Marie stood there in front of them glaring. This was her chance. She followed her instructions down to her ice bath. Her skin felt like it was being stripped raw under the pressure of the ice water and her teeth chattered but they ignored her and led her down the hall. She counted the steps carefully down the hall. She wanted a perfect mental map of where she was. They led her into a room where she had never been before and she cringed. There was a crude bed in the corner and several men leered at her as she was lead towards it.

“Leave her alone.” The tall red headed woman said from a corner. Marie hadn’t even noticed her when she walked in. Despite the purplish bruising across her face, it was obvious that she was beautiful. She wore a torn white shift like dress that was much too short for her. Marie subconsciously tugged at her own similar style apparel. It was more like a long shirt that a dress.

“Shut up.” One of the men in the room raised a hand at the red head and she cowed backwards. He let her go with a “Hrmpt”

“Get on the bed.” One of the guards pushed Marie, her legs were trembling already and she collapsed onto the dirty mattress. The smell of old sweat and musty bedding filled her nose and then the weight of a body crashed down on top of her, knocking the wind from her lungs. The hinges squeaked in protest and she shut her eyes and tried to will her mind to go somewhere else.

Her tiny cell was a welcome sight when they threw her back in there. She curled up in a ball and wept silently. She had been silent, she had gritted her teeth and had been silent but she hadn’t been able to stop the tears. Her eyes hurt from shedding so many tears and yet they still flowed. Her chest was burning for air, she didn’t even realize she was gasping for air. Wrapping her arms around her knees she laid her head on them and rocked back and forth.

When she could finally breathe again she looked up at the tiny air vent. The remote was still lodged firmly in the vent. Her legs shook as she forced her body to stand. She was growing weaker and she gritted her teeth against the pain as she stretched up to grab the remote. The silicone case made sure it hadn’t moved when she hid it there before the guards came for her.

She tugged it down and with trembling hands turned it on. Standing in front of the door she steeled herself. The word “Unlock” glared brightly in the cell. Her finger hovered over it nervously. She was going to get out, no matter what.
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