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Series of Logan and Rogue Song fics set to Amos Lee Songs- basically goes from them being friends, to them being frustrated, to them being ....satisfied! yeah happy happy!
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Amos Lee, I didn't even know who he was, but you all know that commercial with the man and the cell phone and the little girl puts a monkey in his briefcase and he takes pictures of the little monkey all over NY? And the song in the background is "Sweet pea, apple of my eye la lalalala" Well Amos sings that song. SO I looked up the lyrics one day and then saw a bunch of other Amos lyrics, I seriously think that he's been writing songs for LOgan and Rogue the whole time! I'm making a series out of his songs with their thoughts in between, Omg wait until you read some of these lyrics! Its like "WHAT THE HELL!"

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