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Do you ever sit and wonder sometimes?
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Story Notes:
Mega amount of thanks to Moviemom44 aka Wendie for her time. For her wonderful, insightful thoughts and suggestions and for not only correcting but explaining the reasons why - which is extremely helpful for someone whose forgotten most of what was learned at one point in time [that point in time being a very, very distant point in the past] if in fact afore mentioned someone was actually paying attention in the first place ;) [Had to look up what a period was which may have 99% of the wrfa community thinking wtf? Had me thinking did I actually learn anything? But it’s ok, on my side of the Atlantic it’s called a full stop and I vaguely remember them ;) ]
That being said any complaints about mistakes come to me as they are mine!

Formating - maybe I should mention that I have a much newer version of Word than my old faithful. I cant find anything, you'd think they would keep it similar but oh no they mess everything up just to confuse me so who knows how this will look.

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