Logan cursed again and slammed his body up against one of the guards. He heard a satisfying crunch as the man flew into the wall. More guards ran up behind him. He knew he was outnumbered and going down but he was going to take out as many of them as he could. His arms were cuffed behind him but that didn’t make him any less lethal.

A guard rushed him with a club one well aimed kick and he was down; Logan was about to dole out the killing blow when he felt it: an explosion of pain rocketed up and down his body. They used a potent drug that caused mind numbing pain and paralysis. He dropped to his knees, barely aware of the guards dragging their injured away.
By the time he could move his body he had been dragged to his cell and thrown in, face down. They had removed the cuffs though he could barely move his fingers let alone roll over. He was getting weaker. His body should have been growing immune to the drug but instead it was taking longer to heal. His stomach was a constant gnawing pain. He hadn’t been fed in weeks. His healing factor was boosted with sleep and food and they made sure he hadn’t been getting any. He groaned and tried to lift his head. His body felt like dead weight.

He lay there, plotting his revenge. The hallways all looked the same but they didn’t all smell the same. He knew where he was, he knew the locations of the guard quarters, the showers, the torture room, the cells of the well behaved prisoners and his cell. He knew them all except what door would get him out of there. When he was first captured he had thought he would pop his claws and be out in a few hours. That had turned into weeks and then months.

He finally regained enough strength to sit up. His cell was small but it kept his body heat in. He guessed it was winter by how cold it was. If only he could get a whiff of fresh air.

He closed his eyes and rested until the click of the cell being unlocked woke him. He was on his feet glaring within seconds. The guards stood, tranquilizer gun at the ready. Logan growled deep in his chest, the sound reverberated off the walls. “Turn around, put your hands behind you.” Another one of them barked. Logan obeyed, knowing that if he resisted, he wouldn’t even have the satisfaction of hurting one of them before going down. They clamped the cuffs on him and before he could turn around one had struck him over the head with a club. They led him out of the cell and into another room. It was the same song and dance as before. Logan rolled his eyes. The guards strapped him in to a metal chair that was bolted to the floor and set a big plate of hot food in front of him. “I bet you want that don’t you?” One asked.

Of all the guards there Logan hated this one the most. He was tall, blond, had eyes so brown they were almost black and was the cruelest of them all. Logan ignored his taunt and watched the guard take a bite of the food. Mashed potatoes, steak, carrots and even a slice of pie. The smells taunted him and he cursed his body when his stomach rumbled loudly. The guards all laughed, and Logan snarled.

“You could have it you know.” The tall guard spoke when he was finished eating. “If you just decided to work with us, you could be eating meals like this too.”

He was lying. Logan could smell it on him. “Go fuck yourself.” He spat out angrily. He knew there was no way they would let him out. They might have mutants working for them but they would never trust him. He had taken out too many of their men.

As he was led back to his cell he smelled a new mutant. She was in the cell next to him and from the smell of it she was scared shitless. Normally they calmed after being put in the cell. They were always scared but the first few days were when the new ones reeked of it the most. He didn’t think anything more of it as he settled in to sleep. He wanted to be healed up enough for the next fight tomorrow.
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