Logan growled dangerously, not that there was any need, it was only him and his frustration in the chilly truck. 'And that scent,' his brain helpfully added. He couldn't get his mind off the girl he'd seen at the bar. Sweet, innocent little thing, barely more than a child, by the world’s standards at least, but a child that his brain kept reminding him had already blossomed into a woman. He growled again as a crystal clear image of sizable, perky tits, pressing against the fabric of her tight sweater filled his mind. Not to mention the legs, encased in denim and partially hidden under the dark green coat she'd been wrapped in, but plenty of leg to wrap around his waist while he...

He shook his head violently, clamping the cigar tighter between his teeth, chewing lightly on the end in an effort to distract himself. It wasn't his fault really, the Wolverine loved nothing more than winding down after a fight with a good fuck but the female pickings at the last bar, and the several before that, had been slim. If he could just get that intoxicating scent out of his head he would be able to think clearer.

He cracked the window open a little to let the crisp, fresh, pre-dawn air into the cabin, simultaneously cranking the heater as high as it would go to at least take the edge off the winter air. As he settled back in his seat, adjusting his too tight jeans in the process, he felt the vehicle shift slightly, unnaturally. He didn’t think much of it, it could have been any number of things, maybe he'd driven over a frozen pinecone buried under the snow slurry... No, there it was again, and his sensitive ears picked up a quiet crackle from the frosted tarpaulin in the trailer hitched to the back of his camper.

He eyed the offending material in the wing mirror as he slowly rolled to a stop.

Dropping his cigar into the open ashtray on the dashboard he climbed out, warily approaching the rear of the vehicle, last thing he wanted to do was disturb some feisty wild animal. He'd just stepped past the back of the camper when a gentle breeze wafted toward him, surrounding him with a surprisingly familiar scent. Sure enough, he watched the tarp rise and fall gently, along with gentle shudders consistent with a person shivering.

Hauling back the tarp he exposed a head of curly, chestnut hair, a face tentatively raised until the girl met his eyes. Seeming unsure of what to do she stayed otherwise still, until Logan moved forward and hauled her bag out of the trailer, dumping it unceremoniously on the ground before demanding her out.

"Where am I supposed to go?" the girl asked, boldly, as he started to walk away from her towards the cab.

"Don't know," he stated, without faltering.

"You don't know or you don't care?" the girl asked.

Grinning at her sass Logan called back, "Pick one," as he swung himself into his seat, slamming the door shut behind him.

Before he had even got the truck back in gear the girl had already hefted her bag and was following after him. He watched her in the rear-view mirror as he rolled away, chuckling to himself when not only did she not stop walking but she even flipped him off as he got further away from her. Then another idea popped into his head, he stopped the truck again - even as an unusually meek voice suggested this was not a good idea - waiting for the girl to wander up to where he had paused.

"Where you going kid?" he asked.

"What do you care," she muttered.

"I don't," he started, "But the next town's not for twenty miles and with that storm rolling in-" he motioned to the thick grey clouds building on the horizon- "There's not likely to be anyone else coming by before you freeze to death."

The girl stopped, regarding him cautiously before asking, "What'll it cost me?"

"What are you willing to offer," Logan countered.

"I don't have any money..." the girl started.

"There are other forms of payment," Logan responded, watching as the girl blushed scarlet at his words.

"I'm not a whore," the girl bit out, fire in her eyes as she glared at him.

"It's your funeral," Logan replied, slipping the truck back into gear and allowing it to begin rolling forward again. He was just about to admit defeat, as the camper rolled fully past the girl, when he heard her shout.


Stopping, he looked back to her, where she still stood rooted to the spot he'd left her at.

"Well?" he asked.

"I'll... I'll do a blow job," she mumbled, blushing again.

Logan considered her offer before shrugging. "That'll get you to the next town," he stated. He didn't mention that the next ‘town’ was literally just a gas station and a diner beside the highway. "You coming?"

He watched the girl hurry behind the camper, reaching over he pushed the passenger door open as she approached. Grabbing her bag, he chucked it behind the seat as the girl pulled herself into the vehicle, slamming the door behind her.

Logan put the truck back in gear and continued down the road, watching the girl from the corner of his eye as she tried to warm her hands while simultaneously avoiding looking at him. Her thick dark hair, though tangled slightly from the breeze, fell about her face. She had a beautiful face, still faint traces of baby fat, a cute little button nose, plump pouty lips, and dark, wide open, eyes.

He turned back to the road and, spotting a layby up ahead, he roughly shoved his conscience back into the dark recesses of his mind allowing his lust to surge forward as he pulled off the road. He put the vehicle in park, leaving the engine running for heat. Sliding his seat back so she'd have more room he turned back to the girl. "Last chance kid."

She swallowed nervously, looking out towards the snowy road. "You got a condom?" she eventually asked.

"Nope," he replied. He did but the Wolverine inside his head was demanding he mark her in some way, any way, and his scent on her from swallowing his cum would do for now.

"I... I've never done this before," she whispered, fiddling with her gloves.

"It's easy darlin, just bring those gorgeous lips over here, wrap them round my cock and do what I tell you.” Logan tried not to growl as he pulled off his belt and opened his jeans. Lifting his hips to slide them down enough, he grunted in relief as his cock sprung out, already at attention. He motioned the girl closer when he noticed she still hadn't moved. "Sit up on your knees ... that's it darlin, now lean over, yeah you can put your hand there ... use your other hand to hold it in place ... take your time and explore for a while first, figure out what you like," Logan tried to encourage her, without rushing her, he'd let her get comfortable before he started showing her what he liked.

