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Rogue has a little talk with Logan about scars she used to have, which she no longer has since the occasions she's borrowed his mutation. It turns into a little something more, and Rogue takes advantage of it.
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Story Notes:
I thought this up whilst writing "I'm the Rogue" so I was already thinking about how I was gonna handle Carol Danvers *there* and some of that is definitely in this fic, but I also read a fic (I have to stop and read while I'm in the midst of writing something, or I run out of inspiration juices and my brain partially implodes) where Rogue attempted suicide and I got to thinking about cutting and other things and how no one had ever quite approached different reasons behind it other than the classic self-hate/apathy or pain-helps-me-cope or I-want-to-die angles. And then Rogue started talking. Her thoughts are based on those of a real person, and a good friend, who shall remain anonymous.

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