Marie wasn't seen around the mansion for another week, Logan was spotted a few times, mostly on the hunt for food. Jean stopped by their room several times to check up on them, and attempted to assuage the raunchy rumours doing the rounds by confirming they were on doctor ordered R&R - they did both almost die, several times, in one day, after all.

Six months later the pair disappeared without warning, returning in secret in the wee hours of the following morning. The next day both were spotted sporting matching wedding bands. Much like all else with their relationship, their 'wedding' passed with no thoroughfare.

With the Brotherhood now well out of the way - Magento and Mystique dead, Sabretooth, while technically alive thanks to his healing factor, was in an unexplainable coma - Logan agreed to them leaving the mansion for a time. A summer trip to Alaska, with an eighteen-month-old Jesse in tow, was their first stop. They were back by the end of July, neither voicing it but both seemingly content to make the mansion their home permanently.

The clincher came one dinnertime in the dining room. Marie was feeding Jesse his dinner as he sat beside her in his highchair, trying to keep as much of his ‘food mush', as Logan referred to it, out of his hair as she could, when Logan suddenly spoke.

"Hey Marie, you remember you said you wanted to wait a couple of years before giving Jesse a little sister?" he asked, completely out of the blue. The entire table paused in their eating, and turned to the pair.

"Yes..." Marie answered hesitantly, trying to figure out where Logan was going with his comment.

"Two's a couple, right?" Logan asked, brow furrowed as if confused.

"Yeah..." Marie confirmed, still confused.

"Good, Jesse should be two by the time she gets here," Logan commented smugly, before going back to eating his meal.

It took Marie a minute to get what he said, her eyes widening comically when she realised. "No! No way?" she asked in disbelief, a grin starting to break through as she considered the possibility, she hadn't had a period but they had been doing it enough to probably have skipped that step, she could admit.

"Positive," Logan replied, "Except for the part about it being a girl, it'll probably be a couple of months before we know that one."

"I'm pregnant?" Marie asked directly, still struggling to accept that statement.

"Yep," Logan confirmed, with a smug grin. A moment later Marie threw her arms around his neck, squealing excitedly. Before the whole table erupted in cheers and congratulations.


Seven months later the stillness of the Med Lab was broken once again by the shrill cries of a new-born baby. This time however as the gorgeous mess of black haired, blue eyed baby was brought forth, she was laid directly into the waiting arms of her father. Marie watched the adoring look of absolute awe that settled on Logan's face, as he took in all the details of the not so tiny little girl. He had seen all the photos of Jesse's birth and early life but seeing the brand new, tiny human they had made, in person, was clearly a whole new experience.

"She's perfect darlin'," Logan told her, turning his adoring look onto Marie. "I love you," he reminded her, again, as he kissed her sweaty forehead, "You're perfect, thank you for putting up with me, thank you for being an amazing momma."

"She's an amazing momma alright," Jean commented from across the room where she was filling in charts. "I don't know how you do it Marie but your babies are huge, nine pound one, at forty weeks exactly, that is very impressive."

"Is that big?" Logan asked, "Shit I thought she was tiny," he chuckled, running a finger over the tiny fingers that were gripping his thumb tightly.

"Average weight for a forty-week baby is seven-point six pound, even Jesse, born at thirty-six weeks was almost that big, he should have been closer to five point eight. Your babies are little chunky monkey's, and here comes the rest of the zoo," Jean added, as Logan heard Jesse's baby chatter begin to filter from the hall as he approached.

She left the little family a moment later, as Jesse joined his parents to say hello to his little 'blobby', as he had nicknamed the baby after seeing the ultrasound image of his sister. She was happy for them, especially Logan, he deserved this happiness, and long may it last for all of them. Her own baby gave her a kick, to remind her she would be in Marie's place in only a few short months.
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