Her tongue snaked out and gently licked the head of his cock, before swirling around it, after a few maddeningly tentative touches he felt her hot wet mouth close around the head. "Fuck yeah, keep using that tongue too darlin, and suck it ... yeah, just like that ... and when you're ready take more, as much as you can..."

He let her play, he could feel she could take more of him though, she was barely getting more than the head. After a few minutes he moved his hands to her head, gathering her hair up in one hand so he could watch his engorged flesh moving in and out of her hot, wet mouth. He started guiding her into a steady rhythm, bobbing her head, going a little deeper with each downward stroke.

He was almost there, the girl was scenting aroused now, her fear down to just the barest hint, it was time to take this up a notch Logan decided, heart hammering in his chest, rock hard erection demanding more. As he guided her head down again, he thrust his hips up, his cock sliding down her throat, past her gag reflex. He held her head down as he thrust into her throat a few times before releasing her enough so his cock slipped back into her mouth and she could draw in a few deep breaths, the fear in her scent had spiked momentarily but was now returning to normal.

"Keep sucking darlin... just like that..."

He thrust deep into her throat again, withdrawing as he drew her head up, before thrusting deep again as he brought her head down, he was close, almost there. A few more thrusts, and with a deep rumbling growl, he felt his release spill down her throat as he held her tight. As he started to come down his brain quickly reminded him, she couldn't breathe in that position and he released his grip on her somewhat, before instructing her to suck him clean. Finally, he allowed her to sit up, her mouth coming away from his still stiff but somewhat sated flesh with a soft pop.

"Well damn darlin, not bad for a first time," he grinned, taking in the flush of her cheeks and her red swollen lips as she caught her breath.

"Um... thanks, I guess," she mumbled, sitting back in her seat and returning to stare back out her window. "How long until we get to the next town?" she asked a little hoarsely.

"About an hour, assuming the weather doesn't pack up too much," Logan stated. Putting himself back in his jeans, trying to keep the lid firmly jammed shut on the shitload of regret that was trying to burst out from where he had shoved his conscience, he slammed the truck back in gear and pulled back out onto the highway.

They drove in silence for the next hour, soft flakes of snow beginning to fall as a run-down diner came into view. "I need to stop for gas, and then I'll shout you breakfast, that okay with you?" Logan asked, not looking at the girl.

"Sure," she answered, sounding a little more confident, more like the sassy little thing he'd pulled out of his trailer earlier that morning.

He pulled up to the lone pump, pumped his gas, and went inside to pay before returning to the truck. The girl was still there, he grinned and gave his initial regret a mental finger. He pulled the truck 20 metres down the road, to stop outside the diner, before shutting the truck off again.

"Is this it?" the girl asked, looking around the ‘town'.

"Yep, this is it," Logan confirmed, quickly hopping out of the truck before she could see his grin. He heard the other door open and close, listening as her soft footfalls moved around the vehicle. She followed him inside and towards a booth, sitting down stiffly across from him and glaring out the window. A chunky waitress, too happy to be living and working in such a piss poor excuse of a town, stopped by their table with a pot of steaming coffee and asked what she could get for them.

Logan looked over at the kid, trying to decide if he should ask her what she wanted or just order for her. Her dark look made him think better of asking so he ordered for the both of them, anything she didn't eat he could finish. As he sipped at the strong black coffee, he watched the girl’s expression soften to a resigned look. The waitress returned and put down a steaming cup of hot cocoa in front of the girl, and a small dish of marshmallows, which the girl accepted with a grateful smile.

When the waitress was far enough away to be out of earshot the girl looked up at him. "How much to the next town? Preferably one with a supermarket," she regarded him, looking little more than mildly annoyed.

"Well now darlin, that's almost a day’s drive, though I suppose I am heading that way anyway...” He paused, regarding her closely before he made his suggestion, one he'd been waiting for ever since the idea first occurred to him to take her with him. "How about, I take you there, and even put you up for the night in a motel but ... I get that night, whatever I want goes, I'll even be nice and let you get a decent night’s sleep, what do you say?"

He tried not to let the feral grin show on his face, as the girl across from him considered his offer. She still hadn't given him an answer when their food arrived, and he briefly wondered if she'd forgotten his proposal as he watched her begin to shovel food into her mouth. They ate in silence until the girl started to get full, at which point the pensive, calculating look came back and Logan realised she was back to considering his offer as she picked over the rest of the food on her plate. Finally, she stopped, looked him dead in the eye and spoke.

"How long are you planning on being in the next town?" she asked.

"I will be leaving the next town day after tomorrow," Logan answered truthfully, "Should get there tonight about seven, unless the weather improves, there's a few places I'm hitting up for fights tomorrow and the day after, I'll be leaving straight from the fights the second night," he clarified in detail.

"Alright, you take me to the next town but I want a motel room for two nights, you get your night, then you leave me alone the second night," she set out determinedly.

Logan smirked, pleasantly surprised by her sass. "Fair enough, two nights it is.” He could live with that, it would mean he'd be able to indulge himself more the first night if he didn't have to worry about where she'd end up the second night, but why was that something he was worried about..?

Finishing up his coffee he suggested the girl go freshen up. Ten minutes later they were both back in the truck and rolling back onto the lightly snow dusted highway. For now, it looked like the real snow was going to hold off, it would make for a quicker trip, which Logan couldn't help being pleased about; it would mean his night lasted longer.
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