Rogue tried to keep the giddy grin off her face as she showered, shaved (in case she had missed anything earlier), she blow waved her hair quickly, and brushed her teeth again. Then she dressed in her brand new, sheer, white silk bodysuit, and the deep forest green, silk lingerie set - that the Logan in her head had salivated over when she spotted it while out shopping with the girls the week before. It sure was convenient having your boyfriend in your head to tell you what he liked.

'Baby, I'd like you any way I could get you,’ Logan purred in her head, even as she felt him casting an appreciative eye over her body in the mirror.

Deciding she was ready, she cast an eye over her options for covering herself for the short trip to Logan's room - she was giving him a show, not anyone else she happened to run into on the way.

'The kimono, or your flannel?' Rogue asked the Logan in her head, who groaned, even as his baser side, the Wolverine growled appreciatively.

'Tonight is for you baby, go the kimono,' Logan offered, even as she saw the image of herself, wrapped up in his flannel that went along with one of his hotter fantasies.

With a grin, knowing she would get to play that one out later anyway, she slipped on the ankle length green silk garment, decorated with tiny pink cherry blossoms. Tying the sash in a quick release knot, so she could whip it off sexily once she got to his room, she peered out into the hallway. After checking the coast was clear, she lightly skipped, down the hallway.

It wasn't until she had her hand on the door handle that she realised, there were already recognizable noises coming from inside the room. With a frown she checked she had the right room, counting the doors to be sure this was indeed Logan's room. It was. Gripping the handle tighter, to stop her hand from shaking, she turned the handle and pushed the door open, staring in shocked silence at the sight before her.

A raft of emotions lanced through her as she watched Logan and... Jean!?

No! Her brain screamed in denial. He had told her... and her the little idiot had believed him! Anger quickly flooded through her as she took in the sight before her, fuelled by her inner Wolverine who instantly reacted to her pain. Even as her inner Logan tried to argue it wasn't right but at least let him explain, he wanted her to walk right in and demand an explanation but instead she turned on her heel and left. Slamming the door behind her just as she heard the pair in the bed climax.

'Marie, I don't know what was going on there but at least let him explain, I swear to god baby if it was what it looked like I'll let you fucking kill him,’ Logan pleaded with her, all the while cursing himself for the idiot he was.

'Oh, if I go in there sugar I'm going to kill him, there is nothing you could do to stop me!' Marie fumed, as she stormed into her room, slamming the door behind her again. She tore her kimono off and flung it into the bathroom, tearing off the lingerie and hiffing it under the bed in her fury. She let the anger fuel her as she tried to figure out what to do, if she went back to that room she would drain him, or Jean, or both of them. If she waited until morning she just gave him a chance to make something up, and she would have to see him, and her... and how could he do that to her!

She felt the first tears slide down her cheeks as she decided she needed to get away, the sudden desire to run overwhelmed her. She pulled on her clothes, thick jeans, a sweater, swapping her silk gloves for leather. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and laid her coat and boots on the bed. Staring down at the open duffel on her bed she tried to calm herself down enough to think rationally, was she leaving for good, or just going to calm down and come back.

Logan wanted her to do the latter, if she wouldn't talk to him right now, going away long enough to calm down was a good second option. Wolverine didn't care either way, he just wanted to lash out at everything around him, make the world feel her pain. Underneath it all, another voice whispered to her darkly to run, run and never come back, he would never truly want her, and if some part of him did, then her running would hurt him as much as he had hurt her.


As Jean recovered from her intense orgasm she marvelled at just what a talented lover Logan was. She would enjoy having him in her bed, not that there was anything wrong with Scott but Logan was just so much more intense. The only downside to the whole situation was the way he was murmuring *her* name, as he nuzzled up to Jean, she would have to fix that. For now though, her plan appeared to have been successful, she had heard the door open, and she thought she heard it slam shut as Logan had come hard, with a shout of the girls name as he had picked up the flood of her fresher scent. Now, she used her telepathy, and his spent energy, to push Logan into sleep.

Quickly slipping out of his room, she ran back to her own room, spotting the light spilling out under Rogue's door. She reached out with her mind to the girl, to see just how well her plan worked. Seeing her indecision Jean telepathically nudged her toward the most extreme reaction.

'Run, run and never come back, he would never truly want her... and if some part of him did, then her running would hurt him as much as he had hurt her.'

Ten minutes later she listened in glee as light footsteps tread from Rogue's room, down the hallway, and quickly down the stairs. Watching from her window, as the stealthy figure stole hurriedly down the driveway toward the road, Jean couldn't help the smile that flitted over her lips. That was the little tramp out of her way.


Logan almost purred as he felt himself waking up, for the first time in a long time well rested, sated, and with beautiful visions of what he had come to the conclusion was the most beautiful woman in the world, looking thoroughly satisfied in his arms. Without opening his eyes, he reached for the other side of the bed, to pull her closer, only to find an expanse of empty mattress.

