Once Logan had recovered from the drain on his energy, he helped Marie re-dress, even though she felt fine now, not the slightest twinge of discomfort at all. She was sure it was simply an excuse for him to cop a feel, as his hands slid slowly over her ass, and completely unnecessarily held her bra cups in place while she secured the catch. So of course, she had to 'help' him dress too, from the pile of clothes Jean had left for him. Where they came from Marie wasn't quite sure, they weren't Scott's but as far as she knew Logan hadn't left anything behind when he left - except the one flannel shirt that lived in her room, the one she shamelessly stole while he was in the med lab after the statue and he let her keep.

As they headed, via elevator, to the main floor, intent on securing a hearty lunch, they were surprised to find the entire X-team waiting for them, though the only one who looked concerned was Scott, who was pacing a hole in the floor before he stopped to scowl darkly at Logan. If looks could kill, Logan would be dead, a dozen different ways, Marie tried not to consider the fact that if Scott removed his glasses, his look literally could kill.

"It is good to see you looking more yourself," Charles greeted Logan, who nodded solemnly in response. He wasn't sure how much the team knew about what had happened the night before between him and Rogue, though she said Jean had examined her so surely they must know what he had done. No one seemed in the least upset, except Scott, but as far as Logan could tell that was the guys default reaction whenever he was around.

"It's good to be back," Logan commented, though he wasn't sure what kind of back exactly he was referring to. Marie's hand slipped into his and immediately he brightened, it was amazing how much of an effect she could have on him with just a simple touch.

"We're just on our way to get food, did you need something?" Marie asked the assembled crowd.

"I was going to say, let us all have lunch, the private dining room is available," the Professor said, leading the way down the hall. I plentiful lunch was just being set out by the students on lunch duty for the day, they scurried out as soon as the last dish was set down, Jean locking the doors behind them. Logan couldn't help the mildly ominous feeling the action carried with it but as Marie sat down next to him and gently lay her hand on his thigh, shooting him a shy smile, he tried to let go of the feeling of dread settling over him. This was not going to be a comfortable meal, not for him at least.

As everyone settled in to eat, the chatter started comfortably, Ororo filled Marie in on the classes she had missed that morning and told her she could pick up notes and homework assignments from her office after school today. No one expected her to show up for the rest of the days’ classes either apparently.

"Logan, your old room is available for you for however long you decide to stay," Charles said, finally turning the conversation to Logan. "I would appreciate it if you would at least stay long enough for us to track down those running the laboratory that was holding you; do you have any idea how they found you?" was the first direct question.

"That base your intel pointed me to, I'd been there all right, that's where they did the metal procedure... it was a trap, as soon as I stepped foot in that room the whole place locked down, I was a sitting duck," Logan grumbled, picking at his meal half-heartedly.

"Do you have any idea what they were trying to do this time?" Jean asked.

"Not exactly, from what I overheard, my healing is apparently slower now than it was before the metal, they wanted to get me to heal faster, they were injecting me with something... whatever they were trying to do, it went wrong somehow, they stopped being able to inject me and then they started experimenting on ways to kill me," Logan finished with a grimace, that had been a fun however long it had been, admittedly he didn't remember much about it, he had locked himself away in the back of his mind and let Wolverine rage against them, he was better at it after all.

"So, you know your skin is intermittently impenetrable?" Jean asked.

With a nod Logan replied, "That's why they couldn't inject me anymore, the stuff in the injections, that was supposed to boost my healing, instead it got picked up by my healing and replicated-" he paused and held out his hand, as a pale white film seemed to come over his skin- "Some of it is adamantium, some of it is something my body has made to mimic the adamantium, don't really know how it works but I'm figuring out how to use it."

"Yeah, we saw," Scott muttered, from his seat opposite Logan.

"Scott," both Jean and Marie said warningly, though for slightly different reasons. Jean didn't want to see Scott and Logan blow up at each other, Marie knew Logan was still feeling guilty about touching her, hurting her, and she didn't want Scott to say anything that would make that worse. Scott said no more but continued to scowl into his plate.

"Look... what happened last night... that's between me and Marie but it won't happen again," Logan commented, though it did nothing ease the dark look Scott was still shooting him.

Thankfully the subject was dropped and conversation moved on to lighter topics until the meal was finished. As they left the dining room, and headed upstairs Marie was surprised when Scott called out for her to 'wait up' as they started down the hallway toward their respective rooms on the teacher’s floor.

