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Nothing is quite going Rogue's way, but even the worst days have their highlights... right alongside the lowlights... and the lets-just-all-agree-to-never-mention-this-again-lights...

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You hear that creaking sound? That's my brain trying to remember how to do this (surreptitiously brushes dust off keyboard...) I found this mostly written fic on my computer a month or so ago and thought it deserved at least an attempt at being finished (I'm trying not to think about how long ago I started writing it... it makes me feel old.) Apologies for any errors. It's been years. To be honest, if I remember how to post this first time without screwing up the formatting, that'll be enough to keep me happy (have low standards... that's the secret...)


Title borrowed from one of my fave Buffy episodes, which also inspired the fic. Foofy, trashy and somewhat (ok very) OOC, coming at you in two parts. Um... Ta Daaa!

1. Part 1 by September [Reviews - 7] star star star star half star (2991 words)

2. Part 2 by September [Reviews - 7] star star star star star (4652 words)