Author's Chapter Notes:
If you haven't noticed by now this story is definitely dark. Don't worry. It won't always be so dark.
Her spine stiffened as she was shoved into the room. Ahead of her sat Ashley one eye badly swollen and lip bleeding.

“You did this!” Ashley lunged across the table towards her. “How could you?” She screamed.

“No. I didn’t tell anyone.” She shook her head violently. Tears stung her eyes. No matter how many times they asked she had never told them about any other mutants.

“Yes you did. How else did they find me?” Ashley spat angrily. The mutant’s white hair flared with color and became a fiery red.

“I don’t know. I swear. They probably got you the way they got me.” She was cut off by the guard coming in and pushing her up against the wall. Pressing his baton up against her throat he leaned in close.

“Behave and shut up.” His foul breath turned her stomach and her skin crawled at his nearness.

Not for the first time she wished she had her power back. She could live with their personalities in her head if it only meant she could kill them and get out. Thankfully he turned around and faced Ashley. He pointed at her with his baton and then again at the chair. The tall girl plopped down gracelessly, eyeing the guard carefully.
“So tell me. Where is this mutie’s family?”

Her focus snapped to her old friend’s face and she silently willed her friend to be silent. Ashley looked up at her once, begging for forgiveness before looking down at her hands.

She felt like she had been punched even though she still stood there standing against the wall. Part of her wanted to jump across the room and rip out her throat and part of her wanted to turn and run out of the room. Neither was a viable option. She felt bile rise in her throat. She could try to plead with her friend but it wouldn’t work. Ashley had already been broken. Brown eyes bored holes into Ashley’s head and whether she felt it or she was just uncomfortable about ratting people out, she squirmed in her seat.

Marie sent up a silent thank you for the fact that her eldest brother had already moved out and was off to college before the whole war had started. She hoped he was safe, there had been no way of getting a hold of him.
She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as Ashley rattled of every friend and neighbor she knew. Her shoulders sagged with relief when the guard stood from the interrogation table. Marie winced as she grabbed her arm and yanked her across the room. Shoving her into the metal chair across from Ashley, she knew what would happen.

Why don’t you tell us a little bit of what she left out?” His voice was gravely and low as he pulled out a cigarette. His lighter flicked and a shiver ran down her spine.

“No.” Despite her effort to remain calm and stead her voice wavered.

“Oh I think you want to. After the way she just told me all about your family don’t you want to get even?” His words were tempting but she refused to sell out. Shook her head no.

“Do you have any idea what we are going to do to your parents? Spawning off disgusting little muties like you. Oh we are going to have fun.” He scratched his chin thoughtfully. “I might string up your mama from the nearest tree. After all she gave birth to you. Your daddy though.” He paused, watching her reaction. Rage seethed just barely under the surface and her fists were clenched so tightly that her nails bit into her palms. “They say the gene is passed from the father. So I guess that means we will save the best for him. Maybe take him apart, piece by piece…” She turned her head away from him and he punched her. The force of the blow caused her to topple off the chair onto the cement.

“You will pay attention to me bitch.” He barked. Grabbing her by her hair he dragged her back up into the chair. Ashley huddled nervously looking as if she had just wet herself. “Now I asked you nicely. Tell me where its family is.” When he said it he nodded at Ashley. It angered Marie that they were nothing more than creatures to them and she set her jaw. She didn’t even see it coming, suddenly her head was slammed down into the table and the cigarette was being extinguished on her cheek.
Her mouth filled with blood from where her teeth caught her inner cheek and she spit it out when he let her up. She was in a pain filled daze when they threw her back into her cell. There in the darkness she began to cry.
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