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Both Logan and Rogue are here, but not in a relationship. A HUGE thanks goes out to Khaki. If it wasn't for her the fic never would have been finished. She gave me an ending I couldn't figure out on my own.
He really hated this game, but he did care what the prize was. This was the second time they had played at night. At least this time Logan wasn't 'it.' Bobby was the first one at the rendezvous point; all he could do was stay hidden and wait.

The game was a weird variation of tag. The students were divided into teams and assigned to one of the teachers. Once everyone knew their teammates, they were separated and dispatched to far flung areas of the mansion. When the Professor, referee and telepathic monitor, sent the message, everyone was to make it back to the team rendezvous point. After the team was reassembled, they were to make their way to base. Tonight's base happened to be the rec room.

It sounded easy, but there were a couple of rules. First, no powers. Second, after meeting up you had to work as a team. Third, unless you were tagged you couldn't interfere with the other teams. Finally, the teacher without a team was 'it,' and this time Mr. Summers had that honor.

He was to tag as many students as possible. When someone was 'dead' the Professor would announce it to everyone. The tagged students joined the 'it' team, and they didn't have to stay together. That meant that the first team reaching base with the most surviving members won.

Jubilee came in from the hall, and he waved her over. "We're waiting for Logan, Krista, and Michael."

She nodded. "I swear Piotr lets himself get tagged every time. He likes..."

He clamped a hand on her mouth and signaled to a barely audible noise behind them. Damn, he didn't want to 'die' this early in the game. Unlike Piotr, he didn't like playing 'it'. He learned that the first time he played the day version a year ago. He had been 'it' only one time since then.

"If you two are finished giving yourselves away, let's go." Bobby peered up from their hiding place to see Logan standing above him.

They scrambled out from behind the bookcase. Logan was already at the doorway listening for movement in the hall. Cradled in his arms was Michael with Krista in tow.

Michael and Krista were the youngest of the students that had stayed during vacation. Although the other teachers had reservations at their inclusion, Xavier was sure that the two younger students could handle the game. Bobby thought it odd that Logan had been assigned the youngest students.

Logan motioned them over and Bobby decided to bring up the rules. He couldn't understand why Michael was being carried. "That's cheating. Everyone has to make it to base on their own two feet."

Krista gestured to Michael's leg, smiling broadly up at Logan. "Wounded."

Bobby looked down and for the first time noticed that Michael was holding the sock and shoe from his left foot. His ankle looked slightly puffy. Well, in that case, he guessed the Professor made a ruling. Nobody was disqualified unless they were seriously injured, and Michael was smiling. Probably just a twisted ankle.

His conclusion drawn, he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head. He stumbled forward a step from the force of the impact. Turning around he watched Jubilee lower her hand after smacking him.

"Did you eat a bowl of stupid for lunch? Wolvie would never be caught cheating." Narrowing his eyes, he started to comment, but was interrupted by Logan.

"Bobby, take point."

He wanted to protest, but decided he didn't need to get popped again.

Checking both directions, he snuck into the hall, followed by Jubilee and Krista. Logan brought up the rear with Michael still firmly in his grasp. Their team needed to get to the end of the hall, past four classrooms down the right corridor, then past the foyer to the rec room.

Quietly making their way toward safety, there was one room left. Peeking in the door, Bobby saw Mr. Summers surveying the room. He held up a hand to halt the team. Drawing two fingers horizontally across his eyes, he pointed into the room. He hoped the others understood what he was trying to tell them.

Logan nodded and indicated for everyone to cross one at a time. Tip-toeing down the hall to make as little noise as possible, Bobby looked back when he heard Logan swear.

"Haul ass you three." Logan started running as Mr. Summers rushed out of the room in hot pursuit.

Bobby ran past the foyer. Entering the rec room, Jubilee slid past him into the couch like it was home plate. Krista tripped and stumbled through the door right behind them. They all turned around to see Logan barely slip in the room before being grabbed by his shoulder. Mr. Summers ran squarely into his back as Logan came to a dead stop. Without saying a word, Mr. Summers straightened up and jogged back down the hall in search of the other teams.

