Marie turned her attention to the glass cell when she heard a huffed growl. Finally, he was waking up. Snapping her book shut Marie slid off the bed, gingerly making her way to the cell wall. It was just her down here, she had managed to convince Jean that Wolverine would be more likely to talk to her if he didn't think she was being compelled to say words he didn't want to hear her say, by others in the room.

A deeper, crankier growl sounded a moment later as Wolverine blinked open his eyes slowly and found himself back in the glass cell he despised. It was worse than the concrete and metal cell in the lab, at least that one was dark, easier to hide in, this one was light and open, he was exposed but still contained. Worst though, he now knew it was keeping him from Marie. He rolled silently to his feet, intent on getting himself out again, hoping they hadn't figured out the weakness in the sliding mechanism he had exploited, read destroyed, last time.

"Marie..." he stared at the girl in question, his mate, standing on the other side of the glass, watching him. "Open the door Marie," he demanded, she was already down here, good, he wouldn't have to go far to fuck her again. He had been too long without the physical pleasure offered by a woman’s body, both he and the man had agreed Marie's was the only body that would do, and now that he had her he couldn't stop himself from having her again.

"I couldn't do that even I wanted to Wolverine, and right now I don't particularly want to," she replied, earning herself a dark glare and another growl. "Oh don't look at me like that, I know what you're going to do the second you get out of there but... I'm a little tender right now, I don't heal like you do," she reminded him, "Besides, I need Logan right now, and the only way to focus you is to piss you off, is he in there?"

"What the fuck do you want with the man, he's pathetic, weak, he can't protect you, and he won't fuck you, too much of a coward, he ran away instead and look where that ended us up, he can rot in that little corner of his own for all I care, I'm in control now, we do things my way now," Wolverine replied.

Marie smiled sadly, it was no secret to her that the two parts of Logan's psyche didn't like each other all that much. "He's your humanity, he's your conscience, your moral compass, your compassion and your caring, you need him, as much as he needs you, you both have your strengths, you both have your weaknesses. He's what made you stop, on that highway, and pick me up, he's what made you follow me when I ran and promise to take care of me, he's what made you sacrifice your own life to save me, he's the reason you have me at all. If he had been there last night, I wouldn't be hurting right now, you wouldn't be locked in this cell right now, I would be with you-" she raised her hand and pressed it to the glass, watching with a smile as he raised his own hand reflexively to press to hers on the opposite side of the glass.

"I can fix it, I can make you not hurt anymore," Wolverine said gruffly.

Marie chuckled with a smile; she knew that was as close to an apology as she would get from him. "I know but they won't let you out of here without Logan to keep you in check, and I'm siding with them, tell Logan he can come out now," she said again, leaning closer to the glass, until she had her forehead resting on it. Wolverine copied her stance, resting his forehead against the glass where hers was, if not for the glass in between them it would have been an intimate embrace.

"If he fucks this up I'll kick him back out, I swear to God, I'm done waiting, I'm done hiding, I want you and I'm going to have you, whether he likes it or not," Wolverine growled, as he worriedly regarded her.

"You've got no complaints from me there mister," Marie replied.

She watched as Wolverine moved, pressing a kiss to the glass before returning to rest his head, eyes closed, against hers. When his eyes opened, they were different, not as dark, or as deep, but easier to read. She saw the momentary panic when he saw her, followed quickly by relief as he took in his surroundings and realised where he was. "Marie."

"Hey Logan, I'm here, how you doing?" she teased.

"Been better," he replied with a chuckle, suddenly noting their positions he frowned, "Was Wolverine..."

"He was here, he's been in control the whole time you've been here, he refused to communicate with anyone else but I managed to talk him into letting you out," Marie explained.

"How did you manage that?" Logan asked with a grin.

"Hmm, I'm a woman, we have our ways," she replied coyly. "Also, I lied, I knew how to let you out," she added, as she moved away from him to the door pad and punched in the code Jean had told her.

The door slid open smoothly and Logan darted out the door and scooped her into his arms, before she could react, he had her up against the wall. "I knew," he growled, the touch of darkness she knew was Wolverine swirling in his eyes but not taking over.

"Sorry about that, it was the only way to get you to listen though," she said, enjoying the feeling of soft lips against hers.

