Rogue woke in the deep of the night, a pleasant solid warmth pressed up against her back and a heavy arm laid over her waist.

"I've already changed him, he's hungry," Logan murmured in her ear, as James grizzled quietly again. He was, unsurprisingly, very adept at telling baby’s cries apart.

Extracting herself from the bed Rogue moved over to the crib with a smile, she picked up the tiny boy as his big blue eyes opened to stare at her. She climbed back into bed, propping her pillow up against the head board before she sat back to feed baby. Logan shifted closer to her as she did, resting his head on her thigh, right next to James, while he suckled.

In the two weeks since she had been brought to the mansion, and then been promptly moved into Logan's room, they had gotten a lot more comfortable around each other. Or rather, she had gotten more comfortable around him, true to his word he didn't seem to have a problem with her. Logan showered her with affection, soft touches, gentle words, like he was trying to gain the trust of a skittish wild animal. It had worked, they were almost like any comfortably in love couple, she could almost forget entirely what had led to them ending up in this situation, though she could now admit, the end result hadn't been half bad.

Once James was back in his crib, snoring away again softly, she crawled back into bed with Logan. Since his initial statements alluding to their time in the cell and his thoughts on the matter, he had made no further move to engage her physically. At first, she had been uncertain, thinking he hadn't meant what he had said, until the Logan in her head quietly admitted he was waiting on her, trusting her to let him know when she was ready to take things further. She couldn't argue with the logic of that idea, though if he had tried to take her that very first night, she would have let him, not because she wanted it, but because she thought she owed it to him for what she had done to him.

Now though, now she wanted it, she just wasn't sure how to initiate without the guilty feeling returning. Silently she rolled over until she was facing Logan in the cage of his arms, he watched her curiously as she did, a small smile tugging at his lips. As she slid her hand up his covered chest and over his shoulder, her leg slowly slid up to rest over his hip. It didn't take long for him to catch on to what she was trying to do.

Gently his lips came down to meet hers, pressing soft quick kisses to her lips, quick enough not to get zapped by her skin. She jumped when his hands slid under her shirt, until she realised he was wearing gloves. That was another thing that had taken some getting used to for her, since her mutation had manifested it had always been up to her to protect others from her skin by covering up, even around other mutants. Not Logan though, he made sure he was clothed and gloved, and encouraged her often to strip off extra layers, especially when she was holding James, the only person she knew she could safely touch.

It wasn't long before all other thoughts fled and she could only focus on the feelings being stoked inside her. She tried to object when she felt him gently begin to undress her but stopped when he shushed her and whispered, "Trust me," before continuing. Using his gloves, and strategically placed pieces of fabric, Logan soon had her trembling and gasping as she came down from the high that was a spectacular orgasm.

She mewled in disappointment when he moved away from her but he was back quickly, rolling them over so she was on top. Slowly he moved her to sit astride him, noting the sudden shameful look on her face as she took in their positions, the only difference this time around was that he was clothed and she wasn't; that and the fact he wasn't chained down and unable to get away from her this time.

"Don't look like that sweetheart, you look beautiful up there," Logan murmured, his hands skimming up her waist to fondle her breasts, careful to avoid too much stimulation to the lactating tissue, though she had just fed baby so they should be fairly empty. He coaxed her into moving, placing his hands on her hips to grind her against the straining erection still in his pants, it didn't stay hidden for long.

"Please... I need more," Rogue whispered, biting her lip as she tried to stifle a moan so as not to wake the sleeping baby.

Boosting her up a little to give himself working room, Logan carefully cut a slit in the front of his sweatpants, before shoving his dick through the hole, and pulling her back into place to straddle him again. He stopped guiding her then, waiting and watching as she struggled to make the next move. "Come on Rogue, you know you want it, it's all yours sweetheart," he encouraged.

"M- Marie," she stuttered, tears in her eyes. She hadn't told anyone her name in years, but now, for Logan, she was ready to be Marie again. She wanted to be the sweet and kind and compassionate girl she had been, not a tough as nails hard-ass who was secretly terrified of everything around her. "My name is Marie."

Logan smiled up at her. "Hi Marie, nice to finally get to meet you," he replied, his hand on her thigh, stroking her softly.

Returning his smile with one of her own Marie slowly sank down onto his length, both of them moaning quietly at the sensation. Her hands came down to rest on his covered chest, as she rode him in a maddeningly slow and gentle pace that had them both wishing for more. His own hands however moved to her hips to stop her from increasing the speed of their movements, both enjoying the connection as old wounds healed. Eventually Logan guided her hips to change the angle of penetration, thrusting into her harder, though at the same casual speed.

Just as she felt herself begin to come Logan pulled her forward, claiming her lips in a heated kiss, swallowing her moans as he thrust into her jerkily, joining her in bliss. When she came down from her high, she was lying against has chest, head resting over his still hammering heart. They lay still for a moment before Logan rolled them back over to lay side by side on the bed again, with a grin he claimed her lips again, this time kissing her long and deep. It took several moments for them both to realise nothing was happening.

Glancing across at her curiously Logan had to ask, "Can you control it?" The X-Men's intel on her had suggested otherwise, a fact which Marie confirmed a moment later.

"I can understand why I can touch James, he's part me after all, but why you?" she wondered aloud.

"Well, he's part you but he's also part me, maybe that's why?" Logan suggested.

"But my mutation worked on you before, in the desert, that was after James was born and I could touch him..." she reminded him.

"Yeah, but you were badly injured then, maybe your mutation over rode the recognition because it knew I could fix you," Logan replied. "Regardless of the whys and wherefores," he added with a mischievous grin, "It means I can do a lot more of this." His lips claimed hers again for another searing kiss, before he pulled away breathlessly and tugged off a glove with his teeth. He began to methodically explore her naked body with his own bare skin, they didn't get much sleep for the rest of the night.

After a particularly loud gasping moan was wrenched from the woman now under him, baby James jumped awake and began to wail. "Definitely need to talk to Chuck and get the kid his own room," Logan groaned, drawing a giggle from Marie.
Chapter End Notes:
And they lived happily ever after.
The End.
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