Ms. Monroe looked up from her place on the couch. "What took you so long?"

Logan carefully set Michael down next to her before stretching out on the far end. "We had casualties."

"We lost one also," she commented, beginning to examine Michael's ankle.

Krista and Jubilee settled down with Ms. Monroe's team to watch TV. Bobby choose to remain near the entrance, where he could easily catch sight of the other teams making their dash for base.


"Another team coming in," Bobby announced from the archway ten minutes later. Both Logan and Ms. Monroe turned around to watch Dr. Grey's team make their way down the hall.

Bobby counted the students. "She didn't lose anyone."

At that same instant Kitty charged from one of the rooms, tackling the last student to pass by. The others began running. Dr. Grey jumped over the tangle of limbs on the floor that was Kitty and Remy. Piotr stepped out from the foyer effectively blocking the end of the hall. The entire team went down in a big heap on top of him. Only one of the smaller girls was able to wiggle free and make it to safety. Ms. Monroe and Logan began laughing as the lone survivor made her way over to watch TV.

As the other students left in search of the remaining team, Dr. Grey headed to the couch. "The Professor tells me that there is a young man in need of assistance." She smiled warmly down at Michael sitting beside Ms. Monroe. "Do you think you can walk, or do you need carried?"

Michael looked over to Logan, who raised an eyebrow and shrugged at him. Michael looked back up at Dr. Grey and squared his shoulders. "I think I can walk." They left hand in hand for the elevator.

Logan looked over at Bobby. "Hank's got his work cut out for him now; seven to five ain't good odds."

Bobby took the bait. "Hank's smart. He won't ..." he trailed off as Logan began chuckling.

Moments later all eyes were drawn to the opposite end of the room. On the far wall a window seemed to be opening on its own. The bottom sash of the window carefully inched its way up until two blue, furry hands grabbed the bottom, pulling it completely open. A pair of feet landed on the sill. Dropping through the window, John turned around to help the rest as Hank lowered them from above. After Rogue came through the window, they stepped out of the way letting Hank struggle to get his shoulders through.

"Oh my stars, I didn't anticipate this quandary." Twisting and turning he unceremoniously landed on the floor. Several students giggled at the scene as Hank got up and brushed himself off.

As soon as Hank recovered and gathered his team, the Professor wheeled into the room followed by the 'it' team. "Well done, Dr. McCoy. Your team wins tonight's challenge. If they would go clean up, we will meet in the foyer in twenty minutes. I will call ahead to make sure the pizza is ready."

Hank's team began to slap him on the back and dance around him. Bobby almost laughed when they started singing; he really hated to bring the rules up again. "Umm...Professor, we weren't allowed outside of the mansion."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the Professor expectantly. Bobby looked at Hank's faltering smile and wished he hadn't said anything.

"Quite right, Bobby. Technically they did leave the mansion; however, they did not touch the ground. I will have to keep that in mind for future challenges."

The Professor maneuvered his wheelchair to leave. "Nevertheless, Dr. McCoy's team is tonight's winner." Everyone watched as he went down the hall. ~I hope everyone else enjoys their meatloaf.~

A loud shout came from Hank's team as they all ran off toward the dorms. Those students left simply looked around at each other. Bobby watched as Logan got up and grabbed is jacket from a chair.

"Well, I'm headed out for the evening." Logan smiled at the others, put on his jacket and walked out the front door.

Jubilee was the only one not able to hide her disappointment as Mr. Summers and Ms. Monroe began herding everyone to the dinning hall. "No way dude, this is so not right!" Jubilee's eyes focused in on a tall figure at the front of the group. "Piotr!"

Bobby watched Piotr freeze like a deer caught in headlights at Jubilee's high pitched yell. Jubilee raised her sparkling hands in the air and Piotr took off like a shot down the hall with Jubilee in hot pursuit. Bobby continued into the dining area with a smile on his face. In the background he heard the snap, crackle, pop of an irritated Jubilee. He was glad he didn't set off that firecracker.

~*~ end ~*~
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