and a few times she stopped to catch her breath, every time she did the man would pause and sniff the air like he was trying to smell something.

What was he, part dog? Scott thought after the third time he saw him do it. Their footsteps echoed down the hallway “What are you doing?” He finally asked when curiosity got the best of him.

The other man turned and glared at him. For a moment Scott wondered about his sanity, he may have saved him but he looked like he was two seconds from killing him. He surprised him when he spoke. “I can smell stuff. Like if someone is around or if we are going towards outside.” Logan replied.

“Thank you for helping get me out of there. My name is Scott.” Scott stuck out his hand and the man looked at it and turned away.

“We aren’t out yet.” He warned.

“Logan. Maybe he can help.” The woman spoke. “My name is Marie. I see the bracelet there. What’s your mutation?”
Hope lit her eyes while they darted back between him and Logan. He didn’t want to let her down by telling her he couldn’t control it but maybe there was a way…
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