"Not got anything to say to you, if you don't mind, this is a private conversation between me and Rogue," Scott snapped at Logan, when he stopped next to Marie to wait for him to catch up.

Marie sensed Logan's hackles go up as Wolverine rose to the surface. "It's okay," she said softly, laying her hand over his to stop him popping his claws, "I'll catch up," she assured him with a smile, her eyes pleading with him to not make a scene. With a nod to her Logan turned and continued on his way, he walked into her room, leaving the door open behind him Marie knew he was shamelessly eavesdropping.

"I don't like you being alone with him, not after what he did to you last night, he could have killed you," Scott started, in an angry whisper, almost a hiss, as he tried to keep his voice down so Logan couldn't hear him.

"Then I'd have died happy," Marie replied sarcastically. "Look, Scott, I'm not going to go into details of my sex life, definitely not last night, but Logan and I have sorted that out between us, Wolverine didn't mean to hurt me, he's feels almost as bad about it as Logan does, Logan was serious when he said it won't happen again, now, you're not my father, I'm a legal adult, I would appreciate it if you didn't try and control what happens in my bedroom, between myself and another consenting adult," she said pointedly.

Scott opened his mouth as if to object further but snapped his jaw shut at the look Rogue was shooting him. "Alright, okay, I'll trust you, but remember, your skin won't work against him anymore if you need to fight him off, don't try and control the situation on your own if you need help." He looked like he wanted to give her a hug but he refrained, instead waving and walking back away from her, before finally turning with a shake of his head and heading back down the stairs.

Marie wasn't at all surprised to see Logan standing in her doorway watching them, though the dark scowl, edged with shame, he was wearing concerned her. "What's wrong?" she queried, as she caught up to him. "Oh..."

She had forgotten the state of her room.

The sheet that was left on the bed was still sticky with blood and cum, the rest of the blankets thrown on the floor, clothes were strewn about, and several books and pages of class notes had been knocked off the desk, there was a crack in the plasterboard on one wall, along with a smear of blood.

"It looks worse than it is," she shrugged innocently. "Really Logan, you dumped the blankets on the floor, that's about it, the wall and that blood over there was yours from when Scott came in and blasted you across the room, we were kind of um... occupied when they smashed their way in," she commented, voice drifting off as she inspected the broken door and frame, there was no way that was going to close let alone lock. "Wolverine didn't take too kindly to being interrupted," she continued, "I didn't either, kinda left me hanging there. I guess the stuff got knocked off the desk during that... did you come up to my room naked?" she asked suddenly, noticing the distinct lack of men’s clothing in her room, "And Wolverine never did tell me how he got in here."

"Yeah, he came up naked, he came in through the window," Logan commented, pointing to a spot on the frame that now had a slight gap, just big enough for one of his claws to slide through, the window latch having been neatly sliced in two.

"Well," Marie said, after stripping the dirty sheet off the bed, "I can't stay in here, door won't shut, window won't lock, god only knows who might try creeping into my room in the middle of the night," she teased, "How do you feel about having a roommate?"

"I don't know if that's such a good idea Marie," Logan replied.

"Really, I think it's a perfect idea, that way neither of us has to sneak back to their own room before Daddy Cyclops busts us in the wrong room," she continued teasingly, drawing out the desired low growl she was fishing for from Wolverine at the mention of Cyclops.

"You drive a hard bargain darlin," Logan chuckled, "But promise me that you won't let me get out of control again, I will never gag you, ever, you need to scream for help you do it, if I try to gag you, drop me as fast as you can and get out," he said, she could see the genuine fear in his eyes, the shame, she was surprised to note, was back but not from Logan, from Wolverine.

"I promise Logan but you don't have to worry, it won't happen again, I'm yours, always, I'll never not be yours, just promise me you won't run from me again, I don't need to be protected from you, not when you're right here beside me. Promise me you'll always be mine?" Marie asked, a shy smile on her face as she prompted him to say the words he had already told her in her head.

"Always, Marie, I love you," Logan told her, tugging her into his arms and holding her tightly for good measure.

"Good, I love you too, now, if you're mine, someone kinda left me hanging right before one hell of an orgasm this morning, care to finish the job?" she asked coyly, before darting out of the room toward Logan's room. The growling chuckle that followed her told her he would be more than happy to help her out.
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