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Logan and Marie get up to what they do best in Logan's favorite chair...with one little hitch...

A posting snafu has caused Comic-cake's contribution 'The Scent of Home' to accidentally appear as a second chapter in this story when in fact it is a story all its own completely authored solely by Comic-cake. Please look to the story under her own byline to post reviews as they should accumulate in her account and not mine.
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Series: Logan's Chair
Chapters: 2
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Complete?: No - Published: 01/13/2010 - Last Updated: 01/20/2010
Story Notes:
This is the first in what I hope will be a series of stories revolving around Logan's favorite piece of furniture, an oversized, overstuffed leather chair. This link will show you a photo of the chair as I envision it.


1. Mistaken Identity by Moviemom44 [Reviews - 15] star star star star (1681 words)

2. The Scent Of Home by Comic-cake [Reviews - 2] star star star star half star (1604 words)