"I know," he agreed, as his lips continued to kiss down her throat. He pulled away sharply when she hissed in pain as he bumped one of the bites on her shoulder, a shoulder that was now covered. "You're hurt?" Logan asked, furrowing his brow as if there was something he was supposed to know about that but he couldn't remember. Before she could stop him, he had tugged the neckline of her shirt off her shoulder, exposing the mark. "Fuck, what did... did I do that?" he demanded, equally to her as to Wolverine.

"Yeah, Wolverine did that," she murmured, blushing. A moment later she watched warily as Logan stepped away from her, mumbling curses as he ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

"What did you do, show me what you did," he was mumbling, clearly talking to Wolverine not her. When he froze, she knew Wolverine must be showing him, the look of horror that came over his face as he stood there, staring through her, brought tears to her eyes. "Oh god Marie, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he said a moment later, as he focused on her again.

"Please Logan, don't, it wasn't your fault, it's nothing that won't heal, I'm okay," Marie reassured him, moving towards him to close the distance he was trying to make between them. "If it's any consolation," she murmured, as she wrapped her arms around him tightly, "I would totally let you do it again, one day, not today, or tomorrow." She giggled at the look on Logan's face before he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her carefully but tightly.

"I have to see, show me what he did, you've got to be all kinds of hurting right now, and a rainbow of pretty colours," he huffed, pushing her back as he proceeded to peel off her shirt, her bra, dropping her skirt into a puddle at her feet, leaving her clad only in her panties and gloves. "Shit..." he breathed, steeling himself before he peeled the bandages off the worst bites, one of them was so deep Jean had suggested it might need a couple of stitches. He whined unconsciously, as he took in the damage his alter ego had done to her body; in the harsh light of day even Wolverine seemed to be second guessing him actions. Slowly, methodically, Logan went around her body, pressing a kiss to each bite, each bruise, the prickle of her skin and his healing sending each spot into a tingling spot of over sensitisation, and if he kept that up, she was going to orgasm again just from that touch.

He was only giving her enough healing at a time to set each small spot to repairing, and it felt amazing. When he was finished with all the marks on her back, the backs of her shoulders, and her hips, he gently turned her around, picked her up, and deposited her onto the bed she had been occupying before he had awoken. He kissed her on the lips hungrily when she hissed at the twinge of discomfort as he spread her legs apart and stepped between her thighs, before he worked soft healing kisses down the column of her neck. Her breasts were aching by the time he made his way down to them, the bite marks that were being disturbed by the tight puckering of her nipples were sending a pleasant throbbing sensation to her core; tenderness be damned she wanted him inside her, now!

Once every mark on her skin was gone, he rested against her, panting breathlessly, equally as aroused as he was exhausted from the transfer of energy and power. "Damn kid, look what you do to me," he murmured, chuckling into her hair as he leaned into her, moaning a moment later when she slid her hand along his shaft.

He hadn't let her touch him before, the only look she had gotten had been brief, and holy hell he was huge, no wonder she was sore! She ran her hand over him teasingly, tightening her grip with each stroke until he hissed through clenched teeth, she eased off a little but it looked like she'd found his preferred pressure, judging by his movements. He mumbled directions into her ear minutes later, telling her what he liked, what he wanted her to do.

"Stop, stop Marie, I'm gonna - oh FUCK!" He growled as he shot hot cum all over her stomach. "Sorry," he mumbled, as he panted into her shoulder, "Tried to warn ya."

Marie giggled in response, until he moved her to lie back across the bed, and quickly stripped her panties off. "Logan... as much as I'd love to tell you to go for it, Jean said to hold off for a few days..." The look on his face stalled her words.

"I need to see, darlin, all of it, I need to fix all of it," he told her softly, the look in his eyes telling her this was important to him. She didn't bother to answer with words, instead, with a nod, she parted her thighs. "Shit," Logan muttered again, an angry scowl on his face as he gently parted her folds with his fingers. He unsuccessfully tried to smother a grin a moment later, replying to her curious enquiry, "You weren't kidding you want me to go for it," he murmured, sliding a single finger into her wet core, chuckling when Marie's head fell back and she moaned loudly, trying not to buck against his hand.

"Tease!" she panted in return, when he removed the digit.

He leaned forward, pulling her upright again and kissing her soundly. She made to push him away when she felt her mutation surge to life and his powers began to flow, unchecked, along with another dose of his more recent memories. When he finally pulled away from her, swaying unsteadily, as she held him tightly to her so he wouldn't fall over, she heard him whisper into her shoulder, "Did you see?"

"Yeah, yeah Logan, I saw... I love you too," she whispered back.
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