Author's Chapter Notes:
Tada!! Two chapters in a day
Marie stepped behind him and waited. She couldn’t smell the fresh air but she trusted that he could. The door hissed as it slid open. With a roar the man ran into the room. The glint of the blades drew her attention and she froze and he decapitated one of the guards and impaled the other. She took a step into the room and walked towards the window. Outside she could see snow, and in the distance, trees. She ran to the window and shoved it open farther. It was too narrow. So narrow she doubted she could climb out of it and she knew her bloody stranger couldn’t fit. She turned to look back at him, heart full of disappointment, her stomach full of dread. This wouldn’t be as easy as she thought. She looked at the guard on the floor gasping, blood trickling from his mouth. Blood dripped onto his face and Marie’s eyes followed it to the bloody, were those claws? She wondered as they slid back into his hands. “Get out the window. I will keep going.” He said as he reached down and picked up the guard’s gun and baton.

She looked down at her clothes. Like she would make it running around in a shift in what looked to be several feet of snow. She looked down at her scarred arms. She would rather die trying to get away than spend another minute in there. But she wasn’t going to leave him behind. “No fucking way.” She stepped over the body and went to the other guard and began to unbuckle his pants.

“Listen, we are going to get caught, I can distract them while you get away.” He grabbed her hand and she flinched back from him.

“I am not leaving you. We stand better chances together anyways.” She pulled the guards pants on and slipped the weapons belt on. Now she could fight. He nodded at her and went to the doorway. Following behind, cattle prod in hand she looked back one more time at the snow. Would that be her last time breathing fresh air?

The door clicked shut as she walked out and she jumped. “It buys us more time.” Logan explained.They treaded softly down the hallway to the door at the end. She steeled herself and waited as he punched the keys to open the door. It swung open and they ran in.

Bullets rang out, Marie couldn’t tell if they were from the guards, the stranger or her own gun. She was numb to it all as she fired at them. They seemed to multiply, there were 4 and then there were 6. She looked to her side and her stranger had ditched the weapons and was using his claws, cutting down a path for her to follow. She tried to run forward but was slammed into the ground. She kept pulling the trigger but it wasn’t working. Time seemed to slow down and everything was blurry.

She realized that her gun was empty right as she saw the fist coming towards her. She flinched but the blow never hit her. She opened her eyes just in time to see the guard go crashing into the wall, the stranger standing next to her. He sheathed the claws in one hand and reached for her. “You okay?” His voice seemed like it was underwater.

She didn’t trust her voice so she nodded. “Hey. You ok?” She felt so tired and warm. It reminded her of slipping into a warm bath. Opening her mouth Marie tried to speak but was all going dark. “Fuck!”
Chapter End Notes:
My muse totally made me do that. I was not expecting that chapter to go like that. Well? What did everyone think? Reviews = Love
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