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Sorry it took so long to update. Major stuff has been going on but never fear. A new chapter is here! You can thank Askita for pushing me to write on this again.
He heard the click of the door unlocking and he crouched. With a roar he sprung out. The last thing he expected to see was the girl from the cell next to him. She stood tall, her hair braided down the back and he wondered again about the strange stripe in front. “Shut up!” She hissed as she jumped out of his way. He froze and listened, no pounding of feet down the hall, no yelling of more backup. He felt safe. Why the hell did she wait and let him out? He was glad she was ok but the more she waited the weaker they both were.

“They aren’t coming.” He assured. He knew she was small when he saw her in the cell but it wasn’t till she was out in the industrial light of the hallway that he saw how emaciated she was. Logan figured she must have been there a long time. She paused at the end of the hallway and looked back at him. He shook his head no and pointed down the corner. “That’s the door to the showers.” He whispered.

Taking lead he led her down to a door he hadn’t been to before. “No…” She turned ash white and stopped by it. Logan didn’t know what had happened in there but the scent of her fear flooded the hallway. Her hands were shaking so badly he was worried she might hit a button wrong on the remote. “Hand me the remote.” He stuck out his hand. “Look. Neither one of us knows how the fuck to get out of here and you couldn’t kill a fly right now so give it to me. After all that’s why you let me out right.” He said it more as a statement than a question.

She paused, and he could see the question on her face. Could she trust him? He started to get pissed. He was the one who gave it to her and they were pissing away time. Eventually a guard would be walking the corridors soon. She thrust the remote into his outstretched hand and started jogging forward. He followed behind for a moment and caught scent of something he hadn’t smelled in ages.

“Wait.” He called out quietly. She turned back to look at him. He knew what he looked like. Standing there, crazy hair, in a pair of ripped scrub pants, streaked with dried blood and God knows what else. He looked more animal than man as he sniffed the door. “Fresh air.” He whispered as she walked up to him. It wasn’t fresh as in great outdoors but fresher than this canned air he had been breathing for the last few months. His finger hovered over the keypad.

“I didn’t choose you because you could fight.” She whispered quickly. That threw him. What the hell did that mean?

“What?” He grunted and turned back to look at her.

She looked nervous but her face was set. “I couldn’t leave you here. You were the one to give the remote to me, it wouldn’t be right.” He shook his head. How could she be so na´ve even after what she had been through there? He finger paused over the button. “Get behind me.” He growled.
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