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Two strangers. One man and one woman. They have no water, no food, and no clothes. Their challenge is to survive for 21 days. This is the Everest of survival challenges. Do Wolverine and Rogue have what it takes to survive...naked and afraid?
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 11/03/2019 - Last Updated: 11/03/2019
Story Notes:
If you're looking for a nonsensical, foofy, ridiculous, mockumentary featuring Wolverine, Rogue, and descriptions of ornery sea creatures, look no further.

Inspired by watching one episode of "Naked and Afraid", where I immediately realized that I had to put these two in a similar situation.

Originally posted on AO3 in May 2019 as the WRFA wasn't letting me upload at the time, so I'm fixing it now.

1. Two Strangers... by BlueFrog [Reviews - 1] star star star star star (2610 words)