It took Logan three months to finish renovating the rooms the Professor had earmarked for Rogue, the two next along from his own room. Aside from letting Rogue pick the colours he was painting various rooms, Logan had neither told her, nor allowed Rogue to see, just what exactly he was doing, so she was absolutely busting with excitement on the Saturday of the morning he had told her everything would be ready.

She rushed onto the cafeteria at breakfast time, as quickly as she could with her expanding belly, knowing Logan that would be exactly where he was. True to form he was sitting at the teachers table eating, a second plate was sitting beside him ready for her, he'd been very particular about making sure she was eating, a lot, and often.

"Slow down kid, eat first," he told her before she could even ask about seeing the rooms. With a groan she sat down and began to eat, "Slow down, you'll give yourself a stomach ache, or throw up all that good food again later, your room's not going anywhere," Logan teased.

Half an hour later Logan led her, and a small gaggle of interested onlookers, mainly the other teaching staff, and a few of Rogue's friends who would no doubt be visiting regularly, up to the new suite.

It had originally been two large bedrooms, each with an ensuite and walk in wardrobe, from the hallway the only sign anything had changed was that one of doors had been removed. Rogue was a little disappointed to note it was the door between 'her room' and Logan's room.

He opened the door and stepped in backwards, watching her face closely as she followed him in, it took a moment for what she was seeing to filter through. This room was huge, to her left was a small kitchenette tucked into the corner, a sitting area was set up nearer to the large windows that bathed the room in sunlight, there was a bed slightly off to one side in the middle of the room, a doorway on the right led through to her own bathroom, then tucked in between the bathroom and a small internal hall, was a study area already set up with a desk and computer.

Down the hall there were two doors, the first opened into the nursery, that had been painted the soft yellows and purples Rogue had picked out after the twenty-week scan revealed she was having a girl. The nursery furniture was light, natural wood colour and matched nicely, not to mentioned there was literally every piece of furniture she could ever have possibly needed. A pile of soft toys on top of the dresser caught her attention, there were several teddy bears, a stuffed unicorn, a fluffy yellow duck, and a ragdoll that was obviously custom made if it's two tone hair, that matched her own, was anything to go by.

She was so overwhelmed by everything around her she almost forgot about the last door, she assumed it was just a cupboard but who knew what Logan might have hidden away in there. Her mouth dropped in surprise when she opened the door and realised it led directly into Logan's room. She turned to him questioningly.

"You’re going to need someone to help you with the baby, especially at night, consider me there," he said with a grin, adding, "I can wall it up again when it's no longer needed."

She threw her arms around his neck, as best she could, whispering so just he could hear her, "I'll never not need you." Logan just smiled in response before moving her back down the hallway and asking her to finally voice her thoughts on how he did.

"I love it!" she replied, thanking everyone who had a hand in the setup, right down to Jubilee for her provision of the fluffy yellow duck. Her biggest thanks were for Logan though, with all the changes that had been made she could understand why it had taken three months to complete, but it was definitely worth the wait.

An even bigger surprise came later, when she overheard Logan and the Professor at lunch discussing the suite. It turned out Logan had paid for a lot of the furniture, including all the nursery furniture, out of his own pocket, and was refusing the Professor's attempts to reimburse him.


She was lying on her new bed, in her new room, later that evening, it was almost dinner time but she was exhausted after packing all her belongings, with Jubilee and Kitty's help, and moving everything to the new room, with help from several of the boys. She had decided to take a nap before going down for food but so far hadn't been able to sleep. A knock sounded at the door and she called out a quick 'come in', expecting one of her friends bringing up something she had forgotten about in her move.

"Hey kid, thought you might be stuffed so I brought you up some dinner," Logan commented as he stepped into the room, the smell of Marie's favourite Chinese takeaways quickly filling the room. "What's wrong darlin?" he asked worriedly a moment later, as he set the food down and hurried over to her where she sat, suddenly sobbing, on the bed.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong, just stupid hormones," she said, laughing through her tears. "You're amazing Logan, you do so much for me and I can never thank you enough, and then you go and drive half an hour to get me dinner on top of everything else." She hugged him tightly.

"Thanks isn't necessary darlin," Logan replied, returning her hug. "Now that the waterworks have shut off, am I plating this or are we eating out of the boxes?" he asked, as he stood and returned the four steps across the room to the 'kitchen'.

"Boxes, saves doing dishes later," Marie answered with a smile.

They sat on the couch to eat, a TV mounted on the wall on the opposite side of the room providing them additional entertainment, though Marie was enjoying dozing cuddled up next to Logan. A sudden thought occurred to her and she mulled over it, until the next ad break when Logan muted the set and told her to spill; he always knew when she was thinking or wanted to ask questions.

"Well, don't take this the wrong way but this room is kinda cramped," she said, casting her eye over the abundance of furniture.

"Yeah, it is, it'll work better as a living room without the bed," Logan suggested, smothering a grin.

"I suppose," Marie replied, before posing curiously, "But then where would I sleep? A bed is probably more important than a living room."

