She felt heavy. The feeling washing over her mind as she floated toward awareness. She was cold, an involuntary shiver passing over her, a second shiver running through her when something wet and rough dragged over her nipple.

Marie's eyes flew open suddenly, only to come face to face with someone staring down at her. Before she could scream a hand had clamped over her face.

"Shh, quiet darlin, don't need an audience for this," a deep, familiar voice washed over her from the gloom.

The hand that was covering her face moved away as she sighed in recognition and relief. "Shit Logan, you scared the hell out of me, what are you doing here? How did you get in my room?" she replied, confusion slipping into her voice.

He didn't reply, instead the wet rasp over her nipple was felt again as he licked her breast, her bare breast, before taking the flesh in his mouth. She was distracted, in a state of confusion, as she tried to reach down to push him away but her hands wouldn't move. How was he touching her and nothing was happening? Why couldn't she move her hands? A sharp tug of her arms resulted in the bite of fabric into her wrists, glancing up she realised why her hands wouldn't move, she was tied to the headboard. Tied to the headboard, naked, with Logan sucking and nipping on her breasts, this was either a bizarre dream, or something was very wrong.

"Logan - Logan this isn't funny, what are you doing? Untie me," she begged. He continued to ignore her, as his hands moved over her body. "I will scream if you don't stop right now," she told him, as his hands pried her legs apart.

"I will gag you before you can make a sound," Logan replied, as his mouth moved from one breast to the other.

"Please Logan, stop, this isn't how this is supposed to be," Marie almost sobbed as she tried to clamp her legs closed, sliding her hips away from Logan's probing hand.

With a dangerous growl Logan yanked her back into position. "You're mine Marie, and it's past time I claimed you," he said, pressing his hips between her legs so she couldn't close them again.

Slowly realization dawned, this wasn't Logan, this was Wolverine, but how had Wolverine taken control, she knew from Logan's memories that he kept a tight leash on him. And why was Wolverine here, last time she had heard from Logan, three weeks ago, he was still in Alberta. Most importantly though, how was she going to stop Wolverine raping her!

She opened her mouth to scream but true to his word, before she could make a sound, a wad of cotton was shoved into her mouth. "I warned you, I didn't want to have to do that," Wolverine growled, once he had finished tying the wad into place with one of her scarves. "You are mine Marie, I know it, you know, that fucking pussy of a man knew it but he left you, now I'm in charge, you're finally going to be mine, all mine, only mine." With each utterance of the word 'mine' he thrust two fingers into her body, Marie clenched her teeth against the gag at the stretched burn of the action, before his thumb joined in the action. The thrusting fingers still stretched her painfully but the sparks of pleasure shooting into her gut from his thumb working her clit almost made up for it.

You're not supposed to be enjoying this, her mind screamed at her traitorous body, as her toes curled and her back arched in pleasure mere minutes later. She wanted to scream for a whole different reason when he slid down her body, and his hand was replaced with his mouth. As she came hard, bucking up against his face, she moaned loudly into the gag, wishing her hands were free to sink into his thick hair.

He didn't stop his assault on her body, and as she quivered her way to a second orgasm she vaguely heard him rumble. "I'm going to take you now, Marie, you're mine," he purred, as his hips slammed into hers, burying his thick length in her tight core. She screamed into the gag as a white-hot shaft of pain accompanied the action, involuntary tears leaked out of her tightly shut eyes, as her ears roared at her body’s rebellion against the unexpected invasion. As the pain began to fade, and she could breathe again, she was surprised to find Wolverine had ceased all movement, he appeared to be waiting, and... comforting her? He purred softly as he nuzzled her face and neck, gently licking away the leaked tears, nipping at her skin, and placing soft kisses wherever he nipped slightly harder.

After a few minutes, her breathing was back to normal, the pain had faded to be replaced by a pleasant fullness that throbbed in the pit of her stomach, it wasn't until she finally opened her eyes again that Wolverine began to move. Slowly at first, slowly sliding out before gently pushing back in, at the first sign she was enjoying this though his movements became more forceful. It wasn't long until he reared up, pulling her legs further apart and pushing them up toward the mattress, and began slamming into her hard enough to make the whole bed shake. The pain was back, an ache deep inside that intensified each time his hips met hers but the pleasure almost drowned that out, at the very least made it worth it. She came twice more before, with a deep growl and a series of short jerking thrusts, she felt a gush of liquid heat inside her, the calm that immediately followed told her he had cum.

For several minutes they stayed frozen, catching their breath, before Wolverine slowly slid out of her. As he knelt in front of her Marie was surprised to see he was still hard, or, hard again, maybe. With a wicked grin, he rolled her over onto her stomach, before straddling her thighs. She couldn't help the hiss of pain as he slid his length back into her, not that it stopped him, and soon enough he was slamming her into the mattress again. She came as he slid himself out of her, before he pulled her hips up off the bed, with her hands tied to the headboard she couldn’t support her torso, but she managed to shift her head to the side so she could breath as he continued to pound into her in the new position. She hurt, ached all over, it was a surprisingly pleasant ache, though the constant bombardment of sensation was leaving her numb.

For hours he went on, using her body. She lost count of the number of times they each came, the number of times he bit her, she was dead to the growls, and purrs, and murmured comments as he thrust into her flesh. She didn't miss the point when he sunk his dick into her ass, drawing another scream from her, this time however he didn't just slam it into her like he had when he entered her vagina the first time. He rocked into her, slowly but firmly, going deeper with each forward motion, she tried to pull away but he held her hips in place as he pushed in. She was sucking as much air as she could into her lungs, as her eyes squeezed shut against the new pain, it didn't last long though, once he was in her he stilled, letting her get used to the new sensation.

He got her off with his hands while he was still inside her, as she came down from that orgasm, she could feel him moving in her again, it was different but it was okay. When he eventually came, she felt more than heard the exhausted sigh he released, it seemed he was finally done. Sure enough he rolled them over gently, until they were spooned together snugly, his flesh still buried in her ass, her hands still tied to the headboard, and they both fell asleep.
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