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I have always loved X-men since I was little, Wolverine being my favorite practically since I can remember. When Rogue came onto the scene, I fell in love with her character, and her relationship with Logan.

I love to write, am turning 18 this December, and (hopefully) going to college next fall.

I'd really enjoy to hear from fellow Wolverine & Rogue fans, so if anyone wishes to contact me, do so via my email: saturdaysmine01@yahoo.com

Stories by Rhogue
Wolverine encounters many obstacles on his way to happiness.

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Bobby and Rogue's relationship has been on the rocks ever since Rogue had taken the Cure. After numerous arguments, something happens that leaves Rogue highly upset. She shuts down from everyone, spiraling into a deep depression. Can Logan bring her back from the depths of her dark feelings, or will she be lost forever to the shadows?

Rated: Adult
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