Story Notes:
I found several stories when I was cleaning up my external HD. They were written at least a decade ago, and are not good, lol, but I figured I'd post them up for anyone who was bored to peruse and critique.
Merry Christmas I guess!
Author's Chapter Notes:
This story was a sequel to a story posted under my original pen name, glovegrrl. That story is called Postmark, and can be found here

Inspired by:
Song: Here I am
Artist: Bryan Adams- Spirit soundtrack
Logan slipped silently through the now empty corridors of the mansion. He hadn’t been gone long so nothing much had changed, though it looked like someone recently set fire to one of the walls in the foyer, hardly unexpected in a place that housed at least one mutationally inclined pyromaniac.

He wasn’t interested in that though, he was looking for the reason he had returned, and she was in one of the rooms in this hall.

He singled out the room without much trouble. It was at the farthest end of the corridor, separated from the rest of the occupied rooms by a few empty ones.

He tried the handle but it was bolted shut, he momentarily considered introducing the soft steel to adamantium but quickly decided against it. He had a feeling they’d be in need of that lock in the not too distant future, so he would have to find another way into the room.

It didn’t take long to suss out another entry point, out the window, along the roof and onto the small balcony outside of her room. The french doors opened easily and noiselessly.

Logan closed the door behind him so the chilly early fall breeze wouldn’t wake the rooms sleeping occupant. She certainly was a sight for sore eyes.

As much as he had, originally, hated to admit to himself, he had missed her, a lot, and had found it hard to stay away for so long but he knew if he returned he wouldn’t be able to control himself around her. As of five minutes ago, he didn’t have to worry about that anymore, she was legal, an adult, and if she would have him, he sure as hell wanted her.

His plan had been to slip in here, wake her up, and have his way with her. That thought disappeared completely, well almost completely, as soon as he spied her lithe form laid across the bed.

She look like an angel, or what he decided one would look like, and he couldn’t find it in himself to wake her, she looked too peaceful, too perfect to disturb. Her eyes gently closed, a smile on her lips even as she slept, her hair draped across the pillows. One bare arm draped across her blanket covered body, the other hand tucked under her chin, loosely clutching at the dog tag around her neck.

Once he had looked his fill, he took in the rest of the room, it was sparsely furnished, a bed, desk, chair, a ratty old couch and that was about it. The CD he had sent her was nowhere to be seen, in fact there were virtually no personal items in the room besides a computer, and a pair of gloves on the arm of the couch next to the door. She had either just moved in, or she wasn’t expecting to stay for long.

“Mmm, Logan?...”

He turned at the sound of her voice, expecting to see she had woken and discovered him. She was still asleep. Her face had lost the smile which had graced it moments before, a slight frown creasing her brow.

“Where are you?” she murmured softly.

Two steps brought him to the bedside, where he sat down next to her, a still gloved hand running through her soft hair.

“I’m here Marie,” he whispered.

She shifted as the bed dipped beside her. “... can’t find you...” Marie mumbled, her hand tightening around the tag in her hand.

“Open your eyes darlin’,” Logan said, trailing one finger across her cheek, watching as it continued of it's own volition down her neck and across her shoulder.

The sensation and the verbal suggestion started a physical response and Marie's sleepy eyes fluttered open, the dark chocolate looking up at him in momentary confusion. The smile slowly returned to her lips.

“You’re back!" Marie opened her mouth to say more but her mouth snapped shut again, the frown returning. All of a sudden she sat up.

“How did you get in here?” she demanded.

Logan grinned. “Through the window.”

Marie scrambled out of bed, taking half the blankets with her and tripping over them in her haste. At the window she stopped, a slight widening between the frames where a blade had passed to slice the catch in two confirmed what he said.

The light switched on suddenly, blinding Logan for a few seconds before his eyes adjusted.

“Logan!” Marie almost squealed as she launched herself at him. “How long have you been back, what took you so long, I’ve been worried about you, the letter arrived three weeks ago...”

Logan grinned, gently covering her mouth to silence her. “I only just got in ten minutes ago, I took so long because I was on the other side of Canada, I sent the letter as soon as I decided I was coming back, and I couldn’t come back any sooner, I...” he paused, he had no idea what to say, how to tell her. He settled for showing her instead.

His lips replaced his hand covering hers, for a moment she hesitated before melting into him. A few minutes later they reluctantly separated, their need for oxygen overcoming their need for each other.

“I couldn’t come back any sooner,” he mumbled into her hair, pulling her closer and wrapping her in his arms.

Marie let out a contented sigh as she settled into his embrace, a startled squeak escaped her lips when Logan suddenly fell back onto the bed, with her still wrapped in his arms. Rolling over, he pulled the remaining blankets over the two of them, before placing a soft kiss to her temple and telling her to get some sleep.

She looked up at him curiously but he already looked like he was half asleep, kissing his whiskered chin she burrowed against his warm clothed chest and closed her own eyes.

This was going to be her best birthday ever.
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