Jubilee swore as she pulled the earbud out of her ear. Who the hell drained the battery right before she was getting ready to go out, damn it? As she paused for breath in the middle of her mumbled rant, she heard a muffled wail, like someone was in great physical and emotional pain. It took her a moment, to realise where the sobs were coming from, before she rushed to the nearest door across the hall... Rogue's room.

"Roguey, are you alright?" she called, as she turned the handle and pushed her way into the room. There was no sign of Rogue, until she heard another sobbing moan from the ensuite.

"Rogue, what's wrong?" Jubilee asked again, not waiting for a response before rushing into the bathroom.

"Oh my god!" she gasped, when she saw Rogue on her knees on the floor. Blood was smeared on the floor, the toilet, and a little on the wall where one of her hands was bracing her. Shuddering sobs were being wrenched from her as she bore down as if pushing.

Without a second thought Jubilee fled, almost colliding with Scott as she flew into the hallway again.

"Get Jean, now, hurry," she demanded, pushing Scott toward the elevator before she turned and rushed back to Rogue's side.

She sat by Rogue's side, silently begging Jean to hurry, gently brushing a cool damp cloth over her friends face as she sobbed and moaned before with one final, heart wrenching scream she pushed, and out of her body slid a tiny, barely formed baby. The tiny child would barely fit into the palms of ones hands but it was so perfectly formed there was no mistaking what it was.

And Rogue began to sob even harder.

All Jubilee could do was hug her as she waited for Jean, who rushed into the room moments later, followed closely by Scott.

"Oh god," Jean murmured, kneeling down beside the two girls, trying to push aside the doctorly instinct to examine her patient in the face of Rogue's anguish. Eventually settling on cleaning up around the girl, Jean began to mop up the blood and amniotic fluid on the floor, before reaching for the stillborn foetus.

"Don't touch him!" Rogue growled suddenly, forcibly shoving both Jean and Jubilee away, before she reached onto the vanity. Snagging a washcloth, she gingerly picked up the tiny form. Gently laying the baby on the face cloth, she slowly and softly began to clean him, crying as she did. When she was finally unable to see through her tears, she wrapped the baby in the face cloth, tenderly cradling him in her hands and just holding him.

"We need to get you downstairs, and get you checked out Rogue," Jean instructed softly. When she received no verbal response she continued, "Can you walk, or would you like Scott to carry you?" she suggested. Still getting no response, she telepathically instructed Scott to fetch a robe or a sheet to wrap the young woman in, so she could be moved.

Rogue didn't respond as Scott gently wrapped her robe around her, before picking her up carefully. She was focused on nothing but the tiny child in her hands.

Jubilee stayed behind, to quickly clean up the rest of the bloody bathroom, before she rushed down to the med lab, her earlier plans for the day forgotten. Jean and Rogue were locked in an argument when she arrived, the former trying to take the deceased foetus from its mother, who refused her at every point, even going so far as to growl and snap her teeth at her.

"It's okay Rogue, we're just going to give him a bath and wrap him up all snug for you," Jubilee coaxed, after inserting herself between Jean and Rogue in an attempt to diffuse the situation. "Jean, can you show me how to bath him? I’ve never bathed a baby before but I’ll be careful chica," Jubilee said with a smile, thinking to Jean that they needed to placate Rogue if she was going to cooperate, especially important when the Wolverine in her was agitated as it so clearly was.

Jean took her hint, and moved away to collect a small basin, gauze, and warm water, and after a few more words of encouragement Rogue finally relinquished her child to Jubilee's care.

As Jubilee gently bathed the tiny body, she spoke softly to Rogue, trying to get her to finally speak. "So chica, what colour blankie are we snuggling this little guy up in?" she asked. When Rogue stayed silent she teased a little more. "Blue is like all kinds of boring and predictable for a boy... we could try and throw everyone off by wrapping him up in pink?... Of course, if you can't decide, I'll just have to pick for you, and you know what that means girl, yellow all the way!" she declared, as she began to pat dry the now clean form, catching the watery chuckle Rogue let slip as a small smile turned up one corner of her mouth.

"... Green," Rogue eventually murmured. "There's a green coat in my wardrobe... long, with a hood... wool... could you go get it for me," she whispered, as Jubilee handed her back the baby, after Jean swaddled him in a square of white fabric that Jubilee thought was meant to be a sling, after making him a cosy mattress, out of a thick wound pad, so the tiny body wasn't so floppy and squishy. "And the jewellery box Logan got me, bring that too," she added.

"Sure thing, I'll be right back," Jubilee promised, darting out of the room as Jean began to gently give Rogue instructions so she could do a physical examination of her.

As Jubilee hurried upstairs, to carry out Rogue's request, she couldn't help but wonder who the father of the untouchable girls baby was. She didn't know Rogue had a boyfriend, and she was her closest friend, well, second closest friend. Logan was Rogue's best and closest friend, had been since probably before they arrived at the mansion six years earlier, even with all his frequent trips away. She was conflicted in her thoughts as to whether it was good or bad that Logan wasn't there right now, sure he would support Rogue emotionally but he would also want to rip apart whoever had knocked her up... At least she assumed he would, he had always been insanely overprotective of Rogue when it came to boys.

She made the mad dash to Rogue's room and back in record time, arriving back before Jean had finished her examination, and helped Jean by passing her sterile wipes and absorbent pads to clean Rogue up, before they covered her with warm blankets.

"You're going to bleed for probably a couple of days, and right now you need to rest," Jean advised, gently smoothing Rogue's mussed hair. "I'll get you some food, and if you need them I can give you some sedatives too to help you sleep," she offered, smiling tolerantly at Rogue's immediate refusal before excusing herself. Jean sent a telepathic message to Jubilee as she left, to try and get Rogue to say who the father was.

"Alright, now that the doc’s out of the way, what am I doing with this stuff?" Jubilee asked, indicating the jewellery box and coat. She'd had the good sense to dump out the jewellery when collecting the box, she hoped Rogue didn't mind. It's not like she had much anyway, almost all of it was from Logan, and she never really wore any of it, it wouldn't matter if it lived in a pile on her dresser for a while.

Gently Rogue lay the swaddled baby on her lap, before she softly asked for scissors, the coat, and finally the jewellery box. Carefully she cut the coat, and Jubilee watched, tears in her eyes, as Rogue turned the jewellery box into a tiny casket for the equally as tiny child. Lining it with green wool, before wrapping the swaddled baby in a layer of green.

"He needs a hat, something to keep his head warm," Rogue whispered sadly, as she placed a kiss on the tiny naked head.

"I'll sort something," Jubilee heard herself offering. One of the art classes was currently doing a wool craft project, surely one of them could make a teeny tiny baby hat, as soon as Jean came back she would go ask.

She sat with Rogue for about an hour, until Jean returned with food, and shooed Jubilee away so Rogue could eat and sleep. Jubilee felt her heart twist as she watched her friend kiss her baby again, and lay him down in his little jewellery box casket on the table trolley Jean slid over the bed so she could eat.

Jubilee spent a couple of hours with the art class, several of the girls had been learning to crochet, and had fine yarn and tiny hooks. After searching for patterns online they quickly stitched up a tiny hat, minuscule booties, and a tiny little all-in-one, all to the size Jubilee gestured for them from what she could remember from bathing the baby.

Word spread quickly of the birth, and death, of Rogue's baby. The mood throughout the school was unusually sombre for the rest of the day.
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