Logan watched her eyes slide shut and his stomach dropped. Not now. Not now!! He growled and pulled her into his arms. He leapt over the bodies on the floor and with one swipe sent everything on the counter clattering to the ground. Logan laid her body down and listened for the sounds of reinforcements on their way but all he could hear are the moans and gasping last breaths of the guards. He looked around for something that could help him. From the look of it this was their break room. There was blood splattered over most of her but she was so dirty and covered with blood it was hard to see where she was injured.

She had so many scents on her he couldn’t tell what was wrong. He ran his hands over her, lifting her shirt to look for bullet holes. Burns and cuts crisscrossed across her body but Logan couldn’t find any fresh new marks. Breathing a sigh of relief he realized it was probably exhaustion that made her collapse. She hadn’t been shot like he had first thought. At the sounds of boots hitting the concrete floor Logan whirled around. They were coming for him and he couldn’t take on another round in hand to hand.

He reached for the closest gun and hid behind a couch. He could feel his body sagging. He was so tired and it had been far too long since he had given his body something to heal with. He looked at his feet and saw a box of granola bars. His stomach growled loudly, he sliced open the box and ate half a bar in one bite. He took position for when the first guard made it to the doorway.

The man was tall, blonde, it was the fucker he had been waiting for. He reached for his walkie talkie and Logan snarled. He wanted to take his time with him but he couldn’t afford to fight any more than he absolutely had to. A well aimed shot between the eyes and the guard didn’t even have time to press the button to call for help. Logan made a pleased sound when he heard the guards halt in their tracks and back track. That would buy him some time. His body had been running on adrenaline since she had freed him and the reserves were running low.

Logan shoved the other half of the bar into his mouth and crept around to behind the table. Several guards came in with shields that covered almost their whole bodies. He saw the grenade too late. He forced himself to swallow and he looked at the counter. It was empty. What the fuck?
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