"For eight months you're just gonna have to make do I guess," Logan replied with a shrug.

"And after eight months?" Marie asked curiously, Logan clearly had plans he wasn't being entirely forthcoming with.

"Well, after eight months either you'll be happy to stay like this, or maybe get rid of the couches, or we can get rid of the bed and you can come sleep in my room down the hall," he answered, "Up to you."

"... Why do I have to wait eight months to do that?" she asked, after a surprised pause.

"Because then you'll be eighteen," Logan added, still without looking at her.

"But... why do I have to be eighteen?" Marie asked confused, "Age of consent is seventeen, why can't I move in now?"

He finally turned to her. "Because I want you to take your time, and make this decision based on your own wants, not your needs. You'll *need* help with the baby, and I'm happy to help, but I don't want that to be the basis of our relationship, I want us to be together because you want *me* as much as I want you. If you move in now the others are likely to think I pressured you into it to help with the baby and I don't want that, not for you, not for us, we have plenty of time to take it slow. ... Also, I'm a bit of an asshole when it comes to women sharing my bed and I don't think that would be a good thing for you in your current condition," he said, with a pointed stare at her belly.

"Are you implying you want to have sex with me?" Marie asked cheekily.

"Yes, yes I am," Logan replied bluntly, with a grin.

"And what if I wanted to have sex with you too?" she asked, "It seems to me now would be a perfect time for it, I can't get any more pregnant after all," she chuckled.

"That is a fair point but I can't do all the things I want to do to you with baby in the way, also, the idea of having sex with a chick who's got another human inside her is a little, unsettling..." Logan admitted, growling good naturedly when Marie laughed at him. "Besides, there's better things to do right now, like this, this is good," he added, cuddling her closer to him, sighing contentedly when she lay her head back down on his chest and he could kiss the top of her head.


Logan offered to take Marie into town to the mall a couple of weeks later, she wanted to stock up on baby clothes now, and she needed some more maternity clothes for herself too. Somehow he ended up with Jubilee and Kitty in tow but they admitted they really just wanted a ride to the mall, they were going to shops Marie wouldn't be and they didn't expect him to hang around and wait for them to be finished, they had already organized for someone else to pick them up.

The girls did tag along with them for a while, mainly because they wanted to squeal at all the tiny baby clothes apparently, tiny socks seemed to be their favourites if the pitch of their squeals was anything to go by. Logan was glad when they were finally gone, Marie too it seemed when she sank down into a thickly padded rocking chair on display as soon as they were gone.

The sight of Marie in the chair reminded him that that was one thing missing from the nursery, he had been reading up with Marie about new babies and parenting. A chair in the nursery would be helpful for getting baby back to sleep in the middle of the night, it looked comfortable for breastfeeding too, which Marie was adamant she was going to try, and succeed at.

They ended up buying the chair, and its matching footstool, along with a baby capsule, stroller, and enough clothes for a tribe of African pygmies - all the books and forums mentioned babies pooping themselves, a lot - they bought cloth diapers, and some disposables too. Marie added a breast pump and baby bottles, at Logan's insistence, it would make feeding baby less obtrusive for Marie if he could feed baby pre-pumped milk while Marie was in classes, or overnight so she could sleep.

Once they had all the baby stuff, they moved on to shopping for Marie clothes. She had discovered the joys of yoga pants and boy did she ever understand why so many moms wore them - they were so comfy - but hers had stretched as far as they could around her baby belly so she needed to find something new. Thankfully the store they went to had maternity yoga pants, so she bought several pairs. She also bought maternity tops that doubled as breastfeeding tops, and a couple of dresses, including one Logan picked out - his choice was a little clingier than she would have picked for herself but the way his eyes lit up when he grinned down at her sizable baby bump, before running a hand gently over her belly, definitely made it worth it.

That was the one thing that had surprised her most, she was used to, and Logan's own memories confirmed, his movements always being direct, deliberate, precise, firm and controlled. Except when it came to her. Right back from that very first time he had wrapped his arm around her on the train and hugged her, she knew from his own thoughts that that had been when he had realised she was special to him, he wanted to take care of her, for no other reason than he liked her, and she liked him.

But the tenderness he showed her bump, the casual gentle touches, took his care to a whole new level. He wasn't touching to comfort, or even to confirm his presence, he was just touching because he could, because he felt like it. The Logan in her head told her it was Wolverine's way of bonding with the baby, and proving to her that he wasn't a threat to her offspring. That alone made her feel even more content and happy, that he cared enough to be planning ahead and preparing in that way. It made her believe he was telling the truth when he had told her that it didn't matter that the baby wasn't biologically his, he really did love it because it was hers.

She opted to change into her comfier new clothes as soon as they were paid for, better fitting leggings and the dark green patterned 'Logan dress', before they continued shopping. They stopped at a few more stores, before grabbing lunch in the food court where they bumped onto Jubilee and Kitty again. They left when they were finished lunch, neither noticing the shadowed figure who watched them from a distance as they drove away.
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