Very early the next morning, as light was just beginning to touch the predawn sky she was woken again. Wolverine's dick was still in her ass and he simply lifted her thigh and began thrusting into her, slowly at first but quickly growing in intensity until they both came.

He left the bed a moment later, leaving Marie in a pleasant fuzzy, sleepy haze. When he returned, he rolled her over, onto her back, positioning himself over her smaller body as he gazed down at her hungrily.

She couldn't respond with the gag in her mouth, and she couldn't do what she wanted to more than anything right at that moment, and bury her hands in his hair, or maybe run her nails over his nipples and see if he shivered the way she did. With a keening whine, she tugged against the bindings on her wrists.

"You want me to untie you?" Wolverine asked with a chuckle. He continued at her furious nod, "I would love to darlin but I'm not quite ready for that, if you promise not to scream though I'll take the gag off?" She nodded again, relief flooding her as the fabric fell away from her face, she could finally breath again, and then she couldn't. His mouth closed on hers the minute the gag fell away, his lips prying hers open willingly before his tongue began to explore her mouth, he tasted infinitely better than the gag.

By the time he was done kissing her he was buried inside her again, the pinching glide of his flesh into hers was definitely more pleasant than painful but she knew she was going to have trouble walking today, though she didn't think he had any intention of letting her go anywhere.

"I need to pee," Marie murmured sleepily, some hours later, at least she thought it was hours later.

With a deep rumbling purr, Wolverine gently picked her up off the bed and carried her into her own ensuite. She was confused for a moment and once he had gently seated her on the toilet she lifted her hands into view, the scarf that had been tying her to the bed was neatly sliced in two, each half still tied to a wrist but not connected in the middle.

"That was one of my favourites," she pouted at Wolverine, he just chuckled again and promised to get her another.

It took her a minute to relax enough with an audience, because Wolverine definitely wasn't going anywhere, before she could pee, and then she wished hadn't. She hissed sharply at the stinging burn as she peed, she really didn't want to wipe. Before she could Wolverine was picking her up again, he immediately stepped into the shower, gentle warm water was flowing over her a moment later, relaxing tense muscles as he worked his way down her body. Gently rearranging her position several times, he eventually ended up between her spread thighs, the warm pulsing water felt fantastic as he gently cleaned and cared for her, he even got her off again, once or twice, with his hands and his mouth.

Once she was a puddle of warm goo, the previous sting a distant memory, Wolverine shut the shower off and wrapped her in a towel, gently drying her before carrying her back to bed. It seemed he still wasn't done with her yet.

"Making up for lost time, huh?" Marie asked cheekily, as he buried his face between her legs again. His hot tongue felt amazing on the tender flesh between her legs, but it was nothing compared to that earlier fullness of having his dick buried in her core. As if reading her mind, he pulled himself up, latching onto her lips as he slid himself through her swollen folds, swallowing her loud moan.

She didn't know how much later it was, but they'd changed position several times, and when it happened she was on her knees, resting on her elbows, her face buried in her pillow so her screams of pleasure didn't carry, as Wolverine roughly pounded into her, when the bedroom door suddenly splintered open. Everything happened in a blur as she felt Wolverine pull himself from her body - how had he not heard them coming? She collapsed in a boneless heap on the bed as she watched Wolverine launch himself at the threat, claws drawn, she could only scream in horror as a bright red beam of light burst across the room, hitting Wolverine square in the chest and sending him flying across the room.

Scrambling as quickly as her uncooperative legs could manage, she got to his side only a few steps behind Jean, who ignored her as she jammed a needle into Logan's bare shoulder and pushed the plunger down.

"What was that, what did you do?" Marie sobbed reaching for him, she was promptly grasped firmly and moved away, kicking and fighting as much as she could manage. It took a while for her to hear Jean speaking, calmly and quietly, to her.

"Rogue, stop, I need you to hear me, you can't touch Logan..." Jean was saying, as someone began to wrap her naked body in her sheet.

"We've been touching for hours," Marie said, watching in shock as Logan's body was being dragged out of the room.

"I know, I think I know how that works, but it doesn't work when Logan's unconscious so you can't touch him without gloves right now, I can explain but first we need to get you to the med lab," Jean said, eyeing the bed behind her. It probably looked a mess Marie realised, even the sheet she was wrapped in was sticky with their combined essence.

"I'm fine," Marie murmured, "Where are you taking him?"

"Back to isolation, we don't know how he broke out... I'm sorry Rogue, if we'd known this might happen, we would have moved you somewhere safe," Jean said, as strong arms suddenly picked up Marie's sheet wrapped form.

She had no strength left to fight Scott as he picked her up. "What did you do to him?" Marie asked softly, eyes locked onto Jean's where she was following along behind them.

"I sedated him, he should be out for an hour or so," Jean advised gently.

"Why did you shoot him," Marie asked accusingly of Scott.

"It was the only way to stop him without someone getting hurt," Scott stated firmly. Even though she knew it was the truth she still didn't like it she decided as she slowly drifted into a tired doze as she was carried through the mansion.
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