Cracking an eye open with a dissatisfied grunt he grinned when he saw Marie's shirt - okay, it was really his but it looked much better on her - laid over the pillow beside him... So that's why he could still smell her delicious scent, cheeky little minx. Here he had been hoping to expand her education a little more before breakfast, oh well, the hunt for her would serve as a welcome foreplay.

Rolling out of bed, he took a quick shower, before tugging on his jeans and a singlet, and padding barefoot out of the room. He had to pass by Marie's room to get to the stairs but her door was partially open, and he could tell she wasn't in there, so he continued without stopping.

An hour later he was starting to get annoyed. He couldn't find her, anywhere. Cafeteria, kitchen, library, even the garage, no sign of her. Deciding he must have missed her at some point, he jogged back up the stairs heading back to her room.

"Good morning Logan," Jean greeted him cheerily, as he passed her on the stairs. He mumbled a distracted 'morning' as he passed her without a second thought, missing the annoyed scowl that crossed her face before she pasted her smile back on and continued on her way.

Pushing open the door of the room he was after, Logan called out for Marie, not realizing until he had barged into her bathroom that something was very, very wrong. The bathroom was a mess, the medicine cabinet open with discarded bottles knocked to the ground, Marie's toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and other smelly girly shit was gone. The peach blossom perfume he had bought her for her eighteenth birthday, that she hoarded for only the most special occasions, was smashed on the floor.

Stepping back into the bedroom, he realised it too was bare. All Marie's clothes, gone, along with her favourite books, and her laptop. The leather gloves he had given her when he first returned to the mansion almost four year ago were thrown haphazard on the bed... he caught a glint of metal on the floor, under the edge of her bed. Stooping he picked up his dog tags, the chain snapped where... had she simply torn them from her neck?

The realization hit him suddenly. Marie had left, and from the look of it, Marie had left specifically because of him. What other message could there be in the very specific items that had been left behind.

He gently picked up the green silk kimono he had given her for her twenty-first birthday only a few months before, where it had been almost reverently laid over her chair. Bringing it to his face he could scent tears, relatively fresh tears at that.

What had happened? What had he done? Had he hurt her? Maybe she hadn't been ready? Did the Wolverine take over and force himself on her? ... No, he wouldn't, he loved Marie, admittedly at a much baser level but he would never harm or force her... coerce maybe?

The simple fact was, he needed to find her before he could get any answers, and the sooner he left, the sooner that would be. She could have hours in head start on him, he needed to leave, now.

Racing for his room, he finished dressing in record time and hurriedly crammed his personal effects into his pack. He took with him Marie's kimono, and the gloves that she left behind, and stuffed the tags onto his pocket. The perfume couldn't be salvaged but he would buy her a new bottle when they got this - whatever 'this' was - straightened out.

On his way out of the building he tracked down a couple of Marie's closest friends, hoping against hope one of them might have a clue about where she might have gone, or even why she might have gone. They were all as clueless as he was, Marie's sudden disappearance wasn't only a mystery to him. They promised to let him know if she contacted the mansion, or returned before he could find her.

As he was pulling himself onto his motorcycle - yes, Scott's motorcycle, that he was commandeering yet again - he heard footsteps rushing toward him and paused; praying it was one of Marie's friends coming to tell him she had returned, or even called and would agree to speak to him.

"Logan, what's going on?" Jean asked, as she rushed up to him where he straddled the silent machine, ready to bring its engine roaring to life.

"Rogue's taken off, I don't know why, and I don't know where, but I have to find her," Logan explained, as briefly as he could.

"Oh come on Logan, Rogue's a big girl, she can look after herself, she doesn't need you chasing after her all the time," Jean replied, with a tolerant chuckle and an amused gleam in her eye.

"She's left Jean, packed all her stuff and gone, without warning to anyone, I have to find her," he repeated, as the bike started.

"Maybe she just got sick of you smothering her Logan, I've tried to warn you to back off, she was bound to try and escape eventually, she's all grown up Logan, you need to let her go, she's not your responsibility anymore," Jean said, crossing her arms and glaring at him indignantly.

"Then I will find her and she can tell me that to my face, now unless you're telling me where the fuck she is, get the hell out of my way Red," Logan growled menacingly. Without waiting for her to move, Logan gunned the bike, brushing past her as he sped out of the garage and up the driveway.

Jean glared after him. Damn it, that wasn't how this was supposed to happen... Well, he would be back, of that she was sure, as she scanned his mind, picking up his thoughts on where to start looking. Places she knew Rogue had resolved to specifically avoid, because she had known they would be the first places he would look for her. Yes, he would be back, and she would be waiting, a sympathetic ear, and a willing body. She would have him yet.
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