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It's been four months to the day since Marie broke up with Bobby- But she can't get his taunts out of her head. What she needs is someone to practice with, someone to help her remember how good sex can be when you're ready for it....
If only there was a willing someone in the Mansion who might be able to help...
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Genres: Angst, Friendship, PWP
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Series: "50 Reasons" Rogan challenge
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 07/28/2013 - Last Updated: 07/28/2013
Story Notes:
Okay, so I thought I was done with this challenge but it turned out I wasn't. This little baby had been sitting, half-finished, on my hard-drive for ages and when I read the list of unclaimed reasons it just seemed to fit. So I dusted it off, finished it up et voila! Here we are. As always, enjoy and remember: reviews are love... hobbits away, hey!

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