Author's Chapter Notes:
~~ Denotes dream sequence.
~~ He felt himself drift back to consciousness slowly, a pounding in his head despite the fact the head injury he had sustained must have been well healed by now. The fuzziness he could feel all over reminded him of the after effects of tranquilising drugs, he'd been out long enough to be moved, so it wasn't unreasonable to assume whoever had him had drugged him.

He quashed the momentary thrill of panic that welled inside him as he realised wherever he was he was tied down, and damn well to. He appeared to be lying on the floor, cold hard concrete behind him, with heavy cuffs securing all four limbs spread eagle to the floor. Focusing himself to gather as much information on his surroundings as he could, he was interrupted by a soft voice out of the darkness above his head.

"Hi Wolverine, don't worry, it's only me and you down here."

"Rogue? That was the fucking Brotherhood?!" he commented, mostly rhetorically, in response.

"Yep, it was indeed," came the voice again, "You're a real hard man to take down so they needed to catch you alone, took the whole damn lot of them to get you too." There was a spark of awe on her voice as she told him that.

"Great, what do you want?" he asked irritably. How had he managed to get taken by surprise by that bunch of buffoons?

"What do I want? Oh sugar, we aren’t here for what I want, though..." she started coyly, stepping into his line of sight to give him an appraising once over. "You have information, and I've been tasked with getting that information, I'm sure you can figure out how that is going to go, so why don't we do this the easy way and you just tell me and we can spare you the pain and humiliation of having your brain ripped out through you skin, hmm?" she asked, a bitterness entering her tone as she detailed her part in this nefarious plot.

"That all depends darlin, what do you want to know?" Logan asked, he probably wouldn't tell her, purely on principal, but he knew things that really shouldn't get back to the Brotherhood - he might be able to hide from telepaths but from Rogue, he wasn't so sure.

Rogue answered nonchalantly, as she twisted a lock of hair around one dangerously un-gloved hand, while she seated herself delicately on his chest, running her free hand a hairs breadth away from his skin, tracing his face.

"Sorry darlin, can't help you there, wouldn't have a clue," he replied. If he was lucky she might just believe him, because that was a piece of information that really shouldn't be ending up in their hands.

"Damnit Wolverine, why did you have to lie! I don't want to do this anymore than you do, just give me the goddamn information so I can let you go!" The bitter edge was back to her voice, indicating to him she was telling the truth, though he didn't know her well enough to know how good she was at lying, he wasn't going to fall for it if it was a ruse.

"Sorry sweetheart, can't give you info I don't have," he grunted past the weight on his chest.

She stood up furiously, stalking the cell angrily as she was obviously considering her options.

"Xavier's not going to save you," she said suddenly, turning back to him. "We know he can't track you, that's why you were picked, we know he can't track me either, that's why me and you are the only one's here sugar, there's no one else to attract his attention. I have orders to do whatever is necessary to get this information out of you, all the way down to sucking the very last piece of your mind out of your head, do you really think you'll survive that? As anything more than a vegetable?" she queried.

"Do you think you will?" Logan asked, he had to admit he was curious about how his mutation would react to hers, at the same time he wouldn't wish on his worst enemy - and she was far from that - the images in his head.

She faltered for a split second, before steeling herself. "I guess we'll find out, to the victor go the spoils... but now I have a dilemma, how, oh how am I going to do this...? I think I need more options first, what do you think?" she asked, as she pulled out a switchblade.

He was confused for a moment, he knew she wasn't going to torture him physically, there would be no point, it had already been tried before and he wouldn't break, she must know that. His confusion was cleared up a moment later when she used the knife to begin slowly cutting away his clothing, steadily exposing more and more of his skin ready for her touch. It didn't take long for him to end up fully naked, she'd giggled as she peeled off his pants and appreciatively commented about going commando.

"Well fuck it, if I'm doing this I may as well have fun doing it, right?" she commented, kneeling over his waist as she slowly ran her hands over his bare chest, giving him the first taste of her mutation. "Let me know if you remember the answer to my question," she purred, as she continued to touch him, alternating covered and uncovered touches, giving him time to recover between drains so he didn't pass out.

He could tell she was simultaneously trying to keep his mind on her question, at the same time as distract him with her touches. When her hand closed around his cock, he jerked sharply, though whether it was from shock that she would actually go there, the stab of pain that shot through his core from her mutation, or the fact that his traitorous flesh proudly rose to the occasion, he wasn't quite sure.

Her touches changed then, though it took him a while to notice, she was no longer so intent on draining him, not through his skin at least, as her mouth closed around his cock. The drain stopped when she removed her hands, her hot little mouth apparently didn't drain. A brief thought about mucous membranes and the surface tension of liquids momentarily distracted him, before he locked down his mind again to try and stop any stray thoughts transferring to her.

She crawled up his body a minute later, smiling sweetly at the growl he released at the loss of stimulation. "Patience Wolverine, behave yourself and you'll get a little treat, want a taste?" she teased, as she sank down onto him, rolling her hips to crush his cock between them.

"Fuck!" he grunted as he struggled to keep himself under control. She seemed to sense his weakness, lifting herself up she retrieved the switchblade and cut a small hole in the crotch of the leggings she was wearing. Positioning herself over him she slowly began to lower herself onto him, he growled at the bizarre feeling of being drawn into her, both into her wet heat, and through her skin as she held his cock in place, until she released her hold on him and sank to the hilt.

"Oh God," she moaned loudly, freezing for a moment to adjust to his size. Slowly she began to undulate on him, seeming to forget she was supposed to be draining him, giving him time to recover from her drains so far. It didn't last long before her hands began to run over him again. "You haven't forgotten the purpose of this exercise I hope," she panted, as she moved against him.

"I was kinda hoping you had, this would feel a lot better if you weren't draining me," he grunted between gritted teeth. "Fuck you're so tight," he panted, when she moved her bare hands away from him again.

She increased her pace as she moved over him. "Fuck it, we can keep going later," she murmured, as she moaned loudly and began to ride him harder. Her cries were echoing around what must be a bare concrete room, turning him on even more; god he was so fucked up to be getting turned on by this.

He felt her start to come before she collapsed against his chest, missing the beginning of the drain as her skin came in contact with his again. As her internal muscles began to clench around him as she came, he gave up all pretence of playing the passive role, he couldn't hold her but that didn't stop him from bucking up into her hard several times until he... ~~

He woke with a start, hard as rock, his body begging for release. James was stirring in the box crib he'd set up for him earlier that day, from the smell of it he needed a fresh diaper. With a groan, and a pained wince, he got up to collect what he needed to take care of baby first, he'd sort himself out later.
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